Six Day School Week?

first_imgAmerican schools need to switch to a six day a week classes to remain competitive, according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. “Go ahead and boo me,” Duncan told public middle and high in Denver. “I fundamentally think that our school day is too short, our school week is too short and our school year is too short. You’re competing for jobs with kids from India and China. I think schools should be open six, seven days a week; eleven, twelve months a year.”  Related Itemslast_img

From Nothing to Gangbusters: A Treatment for Sickle-Cell Disease Proves Effective in Africa

first_imgA drug that protects children in wealthy countries against painful and sometimes lethal bouts of sickle-cell disease has been proven safe for use in Africa, where the condition is far more common, scientists reported Saturday.More research remains to be done, experts said, but knowing that hydroxyurea — a cheap, effective and easy-to-take pill — can safely be given to African children may save millions of youngsters from agonizing pain and early deaths.“I think this is going to be amazing,” said Dr. Ifeyinwa Osunkwo, who directs a sickle-cell disease program in Charlotte, North Carolina, but was not involved in the new study.“There is currently no treatment in Africa, and a lot of children die before age 5,” said Osunkwo, who has treated children in the United States and Nigeria. “We’re going from nothing to gangbusters.”The disease, in which blood cells twist themselves into stiff semicircular shapes, is caused by a genetic mutation thought to have arisen in Africa about 7,000 years ago.About 300,000 babies are born with the disease each year; about 75 percent of them are in Africa, and about 1 percent in the United States.The condition is found throughout the Americas and the Caribbean among descendants of Africans brought to this hemisphere by the slave trade. Sickle-cell disease also is found less frequently in southern Europe, the Middle East and India.These are also places where malaria is still endemic or was until a few decades ago. People who inherit one copy of the sickle-cell gene are partially protected against malaria, which is presumably why the mutation has persisted in Africa.But children who inherit the gene from both parents are often left breathlessly weak from anemia, prone to infections and liable to have crises in which their blood cells clump and jam capillaries in the brain, lungs and other organs.The pain is often so excruciating that only opioids can help. Treatment may require blood transfusions or, in wealthy countries, bone marrow transplants, which themselves carry a risk of death.Without treatment, many children die from strokes or organ damage.Hydroxyurea has been used for decades in the United States and Europe. But some early animal studies made researchers fear it would make African children more susceptible to local infections, particularly malaria.The new study followed 600 children in Angola, Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo who were given the drug for more than two years.As with children in wealthy countries, taking the drug daily also made it far less likely they would die or need a blood transfusion because of their sickle-cell disease. They were about half as likely to suffer bouts of severe pain, and somewhat less likely to get other infections.In an unexpected twist, investigators discovered that the children were about half as likely to get malaria while using hydroxyurea as they had been before the trial started. The reasons are not known.“With all the malaria, malnourishment and vitamin deficiency in Africa, we couldn’t assume it would work as well as it did,” said Dr. Russell E. Ware, director of hematology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a co-author of the study, which was presented at a meeting of the American Society for Hematology and simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine.Hydroxyurea is already on the World Health Organization’s essential medicines list, is available in generic form for about 50 cents a pill and can be stored at room temperature, Ware said.If this study raises interest in buying millions of additional doses for use in Africa, the drug could presumably be made far more cheaply, he added.Even though the study was fairly large, it had some limitations.It was intended to prove only that the drug was safe for children aged 1 to 10. It was not designed to test various dosages to find the ideal one, nor to determine how many lab tests are needed to monitor children taking the drug, nor to determine the long-term effects.So further work will be needed, researchers said.Also, the research was done without a placebo control — a group of similar children not getting the drug. Oversight boards in the four test countries felt it would be unethical to deny the drug to any child, since it was known to work elsewhere, said Dr. Leon Tshilolo, a pediatric hematologist at the Monkole Hospital Center in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the study’s lead author.To compensate for the lack of a placebo group, the researchers watched children for two months before starting them on hydroxyurea. That established the baseline rates at which the children normally suffered pain crises, needed blood transfusions and got malaria or other infections.The results “mean survival will be better even in very low-resource settings,” Tshilolo said.Hydroxyurea was originally developed to fight blood cancers like leukemia, and people taking it must be monitored to make sure that it does not dangerously lower their white blood cell and platelet counts.The study, however, used moderate daily doses, and only about 5 percent of the children enrolled needed to have their dosages lowered because their blood cell counts dropped.In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug for American adults with sickle-cell disease; pediatricians soon began giving it off-label to children, Ware said.Trials proving it was safe in American children were not finished until 2016, and the FDA approved pediatric use last year, opening the way for a trial in children in Africa.For years, many black Americans with sickle-cell disease were reluctant to enroll themselves or their children in drug trials, Osunkwo said, because of the United States’ sordid history of medical experimentation on black patients — including the infamous Tuskegee Study, in which black men with syphilis were left untreated even after the invention of penicillin.Also, she said, the drug is known to lower men’s sperm counts, break off women’s hair and turn fingernails dark gray. For safety reasons, it is not normally given to pregnant women even though they may suffer severe sickle-cell crises.Osunkwo said she slowly overcame patients’ reluctance by letting them help design the trials.“And,” she added, “I would say, ‘Being dead is worse than having dark nails.’ ”In Africa, enrolling 600 children was relatively easy, shilolo said, because Africans with sickle-cell disease who had visited Europe had heard of hydroxyurea and knew it worked.Sperm counts were obviously not an issue in a children’s trial, he added. But African men were usually willing to use the drug once it was explained that the drops in sperm count were relatively small and rebounded when the drug was stopped.c.2018 New York Times News Service Related Itemslast_img read more

