Excellent cooperation and synergy: New Bolt service launched in Zagreb: Bolt Rikša

first_imgZAGREB RICHS AS STORIES OF TOURIST STORIES AND AMBASSADORS OF CROATIAN TOURISM Photo Bolt Thanks to Bolt Rickshaw this year, citizens and tourists can visit the most attractive locations of Advent in a short time without spending time breaking through the crowds and walking at low temperatures. Each rickshaw is equipped with soft blankets that will ensure the warmth and comfort of the users during the city tour. Excellent cooperation and synergy between Emil Kirbiš and Filip Pribilović – Zagreb of PEDICAB and Bolt. With the synergy of brands to new added value for both the destination and the tourists. Find out more about the story of how they created the idea for Zagreb rickshaws in the attachment.   Bolt Rikša is available in the center of Zagreb from 14 pm to 23 pm during Advent, ie until 1.1.2020. All existing and new users can order their rickshaw via the Bolt app. That is how Zagreb became the first city in Europe in which users of the application will be able to try a completely new dimension of Bolt driving.  Bolt is a platform through which millions of rides are made around the world every month, and now some of them will be done on 3 wheels as well. The company always puts the emphasis on solving the problems of pollution, transport and city congestion, and this time the emphasis is on a new experience, good fun and a completely different experience of Zagreb’s Advent with Bolt. RELATED NEWS: Bolt, the leading European on-demand transport platform, has introduced a new service that will surely attract great interest from Zagreb residents and tourists during this year’s Advent – Bolt Rickshaw. last_img read more

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