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and convicted him. corrupt and inept as those of the older generation. and minerals.Republicans will be defending significantly more seats than Democrats with 22 seats up for re-election." he said at the Rochester convention.m. sending fire crews to the building at 328 Highway 78 that holds both businesses according to the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s OfficeIt took firefighters from Ottertail Perham Dent Battle Lake Henning Bluffton Vergas and New York Mills more than four hours to extinguish the blaze at the clothing jewelry furniture and home decor store Ottertail Fire Chief Stuart Fleischauer saidThere were no injuries but Periwinkle was a total loss authorities said Fleischauer said water damage to the liquor store was relatively lightThe fire is believed to have started while someone was using a cutting torch on a vehicle in a garage area of the building Fleischauer said The fire was difficult to fight the chief said because of the building’s design “There’s just a lot of additions on the building So it was hard because of that There’s a lot of structures within one structure” Fleischauer saidThe state fire marshal is investigating the blazeThe fact that the hearing happened at all seemed to be the only surprising thing — with Rep Dave Pinto DFL- St Paul forcing it by using a little-used House rule addressing bills that had sat unaddressed by committees for too longPinto told members of the House’s public safety committee Thursday March 1 that the decision to use the rule "was not made lightly"Members we face a crisis" Pinto said "We can keep more guns out of the hands of dangerous people and also uphold the rights of Minnesotans We can do both We must do both"He also noted that the bills had "bipartisan support" — from President Donald TrumpThe bills — one calling for universal background checks for private gun sales in most cases and a second that lets police or family members petition a court for a restraining order preventing a person from possessing a gun for a period of time — have been batted around the Legislature in one version or another for some timeBut even proponents admitted in private that the likely purpose of the hearing wasn’t about the slim chance that the bills would be moved this time but how well the debate would resonate come NovemberReassuranceAs is typical some members walked the room before the hearing to reassure supporters of where they stood One member of the Gun Owners Caucus yelled to the new committee chairman Brian Johnson R-Cambridge as he passed: "Brian vote this thing down""It will not pass" Johnson assured"It’s against the Constitution" the woman pressed"I’m aware of it" Johnson said before moving onMuch of the testimony was rehashed from hearings on gun bills over the past several years Pinto for example brought forth a police chief a pediatrician and a county prosecutor in support of his bill calling for universal background checksBut it was one of the newest and youngest testifiers — Eva Goldfarb a junior at St Louis Park High School — who received the only round of applause"I know of an 8-year-old girl who asked her mom for new sneakers because she realized her light-up sketcher ones would give away her location in the case of a school shooting" Goldfarb said "How much are our lives worth to you Because we are committed . You may think students will lose interest in this issue but we won’t" Some Republican members of the committee eyed Johnson as applause broke out but the chair didn’t admonish or gavel it down Instead it died out on its own after a few secondsNew testimonyBut Second Amendment advocates had some fresh testifiers as well — and these too appeared to have the most effect at reaching outside their respective echo chambersSarah Cade — a young Twin Cities X-ray technician who described herself as a "passionate liberal" — spoke of the time her mother fled with her to a battered women’s shelter and the desire she’s since had to protect her right to protect herself"I grew up in a family with domestic abuse and I have lived the terror of hiding in bedrooms of a women’s shelter afraid of what would happen if we were found" Cade said voice breaking "If you were to ask how many people here know someone who chose not to seek help for fear their medical records would someday be used against them I bet you would see a lot of hands in the air"Daniel Ward II of the African American Heritage Gun Club noted that African-Americans are often harder-pressed than most to defend their rights — and are concentrated in Minneapolis and St Paul where gun stores don’t existTraveling to gun stores in the suburbs — required under the background check bill — would be especially onerous Ward arguedOf the lawmakers Rep Marion O’Neill R-Maple Lake argued the strongest against the restraining order bill — buttressing previously made arguments that it was too easy to take away rights with only a "preponderance of the evidence" needed and too hard to give them back by requiring owners to argue their own innocence with "clear and convincing evidence""That’s the same of any respondent of any court order" Pinto repliedOn the Democrats’ side Rep Jamie Becker-Finn DFL-Roseville had a long back-and-forth with Rob Doar political director of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus PAC"I’m a gun owner and you do not speak for me" she said Doar replied that he represented all gun owners’ interests and Becker-Finn replied "You do not"After a few more representatives asked questions on the background bill Rep Mark Uglem R-Champlin made a motion without discussion to table it saying members had not had enough time to go over the bill and "I just don’t think it’s prudent to act on something right now . to do something as big and as hard a decision as this and thinking in 20 minutes""This bill was introduced a year ago" Pinto later notedUglem repeated his argument and motion on the second billFor both bills representatives voted strictly along party lines — with one exception: Rep Keith Franke R-St Paul Park voted against tabling the background check billThe billsThe Gun Violence Restraining Order bill would allow law enforcement and family members to petition a court to prohibit a person from possessing firearms if they pose "a significant danger of bodily injury to self or to other persons by possessing a firearm" and if less restrictive alternatives are deemed inadequateThe bill also allows for courts to issue emergency ex-parte orders — meaning the