The Story of 2018 Was Climate Change

first_imgOur best hope may be the weather.For a long time, many people thought that it was a mistake to use the weather as evidence of climate change. Weather patterns contain a lot of randomness. Even as the earth warms and extreme weather becomes more common, some years are colder and calmer than others. If you argue that climate change is causing some weather trend, a climate denier may respond by making grand claims about a recent snowfall.And yet the weather still has one big advantage over every other argument about the urgency of climate change: We experience the weather. We see it and feel it.It is not a complex data series in an academic study or government report. It’s not a measurement of sea level or ice depth in a place you’ve never been. It’s right in front of you. And although weather patterns do have a lot of randomness, they are indeed changing. That’s the thing about climate change: It changes the climate.I wanted to write my last column of 2018 about the climate as a kind of plea: Amid everything else going on, don’t lose sight of the most important story of the year.I know there was a lot of competition for that title, including some more obvious contenders, like President Donald Trump and Robert Mueller. But nothing else measures up to the rising toll and enormous dangers of climate change. I worry that our children and grandchildren will one day ask us, bitterly, why we spent so much time distracted by lesser matters.The story of climate change in 2018 was complicated — overwhelmingly bad, yet with two reasons for hope. The bad and the good were connected, too: Thanks to the changing weather, more Americans seem to be waking up to the problem.I’ll start with the alarming parts of the story. The past year is on pace to be the earth’s fourth warmest on record, and the five warmest years have all occurred since 2010. This warming is now starting to cause a lot of damage.In 2018, heat waves killed people in Montreal, Karachi, Tokyo and elsewhere. Extreme rain battered North Carolina and the Indian state of Kerala. The Horn of Africa suffered from drought. Large swaths of the American West burned. When I was in Portland, Oregon, this summer, the air quality — from nearby wildfires — was among the worst in the world. It would have been healthier to be breathing outdoors in Beijing or Mumbai.Amid all of this destruction, Trump’s climate agenda consists of making the problem worse. His administration is filled with former corporate lobbyists, and they have been changing federal policy to make it easier for companies to pollute. These officials like to talk about free enterprise and scientific uncertainty, but their real motive is usually money. Sometimes, they don’t even wait to return to industry jobs. Both Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke, two now-departed pro-pollution Cabinet secretaries, engaged in on-the-job corruption.I often want to ask these officials: Deep down, do you really believe that future generations of your own family will be immune from climate change’s damage? Or have you chosen not to think very much about them?As for the two main reasons for hope: The first is that the Trump administration is an outlier. Most major governments are trying to slow climate change. So are many states in this country, as well as some big companies and nonprofit groups. This global coalition is the reason that the recent climate summit in Poland “yielded much more,” as Nat Keohane of the Environmental Defense Fund said, “than many of us had thought might be possible.”The second reason for hope is public opinion. No, it isn’t changing nearly as rapidly as I wish. Yet it is changing, and the weather seems to be a factor. The growing number of extreme events — wildfires, storms, floods and so on — are hard to ignore.Only 40 percent of Americans called the quality of environment “good” or “excellent” in a Gallup Poll this year, the lowest level in almost a decade. And 61 percent said the environment was getting worse. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 66 percent of Americans said they wanted to see action to combat climate change. Some polls even suggest that Republican voters are becoming anxious about the situation.The politics of climate change remains devilishly hard, especially because so many people around the world feel frustrated about their living standards. France’s “gilet jaune” protests, after all, were sparked by a proposed energy tax. Compared with day-to-day life, the effects of climate change have long felt distant, almost theoretical.But now those effects are becoming real, and they are terrifying. To anyone who worries about making a case for climate action based on the weather, I would simply ask: Do you have a better idea?c.2018 New York Times News Service Related Itemslast_img read more

