SleepOvations 700 Mini Mattresses are What Dreams are Made of

Why sleep on just one foam mattress when you can sleep on 700 individual ones?SleepOvation recently earned a patent for its high-tech bed, featuring hundreds of independently sealed cushions, each attached to its own pocket spring.The result: “700 tiny mattresses that cradle every inch of your body, distribute airflow, and offer an unmatched degree of cleanliness,” the New Jersey-based startup boasted.By replacing the traditional layer of foam with separate memory-foam pads, SleepOvation is able to better distribute body weight, helping to relieve back pain, discomfort, and restlessness.Invented by Richard Codos, the “cushion pocket spring” technology consists of a single pillow cushion pocket bonded to a single pocket coil spring. Stick enough of those together, and you get an innovative bed.Most folks will remember Tempur-Pedic’s infamous wine-glass test: Place a goblet with red wine at one end of the mattress and jump around like an excited four-year-old on the other. Then, be amazed by the lack of spillage, indicating reduced motion transfer across the bed.SleepOvation, however, takes the experiment a step further: Each individual coil isolates movement on the mattress, allowing the goblet to remain undisturbed even by adjacent shifts.No spillage (via SleepOvation)“Current mattresses use layers of foam with multiple sub-layers of low-quality filler foams and springs, marketed as ‘support layers’ that simply add height at the cost of comfort,” Codos said in a statement. “Our sleep technology gives the sleeper the ultimate luxury and comfort of sleeping on 700 individual and responsive mattresses.”Unlike other box springs that tend to impede air movement and generate heat, SleepOvation makes way for a breezy slumber. And even if you do wake up in a sweat, simply throw the removable mattress cover into the wash; while you’re at it, vacuum between the cushion pockets to eliminate dust mites, germs, and dead skin cells you didn’t even know were taking up residence in your bed.Expected for launch in September, the SleepOvation mattress will be available to pre-order starting Aug. 1 via Kickstarter. Sign up online now for a 20 percent pre-launch discount.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. read more

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