accused doesn’t have to be present to argue their side — if a court rules there’s "an immediate and present danger"The court petition would include such information as violations of other restraining orders; any history of threats of violence; any felony arrests or misdemeanor stalking or domestic assault arrests; "the unlawful and reckless use display or brandishing of a firearm"; and any evidence of drug or alcohol abuse weighed against any attempts at rehabilitationThe court would require a "preponderance of the evidence" to issue the order — a lesser standard than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard which is required for criminal convictions The order’s duration set by the court could be anywhere from six months to two yearsThe bill calling for universal background checks requires checks for all gun buyers between private parties — including intrastate sales online using platforms such as Armslist which requires no background check The bill has some exceptions such as exchanges between immediate family membersIf neither the buyer nor seller is a federally licensed dealer they’re both required to appear before one; that dealer is then required to conduct the check and fill out and keep a record of the transaction on a federal formBack during the Ming dynasty some four centuries ago the Hall of Earthly Tranquility in Beijings Forbidden City was the redoubt of Chinas empress On Friday under rare unpolluted skies the first ladies of the worlds two biggest economies Michelle Obama and her Chinese counterpart Peng Liyuan embarked on a lightning tour of the imperial residence They strode through the Hall of Supreme Harmony checked out the Hall of Preserving Harmony and admired a golden throne off-limits to most tourists Obama and Peng glided past by a large stone carving that was labeled "Large Stone Carving" Alas time was running tight so they had to skip a tea ceremony in the Lodge of Fresh Fragrance Perhaps next time A day before Obama had arrived on her first trip ever to China with her mother Marian Robinson and children Malia and Sasha in tow She is set to spend four days in Beijing before heading to the interior cities of Xian and Chengdu where she will take in some of Chinas most famous tourist sights: the terra-cotta warriors and the giant pandas Obama is even blogging about her China experience a process that will likely require her handlers to use a virtual private network to evade Chinese Internet censorship In a month President Barack Obama is also due in Asia But his four-nation tour somewhat controversially will not include a China stop Instead it was left to his wife to help smooth ties and develop a relationshiphowever brief and somewhat stiffwith Peng "The relationships between the United States and China couldnt be more important" Obama said on Friday morning "and having the opportunity to travel here to listen to learn to hear more about the education initiatives here in this country and to share my travels with students throughout the United States is a very unique experience and its one that I will never forget" Obama began her day at Beijing Normal School an elite high school whose students enjoy a leafy campus and state-of-the-art equipment The walls are decorated with murals glorifying both Euclid and Karl Marx She and Peng visited a robotics class where students were learning about various robots including a hexagonal snowflake robot that one student described to Obama as "very amazing and adorable" The first ladies also took in a calligraphy class where Peng wrote a four-character aphorism that describes how individuals with high morality can accomplish major tasks She presented the calligraphy to Obama as a present Finally the two wrapped up their school tour by visiting a ping-pong class where students spend 40 minutes slamming plastic balls onto green tables with metronomic precision Table tennis is a serious sport in China with deep political significance After enduring decades of international isolation during which the world chose the government in Taiwan as Chinas rightful representative Beijing began to integrate into the global community Ping-pong led the way After a speech in which each ping-pong teacher was introduced with great solemnity Obama slipped out of her vest-coat and tried her hand at ping-pong The students stayed silent as she whiffed her first few attempts But as she began to make contact with the table the kids broke out into gasps and claps Afterward Obama who has made physical fitness one of her signature campaigns joked about her husbands ping-pong prowess "My husband plays" she said "He thinks hes better than he really is" The students laughed nervously The Chinese first lady whose hair was coiffed in an elaborate braid known in China as "scorpion head" declined to play She did however nod and smile at her American counterparts enthusiastic efforts For years Peng now 51 was far more famous in China than her husband President Xi Jinping who quietly rose through the Communist Partys ranks A folk singer with the Peoples Liberation Army Peng attained the rank of major general and was known for warbling rousing socialist ditties like "People From Our Village" While she has been far more visible than her predecessors who rarely appeared in any photo-ops with their leader husbands Peng still hews to a script She stood rigidly next to Obama as they gazed upon robots exchanging not a word Nor did she engage in much small talk with the Beijing Normal School students although she did admit as she picked up her calligraphy brush: "Im somewhat nervous too" Peng also spoke phrases of well-enunciated English More than 30 American kids are studying at Beijing Normal School part of a growing corps of 20000 American students in China (the number of Chinese students in the US is upwards of 200000) Obama has made the importance of education one of the themes of her China trip and she is using her personal story as an example of American social mobility "As someone from a modest background [Obama] has parents who didnt go to college but who emphasized education. which Obamas daughters attend. but no one took his statement until the next morning. Barnabas Gemade has appealed to the government to raise a Defence Force to comb the affected areas in Benue state and to get rid of those causing the crises. Opposition parties in the Lords and rebels in May’s Conservative Party voted 298 to 227 in favour of the amendment that means Britain should participate.

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