Indian Performances Light Up Richmond World Festival

first_imgThe Richmond World Festival, which is in its third year, is featuring a host of Indian-origin artistes who would be taking the stage in the Canadian city. Over 75 music and dance performances, 50 food trucks, local chef demonstrations, artisan marketplaces and digital carnival are the highlights of the event this year, which also marks Canada’s 150th year.The event, held over two days on September 1 and 2, celebrates the country’s cultural diversity through music, dance, art, sports from around the world.The festival line-up includes a host of performers, including the Shiamak Davar dance troupe of Vancouver, known for their Indian flavours. Here are the Indian-origin participants showcasing their skills during the festival:Photo Credit: FacebookRaj ThandiThe lifestyle writer of the website Pink Chai Living delves into food, fashion and culture, and loves whipping up experimental fusion recipes such as blueberry jam-filled Idli, gulab jamun cupcakes, and chocolate-dipped besan. She also preserves generational Indian recipes and is interested in quick, healthy Indian food. Hailing from West Coast, Thandi describes herself as a bit of “Hollywood-Bollywood”.     Photo Credit: FacebookShamik BigliBorn to Indian immigrant parents in Canada, Beatboxer Shamik Bigli grew up on bhajans, and songs of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Jagjit Singh before he found hip hop, electronica and R&B, all of which are genres that pervade through this work. He also plays the tabla. Shamik released his first album in 2006.He performed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and recently released a Indian-infused hip hop beat series, Channeling India. Said Shamik to the music blog, Stacked: “I would like my Channeling India series to get noticed in the UK. Some of the best Indian electronic pioneers are from the UK, and I looked up to them when I made Channeling India vol 1. It would be great to share my music out there where there is a huge Indian community.”  Photo Credit: FacebookAkhil JobanputraAkhil Jobanputra started his training in Hindustani vocals when he was three years old. While he started his training at Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation, Vancouver, he got trained with other gurus from the Mewati, Kirana, and Gwalior Gharanas. Now 20, the student of Hindustani classical music trains under Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. Jobanputra, a student of Human Geography at the University of British Columbia, also teaches Hindustani classical music.Jobanputra has also experimented with western music by participating in the Burnaby Children’s District Choir until 2010 and by collaborating with Celtic and African musicians in Mission Folk Festival in 2012.  Sticks n’ SkinsThe Sticks n’ Skins ensemble have representations of musical sounds of India, Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Japan, China and the indigenous people of Canada. Brought together by Dr Sal Ferreras, the ensemble has been performing at festivals and corporate events since 2008. During the 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games, they performed during Team Welcome ceremonies held for each nation. They are currently working on pieces that incorporate hip hop music, beat boxing and live vocals.  Related ItemsAkhil JobunputraCanada IndiaLittle IndiaRaj ThandiRichmond World FestivalShamik BigliShiamak DavarSticks n’ Skinslast_img read more

Two Indian Americans Named Among Top 10 CNN Heroes

first_imgTwo Indian Americans are among the 10 people named by CNN as “heroes” for their contribution to the society. Mona Patel empowers fellow amputees to overcome their physical limitations while Samir Lakhani recycles soap from hotels to provide jobs in Cambodia.Patel’s non-profit organization, San Antonio Amputee Foundation, has provided support and resources to over 1,100 amputees. She started a support group where 30 to 60 amputees come once a month with their stories of strength and resilience. Patel, who lost her leg when she was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 17, provides counselling and prosthetics for those who don’t have access to it. Her organization provides need-based financial assistance for home and car modifications.Patel has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and led other amputees to take up the climb as well. At the age of 44, she has two master’s degrees and has facilitated policy-level changes for amputees in the state of Texas, where she lives.“Thousands of Texas amputees now have better insurance coverage — thanks to all the people who helped me and believed in my leadership,” Patel said.Lakhani’s journey began in 2014 when he was volunteering in Cambodia. He saw a mother bathing her baby with laundry powder and water. “It’s an image I’ll never get out of my mind,” he says. He was staying at a hotel then and realized that if leftover soaps from hotels are given away to those in rural areas who have no access to soap many children can have access to better hygiene and sanitation. He started the Eco-Soap Bank while studying at the University of Pittsburgh. The non-profit organization recycles the leftover soaps, sanitizes them, molds them into soap bars and distributes them to people in need.The organization now has four recycling units in Cambodia that employ 35 local women. More than 650,000 people have benefited from the non-profit’s work.“What I love most is that we are killing three birds with one stone,” Lakhani, 24, told CNN. “We are keeping waste out of landfills, employing locals and spreading soap all over the country.”The CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute is a special television program that honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions towards humanitarian aid. Those selected receive $50,000 as contribution for their work. A poll is conducted among the 10 people to choose the top winner, who then receives $250,000 for the work.Besides Patel and Lakhani, Rosie Mashale, a woman from South Africa who has been caring for children who lost parents to AIDS, and Iraq war veteran Andrew Manzi were among people who were named in the list for their work. Related ItemsEmpowermentIndian AmericanSocial worklast_img read more

