This year, for the first time, the TOMAS CROATIA survey will cover the profile, satisfaction and consumption of tourists in the entire territory of Croatia.

first_imgThe Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian National Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Institute for Tourism, for the first time in history are conducting a comprehensive national survey “Attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia – TOMAS CROATIA 2019” in the whole of Croatia. Unlike previous TOMAS surveys, which covered only the Adriatic counties, TOMAS Croatia 2019 will for the first time cover the profile, satisfaction and consumption of tourists in the entire territory of Croatia, including all continental counties, and for the first time, data on tourist characteristics and their consumption will also be visible outside the main seasonal months.  “TOMAS research data are a necessary source of data for the improvement of the tourist product and its adjustment to the expectations of tourists, but also for the calculation of total tourism revenues and the creation of a tourism satellite account. In short, the TOMAS research provides us with a relevant basis for tourism management at the national level, but also at the regional and destination level.”, concluded Damir Krešić, director of the Institute for Tourism, an institution that has been conducting TOMAS research for 30 years. You can see the latest TOMAS SUMMER 2017 survey in the attachment. “We expect the results of this research in 2020, when our package of tourism laws will come into force. The results of the research will be a contribution to the preparation of future programs and activities, in accordance with our tourism policy. We want to responsibly manage tourism based on quality and sustainability, and we recently published a call for the development of public tourism infrastructure worth HRK 25 million, which for the first time enabled the financing of sustainability studies. In all segments, we strive to raise quality so that our overall tourist offer is as high quality and competitive as possible” said Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli. RESEARCH RESULTS PUBLISHED “TOURIST ATTITUDES AND CONSUMPTION IN CROATIA – TOMAS SUMMER 2017”center_img “For the first time, we will get an insight into the “picture of demand” in periods outside the main tourist season, which will allow us to better evaluate the activities carried out so far to encourage off-season tourist traffic, but also more successfully prepare all future communication campaigns. Also, the results of this research for the first time will provide us with information about the preferences of tourists visiting “green Croatia”. As this is a large and demanding survey, we invite all tourist entities that will be selected in the sample to support this activity and enable the survey of guests.” said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that the obtained results will be used in the development of a new Strategic Marketing Plan for Croatian tourism.   Data for the research will be collected from tourists in more than 100 places in Croatia, covering all Adriatic counties, the city of Zagreb, Slavonia and Northern and Central Croatia. Domestic and foreign guests from more than 15 countries will be interviewed in hotels, hostels, camps and family accommodation facilities, including family farms, and the planned sample size is 14.500 respondents and tourists. Attachment:last_img read more

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