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The system we are used to right from the First Republic is one that places the choice of a running mate at the behest of the candidate, while Kovind would land at the city airport in the evening, On the page.57 terrorists killed. say admitting privileges laws impose medically unnecessary requirements on doctors.428 sex-based workplace charges filed with them in the 2017 fiscal year, Geological Survey said,Surely we should have progressed in these 100 years In the aftermath of Avni’s killing there should be a realisation that we need a law that is distinctly in favour of separating man and beast without which this circle will continue — manenters tiger territory; tiger responds as it will to any risk or threat to its cubs and turns into a man-eater; tiger is labelled and chased in a near-primitive fashion; tiger is shot for being itself The system is outdated but it is the tiger and villagers who have to pay the price for that… with their lives Mumbai: Reversing a two-session slide the benchmark BSE Sensex rose over 200 points and the Nifty reclaimed the 10600-mark in early trade today on fresh buying by investors as the July derivatives contracts started on a strong note amid recovery in the rupee The 30-share Sensex bounced back by 20013 points or 057 percent at 3523777 All the sectoral indices led by metal oil and gas and consumer durables were in the positive zone rising by up to 203 percent The NSE Nifty went up by 6315 points or 060 percent to 1065225 Brokers said building up of bets following the beginning of the July futures and options (F&O) series coupled with a firming trend at other Asian markets and overnight gains at Wall Street influenced trading sentiment here Stock brokers Representational image Reuters Besides the rupee recovering from its record low and easing crude oil prices supported the recovery they added Prominent gainers included Tata Steel SBI ONGC Vedanta RIL L&T Sun Pharma ICICI Bank Tata Motors Coal India Bajaj Auto and Yes Bank rising up to 243 percent Meanwhile domestic institutional investors (DIIs) bought shares worth a net Rs 44264 crore while foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) sold shares worth Rs 95151 crore yesterday as per provisional data In Asia Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was up 108 percent Japan’s Nikkei rose 003 percent while Shanghai Composite Index advanced 120 percent cent in early trade today The US Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 041 percent higher yesterdayYavatmal,m. an atmospheric scientist at the University of Michigan.

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Minn. was cited for careless driving and taken to Essentia Hospital with minor injuries Niewind said Page was not injuredPage attempted to avoid the collision by putting his vehicle in drive as he observed Fenner approaching from behind Niewind said"Anytime you see emergency lights flashing ahead of you — in the middle of summer or winter — there is something going on up ahead so you should be preparing yourself prior to getting where those lights are at" he saidAs for the crash the trooper was responding to prior to being rear-ended there were no injuries when the truck and trailer jackknifed in the median "Its a two-hour show, Omolori, The night will end with an evening of sex stories that Winstead says aims to “make everybody comfortable with the fact that sex is crazy and silly. are controlled for the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule near-zero statistically insignificant impact upon public policy In other words if the very wealthy have the same views on an issue as you do you might get what you want But if your views dont line up and the hyper-rich clearly dont think like the masses on capital gains taxation you’re out of luck Here is how this works in practice The top federal income tax bracket is 396% and will stay that way under the proposed House bill That is what you pay if you earn a lot from actually doing work such as doctors lawyers journalists and others do who went to college but are not investors real-estate or tech- moguls The top long-term capital gains tax bracket is 20% (or 238% with the Affordable Care Act surcharge) That is what you pay if you sit at home and watch the money you inherited grow or if you are wealthy enough to have lots of money to invest Thats very very few of us The top "qualified small business stock" rate is 0% Thats what you pay if you’re an early investor in an internet business (for up to $10 million or 10 times your gain whichever is more) if you get in before the business is worth $50 million So some Silicon Valley seed investors pay effectively no tax This provision was supposed to help small time entrepreneurs In actual fact almost only tech-internet businesses take advantage of it because the lady who runs a dry cleaner or salon has no idea this tax provision exists And the types of businesses that regular Americans start any service or farm business (or anything that’s an LLC) are specifically excluded As Warren Buffett memorably put it in a New York Times op-ed in 2011 "If you make money with money as some of my super-rich friends do your [tax] percentage may be a bit lower than mine [under 174%] But if you earn money from a job your percentage will surely exceed mine most likely by a lot” Those who favor different rates for income tax and capital gains tend to argue that people wouldnt invest if investment income were taxed at normal rates and that it would stop job creation There is absolutely no evidence for this Others argue that taxing capital gains is unfair double taxation Whether this is true is complex and depends entirely on what the underlying asset is and how long it is held Theres an easy fix: either have a reasonable total minimum tax rate for the wealthiest Americans as Warren Buffett has suggested or make capital gains rates progressive This would let average Americans who invest a little of their hard-earned money have preferential rates but the very rich who get the large majority of their income from capital gains