Ajay Gupta Spotted in Dubai by South African Businessman

first_imgAjay Gupta, the eldest of the embattled Gupta brothers accused of “state capture” in South Africa, was reportedly spotted in Dubai on April 4 by a South African businessman.The businessman Justin van Pletzen was greeted by a relaxed Gupta outside what is thought to be the Indian consulate, Huffington Post Africa reported. Gupta told Pletzen that he would return to South Africa after he receives a response from the authorities, the report quoted the businessman as saying. The encounter was filmed by Pletzen, who posted it on his Facebook page, saying, “Just bumped into AJ Gupta in Dubai … and if it wasn’t for the law here I would have dropped him.”In the video, Pletzen is heard telling Gupta that South Africa is looking for him. “The day they give a reply, I’ll go there,” Gupta replies.“Please share this widely so that we can get him back to SA so he can face the music,” Van Pletzen further wrote.Meanwhile, South African elite police unit, Hawks, have reiterated their call to Ajay Gupta to hand himself over and says they have issued a warrant for the same, reported.As per the Hawks, Ajay Gupta is a fugitive from justice after he failed to turn himself in to the authorities in February.Hangwani Mulaudzi, the spokesperson of the Hawks unit, told that they are aware of his whereabouts and that there are many outstanding matters related to their investigation of the Gupta brothers. He added that Gupta is wanted for charges that aren’t related to the Estina Dairy farm case. “He is more than aware that we are looking for him. Our advice to his lawyers was that he should hand himself over. He didn’t do that. That status quo stands. We’re not worried,” the website quoted him as saying.Meanwhile, the Gupta brothers missed another deadline to appear before the tax authorities in India on March 26. They were summoned to explain how they amassed several properties in the country. The authorities also suspect that they brought “illicit” money into India. Last month, the brothers sent their accountant to face the tax authorities and they were granted a 10-day extension.On March 6, tax authorities raided Guptas’ properties in Dehradun, Saharanpur and the National Capital Region, and 125 Gupta-linked properties were identified during the raids, the Jagran reported.The Gupta family’s luxury jet, a Bombardier Global 6000, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, was grounded by a Johannesburg court on March 19. The family was given 15 days to hand over the jet. The court also “interdicted and restrained” the family from using and possessing the aircraft.The Gupta family has been accused of corruption and influenced peddling due to their closeness to former South African president Jacob Zuma, who resigned following a raid at the Guptas’ home by the Hawks on Feb. 14, and pressure from the ruling party, the African National Congress. Related ItemsAjay GuptaDubaiSouth Africalast_img read more

Insufficient Evidence That Sherin Mathews Was Abused by Parents, Says Report

first_imgThere is insufficient evidence to determine whether Sherin Mathews, the child found dead under mysterious circumstances in a culvert in Dallas, was abused by her adoptive parents, according to a report released by the U.S. Child Protective Services (CPS), Dallas News reported.“There was insufficient evidence to determine if the deceased child was physically abused by her mother. An unknown perpetrator was confirmed for the physical abuse of the deceased child, which may have happened prior to her adoption,” the CPS report obtained by Crime Online stated. The report added that the allegation of physical neglect of three-year-old Sherin Mathews by her parents — Wesley Mathews and Sini Mathews — was not confirmed.Even though a doctor told CPS that Sherin’s shoulders were infected and had questionable fractures, other doctors and specialists who had treated the child in the past said that they did not have concerns about her being either abused or neglected, the report added.“It was reported that the deceased child was hospitalized after the mother noticed swelling around the child’s right shoulder. The mother reported that the child fell on a slide at the park. The mother stated she gave an over the counter pain medication to the child and put the child down for a nap,” the report stated.Since the U.S. Family and Protective Services could not guarantee the safety of the deceased child’s older sibling, the sibling was removed and placed in foster care. “The sibling had two forensic interviews. Both times the sibling discussed the deceased child being sick, throwing up a lot and that the family could not find her,” the report added.Medical professionals who were contacted by CPS stated that the child was in better health and had better weight following her adoption, the report said, adding that the mother, Sini Mathews, told investigators that Sherin did not attend daycare because she wanted to ensure the child ate sufficiently to gain weight. Sini said that the child was a picky eater and it would take her 45 minutes to finish a meal.In January this year, an indictment by the grand jury stated that Wesley Mathews used a deadly weapon to commit the crime. “During the commission of the offense, defendant did use a deadly weapon, the exact nature and description of which is not known to the Grand Jury,” the indictment said.On Jan. 12, he was charged for capital murder. Initially, Wesley said that Sherin was made to stand outside in the middle of the night since she wasn’t drinking her milk, and he later changed his statement to say that she choked to death.However, autopsy reports revealed that she had injuries in various stages of healing on her body and died of homicidal violence. Sini Mathews has been charged with child abandonment. Sherin’s parents relinquished custody and parental rights to their 4-year-old biological daughter. Related Itemssherin mathewsTexasUnited Stateslast_img read more

