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disappointed and troubled by this occurrence as Miss Lohan surely is. which will be levied on properties along Metro routes,Following Mumbai Indians’ commanding six-wicket victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the highly-anticipatedafter termination,Justice A H Joshi said,Jain has seconded the membership proposals of various applicants and children of three memberswho were inducted by use of fraudulent act and forgery… A chargesheet has been filed against Kazi Jain moved the court and contended that the memberswho were added as a result of the alleged forgery of computerised datawere expelled and henceno loss was caused to the club The seconding of three proposals (for membership) by present applicant (Jain) cannot be regarded as sheer coincidence…. Beating teams like Goa shows that Chandigarh players have the desire and quality to become a top football side, echoed Harjinder Now the stage is perfectly set for Chandigarh to stake their claim for the world finals to be played in England Exactly four years agoanother team from ChandigarhSt Stephens Football Academyhad qualified for the South East Asia finals held at Kuala Lumpurbut failed to get going past that stage Howeverkeeping the recent performances in viewHarjinder and his merry band of boys promises to do better than that For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: February 2 2014 3:55 am Congress UP in-charge Madhusudan Mistry goes all out against Narendra Modi Related News In this Idea Exchange moderated by Senior Editor D K Singh Congress UP in-charge Madhusudan Mistry goes all out against Narendra Modi He invokes the 2002 riots questions Modi’s role in the Akshardham attack and calls his crowds orchestrated D K SINGH: How did you get into politics I am from the trade union My only ambition was to become a college lecturer I did post-graduation in geography from MS University Baroda Then I went for teaching which did not suit me so I left it and joined a trade union in 1970 The first union I organised was that of cycle rickshaw pullers in Ahmedabad followed by that of construction labourers I have also worked with textile labourers’ problems Then I got a scholarship to study at Ruskin College Oxford which gave diploma to all labourer students When I came back I began working with and organising forest labourers I was part of the protests that forest labourers took up regarding the Forest Conservation Act of 1980 I was leading one of the protests in Godhra where Mr Shankersinh Vaghela then a BJP MP had to pass through Because we were organised he couldn’t pass through He enquired about me When he left the BJP he floated a party called the Rashtriya Janta Party He sent a proposal that if you come into politics we will make you state president As it turned out everyone decided that I should go into politics That is how I entered it COOMI KAPOOR: Many people in the Congress are puzzled about how Rahul Gandhi and you have become so close How did you come in touch with him In 2001 I was first elected to the Parliament in by-elections which was a dream since I had no such intentions You need financial resources to contest and the party bore all expenses related to me in the first two elections Nowadays politics is caste-based and I don’t have a caste I had work I am a Mistry and there were hardly 10000 votes in my constituency of 165 lakh Rahul Gandhi also got elected that year but we hardly communicated except on one occasion when a vote was to take place in Parliament He was leaving and I told him that he should wait as voting was taking place and then he could go I lost the election in 2009 by 17000 votes One day I got a call from his office and was told that he wanted to meet me I said I am in Ahmedabad and would come the day after We met and spoke for half an hour about different things I spoke to his team as well and was then asked to go Two months later I got a call asking me to come to Delhi the next day It was afternoon and I was watching TV One channel flashed that there would be a press conference at 230 pm and Janardan Dwivedi would address it He spoke my name and I could not believe it until the scroll said that I was made general secretary It was a surprise D K SINGH: Many of your party leaders have been making fun of Narendra Modi’s claim of being a chaiwallah What is your take on that To be frank I respect all kinds of work because I myself have done them In school I worked as a labourer who would hold on to a ladder during whitewashing and was paid Re 1 per day I worked in godowns where I was paid Rs 15 a day Even during graduation I worked in a textile mill as a peon colour mixer paaniwallah D K SINGH: Who is a better candidate A chaiwallah or a shehzada A chaiwallah can be as or more ruthless than anyone else I was quite surprised that whom we call chaiwallah now had once stopped rickshaws and hawkers for five days during the Gujarat Summit When he uses the word shehzada he is sending the message of polarisation because such words — sultanate shehzada — are used by minority communities I can claim I am more downtrodden than him He is leading a more lavish lifestyle now than a chaiwallah I would be very happy if he lives like a chaiwallah Let me tell you he did not contest the Assembly elections as a chaiwallah He was first made the chief minister and then he contested the Assembly elections I challenge him let him contest in Uttar Pradesh He can never win an election without the support of the administration He will never dare to go and contest in Uttar Pradesh because there is another party in power And he himself will not declare now because I am 100 per cent sure that his own