Xbox 360 finally launching in Israel seven years late

first_imgLast week it was announced that the PS3 might finally come to China after six years. Now it seems Microsoft has one-upped Sony by announcing the Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox Live are all finally being released in Israel, some seven years late.During an international promotion for Windows 8 at the Discovery conference in Tel Aviv, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 and associated services/peripherals would all be coming to the country — with full support for the Hebrew language and local currency. Best of all, Israel only has to wait a couple more weeks, as it’s all launching on November 21, a day before the console’s seventh birthday.The Xbox 360 never made it to parts of the Middle East despite the fact the range camera technology used by the Kinect motion controller was developed by Israeli developer, PrimeSense. For years the console has only been available as an import, meaning users have never had access to Xbox Live, unless they created foreign accounts.Master Chief from the Halo series also came on stage to promote the launch telling gamers to “stop playing girly games” in a strange but rather amusing fashion, before showing off some gameplay footage of Halo 4.The 4GB and 250GB consoles will be available to buy with or without Kinect and will come with English instructions and Hebrew phone support. It’s unclear why it has taken so long for the Xbox 360 to appear in the Middle East, but we can only hope that Israel won’t be waiting another seven years before the next Xbox launches.via Polygonlast_img read more

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