Irving, Brown help Celtics rally for 15th straight win

first_imgCPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics PLAY LIST 02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics02:46Senators rally support for Robredo; laud her for accepting anti-drug post00:58Trump blames media, Democrats for impeachment during Kentucky rally01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Brand new era begins at NXT TakeOver: War Games UP NEXTCeltics: At Dallas on Monday night.Hawks: At San Antonio on Monday night. In 31 minutes, Irving made 10 of 12 shots, including five 3-pointers, and hit all five of his free throws.Irving, frustrated that the mask was affecting his peripheral vision two nights ago, took it off to help Boston beat defending NBA champion Golden State by four points. He scored 16 points, but was just 4 for 16 from the field.“I could see just a little bit more of the crowd tonight,” Irving said. “The eye holes were a little bit bigger. The basket looked a little bit better. I was told to kind of keep it on, so it was a better fit.”The Celtics lead NBA in scoring defense, but they gave up 35 points in the first quarter and trailed by 15 entering the second.“I think the biggest thing is that we can’t keep digging these holes,” Boston coach Brad Stevens said. “We need to put an emphasis on playing with pace and getting the ball to the other side of the floor.”Atlanta used a 16-0 run in the first to take a 15-point lead. But fueled by Marcus Smart and other reserves, Boston pulled within four twice in the second and cut the lead to six in the closing minutes on Brown’s 3.Marcus Morris and Jayson Tatum each had 14 points for Boston. John Collins scored 18 and Taurean Prince added 14 for AtlantaTIP-INSCeltics: Tatum was scoreless until he stole the ball and dunked to cut the lead to four in the third. The 19-year-old former Duke standout followed with an acrobatic, one-handed dunk on a fast break to make it 75-72 and had another dunk to put Boston up 78-77 near the end of the period. Tatum had all 14 of his points in the third.Hawks: Prince is developing into a solid option on offense, spinning for a layup against Shane Larkin and floating a soft assist on Collins’ dunk that put Atlanta up 84-82. But Prince has a substandard reputation as a defender, and coach Mike Budenholzer gave him an earful after calling timeout in the third. Prince had just missed an assignment that left Brown open to hit the big 3 from the left corner. Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion MOST READcenter_img Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa View comments Read Next Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving, left dribbles against Atlanta Hawks’ Dennis Schroder, of Germany, in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game in Atlanta, Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. Boston won 110-99. (AP Photo/David Goldman)ATLANTA — Kyrie Irving appreciates what he calls “the innocence of the game” during Boston’s 15-game winning streak.In his first season with the Celtics after demanding a trade from Cleveland, Irving is enjoying the torrid start because everything feels so new.ADVERTISEMENT “I still feel like we can make some big things happen this season,” Schroder said. “We just have to stay together as a team.”The Celtics erased a 16-point deficit to take their first lead on Brown’s 3-pointer midway through the third. It marked Boston’s fourth win when trailing by at least 16 during the streak.It’s been a tough week for Brown, a 21-year-old whose best friend Trevin Steede passed away this week in metro Atlanta. Brown and Streede went to Wheeler High School together in nearby Marietta. He spoke publicly about Steede a couple of days ago and skipped talking to reporters after beating the Hawks.“He’s not alone,” Irving said. “That’s the spirit in the truest form. (Brown) may not say much but he knows we’re all here for him.”Irving, playing with a protective mask to protect a minor facial fracture, ended the game with a right-handed finger-roll layup, delighting a few thousand Boston fans who were chanting “MVP! MVP!” in the fourth quarter.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. “Most of us have never been on a winning streak like this,” he said. “I don’t know if we even know how to pay attention to all the hoopla that goes on in terms of the excitement of it. I just think that every single game we take it as a challenge.”Irving scored 30 points, Jaylen Brown added a career-high 27 and the Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks 110-99 on Saturday night.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutAt 15-2, Boston leads the NBA and has matched the best start in franchise history through 17 games. The winning streak is the club’s fifth-longest, four behind the 2008-09 team that set the franchise mark.Dennis Schroder had 23 points, and Kent Bazemore added 19 for Atlanta. The Hawks are an Eastern Conference-worst 3-13, but they still had plenty of adrenaline following a 46-point victory over Sacramento — the biggest in franchise history — two nights ago. Kris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101last_img read more

ICC awards don’t matter if you are Tendulkar: Yuvraj

first_imgSachin Tendulkar’s greatness cannot be measured by the number of awards he has won in his career, feels Yuvraj Singh, who had been dropped for the upcoming Test series against Australia on grounds of form and fitness.Despite scaling almost every cricketing records, Tendulkar has never won any ICC award, but Yuvraj said, “It doesn’t make any difference because he is Sachin Tendulkar”.”Whether he has won any ICC award or not it doesn’t matter, because Sachin Tendulkar is Sachin Tendulkar, and there is no comparison,” the dashing left-hander said.The iconic batsman from Mumbai has been short-listed for the ICC Cricketer of the Year award and will be hoping to break the jinx on October 6 at the ICC awards night in Bangalore. Tendulkar is also in running for both the Test and ODI Player of the Year awards.Asked about the series against the Aussies, Yuvraj said “like any India-Australia series it will be competitive again”.”India is the No. 1 Test team in the world and Australia is also not far behind. Both teams have players who have played a lot of competitive cricket, so it should be very competitive,” Yuvraj said.While the selection committee blamed Yuvraj’s fitness and form for failing to find a berth in the Test squad, the Punjab batsman reiterated that he is “totally fit but there have been lots of issues over my fitness”.Yuvraj had on Monday insisted that he was in good nick during the Sri Lanka tour and the selectors’ decision has come as a big disappointment for him.advertisementThe batsman, who scored a century in a practice game before the first Test at Galle, where he made 52 in the first innings, felt those two innings were good enough to earn him a place in the India squad for the two-Test series against the Aussies.last_img read more

Wimbledon 2018: Kerber wins the Grand Slam as Serena wins all the hearts in…

first_imgAdvertisementAngelique Kerber claims her first Wimbledon after beating 8-time winner, Serena Williams. This was Serena’s 29th appearance in a Grand Slam final, of which she had won 23 of them.But today was not her day when Kerber finished the game in 2 sets 6-3, 6-3 to claim the title. The game ran for 65 minutes before Serena pulled a bodyline shot into the nets.Angelique Kerber with her maiden Wimbledon trophy.But, Serena won all the hearts yesterday.“To all the moms out there, I was playing for you today. And I tried,” said Williams, 36, just 10 months after a difficult childbirth that was followed by grave medical complications. “Angelique played really well.”The return of Serena Williams to Tennis wasn’t just for trophies. This was to show women in all walks of life about what is possible when faced with challenges and setbacks.Read More:-Wimbledon 2018: Day 11: Anderson advances forward as Nadal-Djokovic is still leftFootball : Griezmann gives a fitting reply to Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois. Advertisementlast_img read more