party leaders will ditch him That’s why he is not declaring the seats I am saying declare the seats Declare it now that you are going to contest from this seat D K SINGH: Apart from shehzada versus chaiwallah another comparison being made is that of Amit Shah BJP’s UP in-charge versus Madhusudan Mistry I have not gone to jail There is no CBI enquiry or cases pending against me I don’t have money in share capital because of my ideology I never put my money for someone else’s capitalist society He (Amit Shah) has a whole history behind him Muzaffarnagar is an example Adding ghee to a small fire flares it up Somebody told me that the BJP has influence in entire UP I said you mean they want to create another Muzaffarnagar Why did Narendra Modi and his party felicitate the two BJP MLAs accused in the riots What sort of a party are they Tell me has he gone to a single minority victim after 2002 to give them solace or an inch of a land to rehabilitate them D K SINGH: NCP leader Praful Patel said that now that the court has given a verdict let the matter rest as far as Modi’s role is concerned He must have got clean chit five times Every time some case gets transferred from a local court to another court it is a clean chit Is the case still not going on against him Is he still not an accused Did you see what others have said His own ministers were directing the police where they should go and not go It is a matter of time before the truth comes out The agencies are also protecting themselves by not giving a 100 per cent true report Has there been any independent inquiry There are a host of questions He was the head of state It was his duty to protect the lives of citizens He was a constitutional head and he has to answer MANOJ C G: The SIT probe was monitored by the Supreme court itself Can you point fingers at the probe So why are they blaming the Congress They always say the CBI is contesting elections on behalf of the Congress Tell me why that after D G Vanzara went to jail not a single encounter has taken place If you look at the pattern of encounters a month or two months before whenever the BJP was about to take a decision on him encounters would take place in Gujarat The people had come to kill him or kill Advani or anyone else They had instant information that they were from Lakshar-e-Toiba Like Akshardham when it was hit immediately it was said that it was this outfit which had attacked the temple I still doubt that the truth about Akshardham will ever come out I saw it myself when I went the next day where 38-40 people were killed Who attacked Why they attacked just a hundred yards from the chief minister’s residence It is his establishment If they can detect the probable terrorist outfit which were about to come to kill him and before they could kill him they were killed by the CM’s squad why couldn’t they detect these people who had come all the way from Mumbai to attack Akshardham D K SINGH: Are you suggesting Modi’s role in all this I suspect Because of the failure of his entire machinery to detect them If you can detect the people coming from any part of the country and you can eliminate them before they reach Gujarat or Gandhinagar how is it that you had no clue about armed people coming to the railway station hiring a taxi going to Akshardham jumping the walls and going inside What sort of an administration was it then Common people can get killed the police have no information If somebody comes to kill him police has information well in advance His personality is such that he can go to any extent to capture or retain power This is his mind He has no regret whatsoever about the people whom he once used Rakesh Sinha: Mulayam Singh Yadav has been very critical of Rahul Gandhi He said that Rahul on one of his surprise visits to a Muzaffarnagar relief camp stole in like a thief That is the expression he used Why shouldn’t he go He is a member of Parliament and he has the right to go And he went I accompanied him In this camp 70 per cent of the people were anaemic and malnourished It had no facilities There were no proper huts Even if you want to do something you can’t because it is the state government’s responsibility Why are they not using the calamity relief fund Rakesh Sinha: Do you think the state government failed Completely it failed The job of the administration is to ensure confidence in the people D K Singh: You once raised that the SP and BJP were… From day one if anything happens in Uttar Pradesh riots rest assured that if the state government fails to stop it then SP and BJP are hobnobbing Because one creates and the other delays action Coomi Kapoor: How would you rate Rahul Gandhi’s performance in a recent TV interview Who am I to rate it I won’t comment on my leadership It’s for the people to review his interview Ravish Tewari: It seems Rahul Gandhi is trying to fix something in the Congress He is always using words like ‘systems’ ‘processes’ etc Any political party has to keep pace with the changing times Because it is quite an old party so naturally the attitude or the style of functioning may have disadvantages In some states we have an ageing leadership so one has to create space for new people and you may have to change your way of working as well That is what he has been pushing for and without making a lot of hullabaloo things have changed a lot After Jaipur we began to realise that many people with no patronage joined the party They began to perform and performers have been rewarded The avenues have opened up Unni Rajen Shanker: In your own state you have not been able to fight Modi Systematically the Congress has been losing its ground there and a similar thing is happening in Madhya Pradesh It is like a state