Kojima posts images of original rejected Metal Gear design

first_imgRead more at Esuteru (Japanese) and Kotaku Say “Metal Gear Solid” to most gamers today and they’ll know exactly what you are talking about. The games in the MGS series have been a huge success for Konami and their creator Hideo Kojima. But the path to success nearly didn’t happen as the game was originally rejected.The original 1987 game design called the game Metal Gear (Intruder) and Kojima has posted images via his Twitter account of that original document. The red stamp you see is confirmation that it was rejected.Because Metal Gear was a totally new type of game, Konami’s management had a hard time understanding why a game about war would have the character not fighting. It also didn’t help that Kojima was new to the industry and had no games published making his different ideas a big risk. So they rejected the game at first.Kojima won them round, though, and as the game started to come together all of the development team saw the potential and pushed ahead creating the start of the series.Thanks to Kotaku commenter ClosetOtaku who pointed out there is a documentary on YouTube about Hideo Kojima and how Metal Gear came to be. We’ve included all three parts below for you to watch:last_img read more

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