IPL 2017: KXIP captain Glenn Maxwell irritated at ‘shit’ question, storms out of press conference

first_imgIt was a night to forget for the Kings XI Punjab, who were handed a 51-run drubbing by Delhi Daredevils in an Indian Premier League match at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium on Saturday. (More IPL News)Sam Billings (55) hit his second IPL half century and New Zealand left-hander Corey Anderson’s brisk 39 off 22 balls gave Daredevils a strong total of 188/6.Kings XI Punjab were tied down early by the left-arm spin of Shahbaz Nadeem (2/13) and later seamers Chris Morris (3/23) and Pat Cummins (2/23) picked up five wickets between them to restrict the opposition to 137/9.No.7 batsman Axar Patel top-scored with 44 before Morris clean bowled the left-hander off the last ball. Both teams now have four points with two victories, but Daredevils have played one game less than Kings XI. (We failed in all three facets of the game, rues Kings XI Punjab captain Glenn Maxwell)Facing the media afterwards, KXIP captain Glenn Maxwell was asked about his weakness against spin bowling and the Australian all-rounder reacted angrily before walking out of the conference.Maxwell was out for a duck to Delhi leg-spinner Amit Mishra.”That’s a shocking question,” Maxwell said.”Do you understand in the last three games I’ve hit leg-spinners for six repeatedly?”S*** question,” he said before leaving the room.Maxwell, who was made the KXIP captain before the start of this edition, has scores of 44 not out, 43 not out, 25 and 0.Maxwell’s episode is the latest addition to foreign players losing their cool in a fast-paced tournament like the IPL. (Manjrekar says, ‘I can be critical but never insulting’ on Kieron Pollard)advertisementEarlier, West Indian and Mumbai Indians all-rounder Kieron Pollard had gone on a tirade against Sanjay Manjrekar because he somehow believed the former Indian batsman had called him “brainless” on air while commentating on his batting limitations.However, all Manjrekar had really said was that Pollard did not have the the range to play up the order at No.3. The temperamental West Indian was convinced Manjrekar had crossed the line and ended up tweeting some very harsh words to express his disappointment.last_img read more

Manchester United F.C. can deal with Paul Pogba’s derby absence: Juan Mata

first_imgManchester United have the talent to cope with Paul Pogba’s absence during their top-of-the-table showdown with Manchester City, fellow midfielder Juan Mata said ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash.Pogba, who has scored three league goals and provided five assists in eight appearances for United this season, impressed in the 3-1 win at Arsenal last weekend but was dismissed in the second half for a reckless tackle on Hector Bellerin.As the Frenchman serves the first of his three-match suspension, Spaniard Mata is confident his teammates can step up and help second-placed United reduce the eight-point gap to their local rivals atop the table.”He’s a fantastic player… He’s a very complete midfielder, he can do all things. He will be a big miss but another player will play and try his best,” Mata told the British media.”I think we have a good squad and have good players to replace any other player. Hopefully we can win for him.”Mata underlined the importance of a United win at Old Trafford, saying that it was vital for the club to build momentum ahead of a busy festive period.”We are doing what we have to do,” the Spaniard added. “We would love to be first in the table right now but I think we are doing lots of good things.”Now, especially on Sunday and during Christmas time, which we all know how difficult it is to win every single game, we need to keep that pace if we want to be in a position to challenge for the title… Hopefully we can do it.”advertisementCity are favourites to win the league after a 13-game winning streak with some fans and pundits believing Pep Guardiola’s side already have one hand on the trophy, but Mata says it is too early to predict the outcome of the title race.”Most (of the pundits) have played football and they know how football can change,” Mata added.”I remember a few seasons ago when United were ahead of City and then they won (on goal difference). It’s a crazy league and it’s too early to think that it’s finished.”From City, they will tell you the same.”last_img read more

