‘Beware Of A Wooden Horse’

first_imgA threat to the security and the invasion of any country can be mainly attributed to the acceptance of beautiful gifts (bribery) by security personnel, as in the epic tale of Troy, when a stunning “Wooden Horse” was presented as a gift, but in the gift was hidden 100 trained and armed soldiers who destroyed Troy.The Deputy Director General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), Mr. Othello K. Weh, said the “Wooden Horse in Security” should serve as a forewarning to every officer of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalizations (BIN) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to be loyal to the country by refusing “gifts” at the borders and in the country.Mr. Weh said the “Wooden Horse” can be any gift such as L$50, US$50, or one gram of cocaine given in exchange for entry or escape.He made the remarks as guest speaker last Friday, November 28 during the graduation  of 39 and 10  senior officers of the Bin and DEA, respectively after the completion of a 10-week training in Leadership and Management, held at the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA), on Mamba Point, Monrovia.The training was sponsored by UNMIL as part of their ‘Quick Impact Project’ initiative.  Mr. Weh, who is a lecturer at the University of Liberia, said the  periodic training of security officers in the country is crucial especially along the borders where there are cross border commercial activities as well as inter-marriages and geo-political dynamics to remind the security of the state of the danger of the “Wooden Horse.”Mr. Weh urged graduating officers of BIN and DEA to be professional and disciplined and implement what they have learned.“Discipline adds value to your integrity and personality. Discipline works on our consciences to choose what is wrong and correct,” the CSA Deputy Director said. “Discipline works on our commission to practice patriotism and a high degree of loyalty to our country and countrymen.”The Vice Chairman of the Governance Commission (GC), Madam Elizabeth Sele Mulbah, said GC is grateful for the training of the BIN and DEA officers, stating that it is important for the security to always be one step ahead amid the smartness of the criminals.She stated that the two institutions are among the critical institutions for national safety.For his part, the Director General of LIPA, Mr. Oblayon Blayon Nyemah said there is a tendency for people to be imbued with the mistaken notion that para-military personnel should be relegated to the lowest level of the skills training ladder and be confined to their cubicles especially when their skills are not directly linked to the normal operations of para-military engagement.“But this is a wrong and a wretched perception because a functionally capacitated para military, where the men and women are dedicated to operationalizing their mandates within the geo-political space over which we exercise our sovereignty as a nation with such training they would have the opportunity to perfect their skills and perform better given their complex responsibility that we are confronted with in building our country after conflict,” the LIPA boss said.He stated that similar training can be extended to larger security sector and other para-military institutions as well as other public institutions when there are additional supports or when the financial capacity of LIPA is improved.The Director of DEA, Mr. Anthony K. Souh commended LIPA for the training, saying it widens the understanding of the DEA middle managers of their conduct.The Commissioner of BIN, Cllr. Lemuel Reeves also thanked LIPA and said the training impacted the professionalism of the officers in a timely manner.  He urged them to be examples of what they have learned by being proficient.For his part, the UNPOL Commissioner, Cesar Hawthrone Binag also praised LIPA for the first-of-its-kind training of senior officers of BIN and DEA and said it is a part of UNMIL’s plan to train the officers and managers in the security apparatus.In appreciation for the UNPOL commissioner’s work, the BIN gowned him and gave him a vai name, meaning Chief. The Bin also presented a gown for his wife and a plaque.  Meanwhile, LIPA has introduced a new course, the Public Security Management for security officers, in the curriculum. LIPA offers various levels of trainings, ranging from short-term competency courses to long-term graduate professional development courses and there are also customized courses offered on request of the client organization.The design of these various levels of training, whether regular or customized, meets the demand of the participants in the use of State-of-the-Art technology and modern facilities employed by highly qualified institutional and adjunct faculty staff.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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