that the Congress has lost forever That is not entirely true (in Gujarat) Look at the Lok Sabha results In 1999 we won six seats In 2004 we got 12 In 2009 we were told that we’ll be wiped out but we got 11 The issues are different The people of Gujarat believe that it is only the Congress party that can hold this country together and run it Rakesh Sinha: But he must have done something right that is translating into votes In the Assembly yes How is that nobody has questioned that he was claiming to get 151 seats but got a lesser number Nobody questions him How is it that in my constituency we won six out of seven seats We defeated the home minister the state minister for education We almost defeated the cabinet minister of education He was saved by only 11000 votes We used to get 48000 votes and we increased that to 80000 Where was his charisma D K Singh: How do you justify your support to the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi I feel that it was not to force another election immediately D K SINGH: But you are suffering humiliation daily at the hands of the Aam Aadmi Party I would not say that See in politics there are certain forced situations you will not like and yet you have to strike a compromise Dilip Bobb: Modi’s single biggest selling point is development What would you say is Rahul’s single biggest selling point I got a chance to accompany Rahul before the Karnataka elections and once in a while when he was visiting Uttar Pradesh What I liked most is that he is open to listening and understanding the processes new ideas and changing moods It is not the kind of rigid thinking that people have when they say that I am at this post Also he gives complete freedom to and allows the young leadership to grow Maneesh Chibber: Rahul Gandhi’s readiness to listen maybe be good for the party but how is it good for the voters Why should I vote for Rahul Gandhi Why not He is a person who is receptive to any person from the country When we were in Kerala in the scorching sun to attend a meeting hundreds of people were just waiting to catch a glimpse of him Maneesh Chhibber: But the same can be true of Modi also Wherever he goes he also attracts crowds People are brought and put there to chant Narendra Modi’s name whenever he comes What an awful situation it was when he was in Bangalore to address a university crowd before the elections When he came people who had been brought from Gujarat began to chant his name even as the Karnataka chief minister was sitting next to him And when the chief minister began to speak the chants still went on And then he said let the Chief Minister speak for a while What an irony So it is well-orchestrated and organised DK Singh: Congress party members have talked a lot about how Modi has marketed and branded himself If Modi has marketed himself why do you grudge that We don’t have a grudge against anybody We say yes you sell a product But it is a product which 10 days after buying you realise that it is useless and second thing is that the cost is going to be very high — Transcribed by Debesh Banerjee and Pallavi Chattopadhyay For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Updated: January 14 2017 1:29 pm Priyanka slipped and fell during a stunt on the sets of Quantico Related News Indian actress Priyanka Chopra who is back in action shooting for the second season of Quantico here was injured while shooting on the sets of the drama series Sources said that Priyanka slipped and fell during a stunt and suffered a concussion after hitting her head The network ABC however did not confirm this although in its statement it did say that a “minor incident” took place on the sets here of the FBI drama series on Thursday night “It would be premature to comment further until we have all the information” the network added Priyanka’s publicist confirmed the news saying “Yes we can confirm there was a minor incident last night on set Priyanka was immediately taken to the hospital examined by a doctor and released She is resting comfortably at home on doctors orders and will return to work after the weekend” Also read |Did Priyanka Chopra receive a huge pay hike for Quantico 3 Entertainment company Walt Disney’s ABC also did not comment on whether the production would be halted Quantico season two would be returning from hiatus from January 24 and would air on Star World and Star World HD More from the world of Entertainment: Priyanka Chopra portrays the role of a CIA agent Alex Parrish in Quantico and is set to play a baddie in her Hollywood debut film Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson Zac Efron Alexandra Daddario Pamela Anderson Jon Bass and many others The Seth Gordon directed flick will hit theatres on May 19 next year Priyanka was recently spotted at the Golden Globe Awards looking ravishing in golden Ralph Lauren gown She presented an award at the ceremony to none other than Billy Bob Thornton for his bravura performance in TV series Goliath and that is the big win of the day For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Paris | Updated: October 3 2017 3:46 pm Curiosity at its peak (Source: AP) Related News French government art experts are trying to find out analyzing the sketch in a laboratory beneath the Louvre the museum where the Mona Lisa hangs to see if Leonardo da Vinci drew it before painting his 16th-century masterpiece The sketch previously attributed to Leonardo’s students is part of a collection at the Musee Conde du Domaine de Chantilly north of Paris “This drawing is quite mysterious because we know it was made in Italy maybe in the studio of Leonardo da Vinci or by the master himself” said museum curator Mathieu Deldicque There are tempting clues