NY Team Made Baseball History in Cuba

first_imgROCHESTER, N.Y. — News that President Barack Obama is moving to normalize relations with Cuba has some baseball fans remembering a time when Cuban baseball was big, and the night in 1960 when the Rochester Red Wings fled Havana while explosions rocked the city. They were the last American team to play a regular game in Cuba before the U.S. embargo went into effect.It was a time when the International League was truly international, featuring five teams in the United States, two in Canada, and one in Cuba — the Havana Sugar Kings.They were a farm club for the Washington Senators from 1947 to 1952, and then for the Cincinnati Reds. The Sugar Kings featured a number of future major league stars — including Cuban natives Leo Cardenas, Mike Cuellar, and Cookie Rojas — and won the International League Championship in 1959.The Red Wings traveled to Havana for a series in late July that year. Before their game, Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban revolution, staged an exhibition game between a team of his supporters and a team of military police. Castro pitched two innings and helped whip the crowd into a frenzy.The game stretched into extra innings, and at midnight the crowd erupted as the new day began. It was the 26th of July, a date traditionally celebrated as the beginning of the Cuban revolution.Democrat and Chronicle reporter George Beahon, who was in the stadium that night, gave this account:“Promptly at midnight, rockets in the background behind the stadium signaled the start of Cuba’s first July 26 celebration. The Cuban anthem played and everyone rose to sing. At the same time, weapons inside and outside the ballpark began firing.”It wasn’t simply a noisy spectacle. Bullets fired into the air must come down, of course. One stray bullet struck Red Wing infielder Frank Verdi in the head while he was warming up between innings. Fortunately for him, he was wearing a plastic helmet liner inside of his cap, otherwise he might have been killed. Verdi thought he had been struck by a baseball.“Then I saw the bullet on the ground,” Verdi later recounted. “It was a good size, a .45. It hit me right in the side of the head and took part of my ear off, then hit me in the shoulder. It really didn’t bother me until an hour later, when I started to think about what happened. Hell, bullets were falling out of the sky like hailstones that night.”Shortstop Cardenas was not so lucky. A bullet struck him in the right shoulder blade a few minutes later. At that point, both teams fled the field. The game ended in a tie.A headline on the front page of the Democrat and Chronicle the next day offered this assessment: Nightmare in Havana — Wings in Real Danger.The International League had concerns about sending teams back to Cuba, canceling the rest of the Sugar Kings’ homestand. An official apology issued by Cuba caused the league to reverse course.Tensions between the United States and Cuba had increased significantly by the time the Red Wings returned to Havana in June of 1960. Shortly before the start of their double header, a deafening explosion shook Havana and cut off power to Gran Stadium, delaying the start of the game by an hour and a half.“It was a warlike atmosphere,” Beahon recounted. “The Cubans weren’t even trying to hide their antagonism.” The Red Wings lost the first game of a doubleheader, and the second game was halted by curfew in the ninth with the score tied 3-3. It was to be completed on the next Wings visit to Havana.That visit would never happen.Days later, under increasing pressure from Secretary of State Christian Herter, the International League moved the Sugar Kings from Havana to Jersey City, New Jersey, where they were rechristened the Jersey City Jerseys.It would be almost 40 years before another American baseball team competed in Cuba. In March 1999, the Baltimore Orioles played an exhibition game against the Cuban national baseball team in Havana. One Orioles player, Cuban refugee Rafael Palmeiro, refused to participate, citing the hardships his family had endured under the Castro regime.Hundreds of Cuban ballplayers have come to the United States to play baseball since Castro came to power. Many risked their lives and endured exploitation to escape.Some have even speculated that an American team might move to Havana. But until that happens, the Rochester Red Wings will remain as the last American ball club to play a regulation game in Cuba.(SEAN LAHMAN, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Trippier joins Atletico Madrid from Tottenham (Video)

first_imgMADRID — Atletico Madrid has completed the signing of England right back Kieran Trippier from Tottenham.The Spanish club announced the arrival of Trippier on a three-year deal Wednesday, saying he was a “fantastic and experienced” addition to the squad.No fee was announced but he is reportedly moving for 20 million pounds ($24.5 million).Trippier, known for his brilliant delivery from the wing and on set pieces, joined Tottenham from Burnley in 2015 and helped the team reach the final of the Champions League last season. He played for England at the World Cup last year but lost his place in recent squads.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img

