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John Stillwel—WPA Pool/Getty Images Prince George with his father, Contact us at [email protected] when they all attended the London and Stockholm premieres of the film Mamma Mia! ABBA made up of two married couples toured the world for nine years before breaking up in 1982 after the couples divorced According to USA Today the former band mates are still friendly but are each focused on their own ventures This article originally appeared on Peoplecom Contact us at [email protected] happy coincidence and far from its native home in western Sumatra titum arum the worlds smelliest bloom flowered at Paignton Zoo in Devon and at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh Its a rare event but not to be outdonein New York Cornell Universitys titan arum has also been showing off While in a recent study researchers identified the enzyme that plays a key role in producing the sweet fragrance found in roses titum arum or Amorphophallus titanum to give it its Latin name is famed for a very different type of smell: that of rotting flesh As one witness in Edinburgh put it: "At its peak in the glasshouse it actually made our eyes water" So what is this amazing plant and why is it so smelly We have the Victorians to thank The Victorian age was great for exploring It was deep in present-day Tanzania in November 1871 that the American journalist Henry Morton Stanley uttered his famous (alleged) words: "Dr Livingstone I presume" A few years later in the rain-forests of Sumatra in 1878 a slightly less momentous but much more unpleasant discovery was made when a botanist from Florence named Odoardo Beccari probably became the first Westerner to observe the smelliest plant in the world He sent some seeds and tubers back home from where some seeds made their way to Kew Gardens and it was there that Amorphophallus titanum flowered for the first time in the West in 1889 It actually has a British relative Arum maculatum perhaps better known as cuckoo pint Cultivating Amorphophallus titanium isnt a job for the impatient It flowers irregularly every few years The plant has a vast underground tuber which can weigh up to 75kg and produces a huge leaf which can grow up to six metres tall Sometimes it instead produces a huge inflorescence stretching up to three metres high with very small individual male and female flowers at the base surrounded by a kind of giant green petal called a spathe On average this only happens around every 10 years But when it does you certainly know about it and they say that you can smell it from half a mile away A master of disguise Its rotting flesh smell gives titum arum other alternative names such as the corpse flower or carrion plant Its smell is designed to attract insects such as flies and carrion beetles which normally feed on decaying flesh which will help pollinate it The spathe is green on the outside but the flower head is red so it looks like meat This plant is really cunning as it blooms it gives out quite a lot of heat up to 36C which encourages the molecules to spread out by helping them vapourise and also confirms the impression of "warm meat" The insects crawl over the spathe to leave their eggs in what they believe to be rotten meat in the process transferring pollen and this pollinates the plant Some years ago scientists at Kew Gardens identified the molecules responsible for these awful smells The main ones are called dimethyl disulphide (DMDS) and dimethyl trisulphide (DMTS); theyve been known in the laboratory for years and yes they do smell disgusting In small amounts In small amounts molecules such DMDS and DMTS are an "off-flavour" in beer (DMDS is a byproduct of the fermentation process) The scientists looked at various species of the genus Amorphophallus (Araceae the Arum family) including the titan arum and found that most made DMDS and DMTS Some also use other molecules organic acids like the ones found on "sweaty skin" as well as indole a molecule partly responsible for the smell of human faeces Its not the only type of plant to smell like this Scientists who examined the South African stinkhorn fungus (Clathrus archeri) discovered that it was producing dimethyl disulphide just like a sample of rotten meat (and a dead rat) Another arum (Helicodiceros muscivorus) is known as known as "dead-horse arum" (you can guess why) It is found in Sardinia and Corsica It uses dimethyl sulfide (DMS) as well as DMDS and DMTS to attract blowflies Dimethyl sulphide is a molecule weve all smelt it is part of the sulphur cycle and is responsible for the "smell of the seaside" Dimethyl sulphide is also the molecule that pigs and dogs look for when they detect black truffles underground in some parts of France DMDS and DMTS are associated with the smell of Italian white truffles So Amorphophallus titanum isnt what most people have in mind when they "say it with flowers" These use a cornucopia of molecules with amazing smells to lighten our day and reach the emotions that words cannot This article originally appeared on The Conversation Contact us at [email protected]@time. only this time he opts for a Samsung Galaxy and saves himself from joining the line. hear this, “I know of a man called Gaddafi (of Libya)," French President Emmanuel Macron said in Bulgaria, McDonald’s and pretty much every other American retailer–grows in a narrow region of the tropics known as the Coffee Belt, According to reports.

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