that Leonardo’s hand could have been behind the sketch “For the moment we know that the paper on which this (sketch) is drawn was dated from the time of Leonardo da Vinci that is to say the beginning of the 16th century” Deldicque said in an interview “We know that this paper comes from Italy between Venice and Florence so it is similar” Imagery picked up other signs that may point to a sketch by Leonardo despite its “very worn elements” he said noting the “quality” of the face and arms which recalls the master “The position of the arms is very important because it is literally (like) the position of the arms of the Louvre painting” Deldicque said Chief curator of heritage Bruno Mottin examines a charcoal sketch through a microscope depicting a nude woman (Source: AP) However Deldicque has said there were differences including the way the subject holds her chest and the hairstyle Art historians believe Leonardo drew or painted a nude version of the Mona Lisa Deldicque acknowledged that the belief is feeding hopes that the Chantilly museum’s sketch was indeed made by Leonardo’s hand Among the array of clues under study is whether the artist of the sketch was left-handed “We know that Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed and now we are just looking for the left-handed features” the curator said But the task is difficult “The drawing is very old very fragile” he said making it uncertain firm evidence will be uncovered showing that the charcoal nude was sketched with a left hand The government-run Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France says the sketch will stay out of the public eye until the examination by experts is complete Watch the video here? For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon: The families of six formerBritish soldiers lodged in a Tamil Nadujail expressed "sheer relief" after an Indian court acquitted them over an illegal weapons charge on Monday a decision the UK described as "fantastic news" The so-called "Chennai Six" had been arrested in October 2013 and sentenced for carrying arms on a commercial US ship They were held while working for an anti-piracy security company protecting commercial ships off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and have pleaded their innocence ever since "This case has been top priority for everybody at the Foreign Office and today’s verdict is fantastic news" UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in a statement Representational image News18 Johnson who had been criticised by the families of the ex-soldiers over a perceived lack of diplomatic efforts made to secure the release of the six British citizens stressed that the UK Foreign Office had "worked tirelessly behind the scenes to reunite these men with their families" "The importance the UK government places on their case cannot be understated The men their families and their supporters who have campaigned unrelentingly must be overjoyed I share their delight and I hope they can return home as soon as possible" he added The Indian High Commission in London also welcomed the ruling stressing that it highlights India’s reputation as a democratic nation with a free and fair judiciary "We are very happy with the court decision India is a democracy where the due process of law is followed and this decision upholds the rule of law" said a spokesperson Yvonne MacHugh the fiancee of Billy Irving–one of the men who was caught up in the controversy expressed her relief that her partner would be able to connect with his son William whose birth he had missed while in prison "I just feel sheer relief – finally we are getting our family back together" said MacHugh "Finally all the men are going to be home with their families They have been acquitted of all charges so they have done no wrongdoing and finally we have proven that" she said The Madras High Court today ruled that all charges against the six men – and 29 others arrested with them – be dropped with immediate effect and the fines they were ordered to pay be refunded The Madurai bench directed that all crew members of the ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio can apply to the Indian authorities to get back their passports after which they will be able to travel home to the UK "They still need to get police clearance before they can come home so there are steps being taken to try to ensure that everything’s in place" said Joanne Tomlinson the sister of John Armstrong another of the ex-soldiers Tomlinson was among friends and family members who had led a campaign in the UK including lobbying ministers and Downing Street to secure the release of the men Besides Armstrong and Irving the other former British soldiers who have been in a Chennai jail for four years include – NickDunn Ray Tindall Paul Towers and Nicholas Simpson In October 2013 Coast Guard personnel boarded their vessel and arrested them along with 29 other crew members for taking weapons into India’s territorial waters The charges were initially quashed when the men argued the weapons were lawfully held for anti-piracy purposes and their paperwork issued by theUK government was in order But a lower court reinstated the prosecution and they were convicted in January last year and sentenced to five years injail Since then there have been a series of appeals including by British Prime Minister Theresa May who raised the matter with her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi during her visit to India in November 2016 as well as Britain’s High Commissioner in India Dominic Asquith visiting the men injailinChennai The sailors were aboard the American-owned ship which reportedly offered armed protection to vessels sailing through