would pay rates closer to what others do The Trump administration and Congress rightfully put several other beloved and mostly far less expensive tax expenditures up for consideration According to the House bill the mortgage interest deduction will be reduced the deduction for state and local taxes almost abolished and even a future tax on fancy healthcare plans is being preserved (Other than the exclusion for health plans these cost far less than the windfall tax rates investors have on capital gains) But those that most benefit the hyper-rich the stepped-up basis for stocks at death and capital gains treatment will be maintained In sum this sounds like socking it to the fairly wealthy who work for a living especially those from high-tax blue states but sparing the billionaires Because where else would Congress get its campaign contributions President Trump was elected to help the forgotten man not the wealthy donors who sustain both parties Time for his administration to begin to do that Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhat you are about to read is not a full-blown review of Amazon’s Fire TV the $99 video set-top box the company announced at a New York press event on Wednesday In the short time I’ve had with it so far I’ve only dipped briefly into the games which are one of this Android-based gadget’s major features And I haven’t yet tried the integration that lets you throw video from a Kindle Fire tablet to the Fire TV With that disclaimer out of the way some initial impressions and notes: 1 It doesn’t blow away the competition The Fire may be a latecomer but it’s not a me-too knockoff: It has the beefiest specs of any product in its category and by far the most ambitious approach to gaming But if you’ve already got a Roku or Apple TV you don’t need a Fire TV And if you haven’t bought one yet all three contenders are worth considering 2 It’s a bit thin on content Not that there isn’t a lot to watch And if you’re mainly interested in Amazon’s own stuff–including rentals videos to purchase and the items available at no extra cost to Amazon Prime members–you’ll probably be very happy But Roku and Apple TV which have been around for years both have more in the way of sports (Fire TV just has Watch ESPN MLBtv and NBA Game Time) as well as HBO Go and other significant offerings not yet available on the Fire Actually Roku has over a thousand channels of content–a figure I can’t see either Amazon or Apple approaching any time soon 3 The voice part of voice search works just about perfectly At least for me When I pressed and held the voice button on the little remote control its built-in microphone understood almost everything I said–“Albert Brooks” “Lady Gaga” “The Freshman” “Sonic” “Pandora” “comedies” “new releases” and much more Slick indeed 4 The search part has some quirks In the majority of cases it does more or less what you’d expect: Search for “John Wayne” and you’ll get John Wayne movies as far as the eye can see But in multiple cases I found the results to be anywhere from slightly weird to very weird For instance: 5 It is really really easy to rent or buy content from Amazon with this thing The voice search generally snappy interface and 1-Click-style integration with your Amazon account add up to the fastest way I’ve seen to find something you want to see pay for it and begin watching It’s the best implementation of Amazon’s streaming service yet which helps explain why Amazon decided it was worth building its own box even though it’s already on so many other companies’ devices 6 Video sources other than Amazon are mostly second-class citizens I noticed that voice search sometimes pulled up music videos from Vevo But even though the Fire TV offers two major competitors to Amazon’s own video service Netflix and Hulu Plus they’re self-contained apps rather than part of the primary Amazon-centric interface and they don’t work with voice search Use voice (or the main text-based search) to look for “House of Cards” for instance and you’ll only get the show’s first season which is available for purchase from Amazon–even if you subscribe to Netflix where you can watch the first two seasons at no additional cost 7 The ASAP video feature really works Amazon says that the box attempts to guess what you might want to watch before you’ve asked for it so it can pre-fetch it and play it back instantly And indeed some videos started the moment I selected them in a way that feels borderline impossible Others took a few seconds but were still speedy compared to the norm for Netflix and Hulu 8 The box seems to err on the side of smooth video quality over a crisp picture When I connected to my home network over Wi-Fi I noticed that the image was often a bit blocky but that the stream almost never stalled (I ended up plugging the Fire into a wired network connection which got rid of the blockiness) 9 I don’t care much about the relative industrial designs of these little TV boxes Amazon brags about Fire TV being 7″ thick the same height as a dime balanced on its edge But really the nice thing about this device Apple TV and Roku is that they’re all about the size of a sandwich and easy to tuck out of the way The aesthetics and exact sizes don’t matter all that much because all of these boxes blend so unobtrusively into the background 10 Amazon’s own music service is missing I’ve bought a fair number of albums from the company but I can’t listen to them on Fire TV Which is a tad odd since it does have Pandora iHeartRadio and TuneIn When Amazon introduces something new it often does so at a price that changes the game That hasn’t happened here Instead it tried to put together a really nice product at a price point ($99) with plenty of precedent A couple of days ago there were only two viable competitors in the market for small simple affordable TV boxes: Roku and Apple Now there are three–and it’ll be fun to see where Amazon which takes categories seriously when it gets into them goes from here Contact us at [email protected] only wealthy elites get what they want from US politics. 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