an area known as "Pirates’ Alley" between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea US firm ‘AdvanFort International’ which owns the ship has maintained that the vessel was involved in anti-piracy operations and had not strayed into Indian waters Customs officials and police found 35 guns including semi-automatic weapons and almost 6000 rounds of ammunition on board the ship which allegedly did not have permission to be in Indian waters Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: November 18 2016 2:52 pm Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru movie review: GV Prakash’s performance strikes a chord Top News Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru movie cast:GV Prakash Prakash Raj Nikki Galrani Anandhi Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru movie director: M Rajesh Music composer-turned-actor GV Prakash has come a long way from playing a clueless hero in last year’s horror-comedy Darling Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru is his biggest release in terms of trade and has surely created a momentum for the young talent Prakash manages to hold the attention of the audience throughout the film for which he has also scored the music The romantic comedy is written and directed by filmmaker Rajesh who has helped many upcoming heroes in Tamil taste their first major commercial success Kumaru (Prakash) sets out on a road trip to Pondicherry just two days before his wedding with Priya (Nikki Galrani) to celebrate the last few hours of his bachelor life He takes his self-absorbed and reckless friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) along with him who turns their fun trip into a nightmare The film switches between Kumaru’s present and past life Previously he was in a relationship with Nancy (Anandhi) Their love story faces a challenge because of Nancy’s father Michael Aasirvadham (MS Bhaskar) who asks Kumaru and his family to convert to Christianity before he would let his daughter marry him Despite desperate measures he fails to save his love and cannot convince Nancy to go against her father’s will Later he moves on with his life After a fun night in Pondicheery Balaji loads the car with liquor bottles as they head back to Chennai Kumaru gets to know this only when they get stopped by the cops at a checkpoint and things go out of control The rest of the movie follows Kumaru’s struggle to reach Chennai with his troublemaker friend before his wedding Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru is filled with predictable and monotonous jokes However characters played by GV Prakash Prakash Raj Balaji Robo Shankar and Singampuli makes the film watchable A spoof segment on a reality show that discusses family disputes and resolves them on television is the highlight of the film The music is tolerable and the Locality Boys number is already a hit with the masses Overall Rajesh has tried to milk his tried and tested formula to help Prakash win big at the box office Given that this week there are no other options you can give this romantic comedy a try But if you decide to sit this one out don’t worry you are not missing out on a lot For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Guwahati | Published: October 11 2017 11:33 pm Amine Gouiri scored in the 13th and 71st to lift France into the knockouts (Source: PTI) Related News Arsenal target Amine Gouiri struck a brace as France notched up a 2-1 victory over Japan to secure a pre-quarterfinal berth in the FIFA U-17 World Cup Gouiri scored in the 13th and 71st to lift the former champions into the knockouts while Japan found a consolation goal through Taisei Miyashiro in the 73rd minute at the Indira Gandhi International Stadium Japan though still are in contention from Group E having hammered Honduras 6-1 in their tournament opener The first goal came when Gouiri unleashed a right-footer off from the left side of the box off a Maxence Caqueret assist It was Les Bleuets that caused the Japanese problems in the early stages of the game with Gouiri being the biggest threat The Olympique Lyonnais youngster opened the scoring on the 13th minute as he sent a shot through the legs of Japan goalkeeper Kosei Tani Despite falling behind Japan made their way back into the contest and had created chances The best of those opportunities was a free-kick from Keito Nakamura which took a big deflection off the France wall and flew just wide At the other end Caqueret was unlucky not to see a long-range strike hit the target before the break The prolific Gouiri would score again just past the midway point of the second half as he finished off a superb bit of inter-play with Yacine Adli in the Japanese box The second France goal prompted a reply for Japan who reduced the deficit through a Taisei Miyashiro penalty After that the French held on for a second straight win in the competition For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News Bajirao Bhosle, Lyon went from strength to strength and picked up wickets at regular intervals. Every committee and commission that had looked into these matters had endorsed the two ideas. This study demonstrated that when we give mice a synthetic compound that turns REV-ERB on.

The release date of the film was announced by Akshay himself when he was prepping up for the release of Rustom,Laurentiis says a global ambassador’s role will be offered to? “SRK comes from humble beginnings. IIFA Rocks will regale the audience with a celebration of 25 years of Oscar winning talent A. Varun said,the home department, he said. and the physical condition of someone who is a black belt in taekwondo. Can Taimur be the reason? It has gone better.

Directed by Tony D’Souza.