Birmingham City fan who assaulted Jack Grealish is jailed for 14 weeks

first_imgTopics Mitchell told Birmingham magistrates court that he had ran on to the pitch as “a joke” and insisted that he felt deep remorse after hitting Grealish during the 10th minute of the match. Mitchell’s lawyer Vaughn Whistance said that his family had been forced to move out of the Birmingham area because they feared that they would suffer “serious harm or even death” after online threats. Read more Share on Pinterest Read more news Share on Twitter Hide Birmingham City Pinterest Thank you for your feedback. Was this helpful? Emery calls for calm at Arsenal and ‘respect’ after fan shoves Smalling PFA Football urged to protect players after fan punches Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish Show Photograph: Stuart Wallace/Rex Features Aston Villa Jack Grealish would go on to score the winner for Aston Villa in a 1-0 win over Birmingham City. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters There was also violence outside the ground before Sunday’s game in Birmingham with West Midlands Ambulance Service confirming that paramedics were told keep away from an area around the St Andrews ground for their their own safety amid reports of violence and missiles being thrown between rival fans.The Metropolitan police said Gary Cooper, 30, had been charged with common assault and going on to the playing area during’s Arsenal match against Manchester United. He was released on bail to appear at Highbury Corner magistrates court on 26 March. The Birmingham City fan who punched Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish during Sunday’s second city derby has been jailed for 14 weeks after pleading guilty to assault and illegally entering the field of play.Paul Mitchell, 27, was also banned from football for 10 years and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Grealish for the pain, discomfort and shock of the assault as well as a £115 victim surcharge and £135 in costs. He has also been banned for life by Birmingham City.Magistrate Alison Fisher told him: “This was an unprovoked assault on a footballer doing his job in front of 23,000 spectators and thousands watching on TV, including families. Twitter Aston Villa v Preston, 2 Oct 2018A Villa employee was hit by a cabbage thrown at the then-manager Steve Bruce by his own side’s fans during a 3-3 draw.Arsenal v Tottenham, 2 Dec 2018A Tottenham fan threw a banana skin at Arsenal’s Patrick Aubemayang after the striker’s goal in the north London derby at the Emirates. The fan was fined and handed a four-year banning order by magistrates. Chelsea v Man City, 8 Dec 2018A Chelsea fan was interviewed by police under caution after allegedly hurling racist abuse at City’s Raheem’s Sterling. Hibernian v Celtic, 2 Mar 2019A glass bottle was thrown from the Hibernian support as the Celtic winger Scott Sinclair prepared to take a corner during a cup match.  Sheff Wed v Sheff Utd, 4 Mar 2019The visiting side’s Jack O’Connell had a coin and a plastic bottle thrown at him as he prepared to take a throw-in. Hibernian v Rangers, 8 Mar 2019Rangers’ James Tavernier was confronted by a man who emerged from the same stand as the bottle was thrown against Celtic. Hibs’ chief executive Leeann Dempster refused to rule out closing parts of Easter Road.Birmingham City v Aston Villa, 10 March 2019Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish was assaulted by a fan early in the Birmingham derby. The supporter was arrested and Grealish went on to score the winner in Villa’s 1-0 win. Arsenal v Manchester United, 10 Mar 2019Manchester United’s Chris Smalling was approached and shoved by a man shortly after Arsenal scored their second in a 2-0 win. The individual was arrested and Arsenal stated he would be banned from attending any home or away match involving the club.  Share on Messenger Prosecutor Jonathan Purser told the court that while Grealish had felt lasting pain after the incident he feared that the consequences could have been even more serious. In a statement the Aston Villa captain said: “I cannot help but feel how lucky I was in this incident. It could have been so much worse had the supporter had some sort of weapon.”Birmingham City said it welcomed the 14-week sentence handed down for Mitchell and said that it had banned him and another supporter for life for a “series of vile and malicious tweets on social media, relating to Jack Grealish and his family”. Facebook Share on Facebook Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Reuse this content Share on WhatsApp “We note that you have taken responsibility for your actions. However, this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable.“The sentence must act as a punishment and a deterrent to others in order to send a message to the public and fans and players like Mr Grealish who should be protected at all times.”The Football Association warned that the attack, along with a second incident in which Manchester United defender Chris Smalling was shoved by a supporter during his side’s match at Arsenal on Sunday, showed that a “line had been crossed in terms of fan behaviour”.“This is entirely unacceptable and we strongly condemn both incidents,” an FA spokesman added. “We will be working with the clubs, the leagues and the police to discuss what collectively needs to be done to protect players and officials on the pitch. In addition, we have written to both Birmingham City and Arsenal to seek their observations to examine the security measures they had in place.”The sports minister Mims Davies, who last month met with senior football figures after a number of cases involving racist and anti-semitic chanting as well as fighting among rival fans, called the latest incidents a “disgrace”.“Protecting players’ safety is of paramount importance and every possible step must be taken to ensure that they are not put at risk,” she added.Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Assocation, suggested that stiff sanctions might needed to “put a lid” on the the game’s problems. “There’s a combination you can consider – fines, ground closures, playing games behind closed doors and points deductions,” he said. “Every case needs to be looked at on its merits but it has to be a job for the national association.” Quick guide Timeline: a season of supporter shame last_img read more

ESPN Names 4 Major College Football Programs With “Work To Do”

first_imgGeneral view of the opening play between the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins at the Rose Bowl.PASADENA, CA – NOVEMBER 22: General view of the opening play between the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins at the Rose Bowl on November 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)The 2019 recruiting cycle is starting to wrap up, with the early signing period beginning on Wednesday morning.Most of the top programs have great classes coming in, from Alabama to Clemson to Georgia to Ohio State.There are some programs not doing so well, though.ESPN believes there are four major programs with serious work to do.Those four programs:MiamiFlorida StateUCLAUSCUSC, specifically, needs to get things going:The Trojans finished 2018 with the No. 7-ranked recruiting class. They are now sitting at No. 23, though, and with only 62 ESPN 300 recruits left unsigned, other programs are going to be targeting the prospects USC is after too.If USC can close January strong, similar to how it did in the 2018 class, it will help answer a lot of the questions that still remain with this class.You can view ESPN’s full list here.last_img read more

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Upgraded to BB

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Pxhere under CC0 Creative Commons license The rating of Russia’s Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) has been increased to BB with a positive outlook due to a potential support from parent company Transneft, according to ratings agency Standard & Poor’s.The upgrade reflects the agency’s view of the ongoing integration of NCSP into the Russian government-owned Transneft group.“Transneft, in our view, considers these assets’ operational stability as important for its core business of pipeline oil transportation for exports, with NCSP representing a natural extension to this business,” S&P said.“Therefore, we believe that it is in Transneft’s interest to ensure there are no delays or accidents at these terminals.”The agency further noted that the sale of the Novorossiysk Grain Terminal (NGT), in February 2019, revealed a risk that the sale of non-oil businesses could continue, over time leading to reduced scale, cargo diversity, and efficiency of the port.S&P also said the company had not yet officially abandoned plans to invest into the port of Taman, which could potentially result in a meaningful investment of up to USD 500 million.NCSP could be upgraded again in the next 12 months if the new strategy approved by Transneft provides more clarity on leverage, dividends, and expansion capex, the rating agency added.NCSP owns and operates oil terminals in Novorossiysk and Primorsk, which handle about 35% of Russia’s oil exports through ports.last_img read more

A pressing call for justice

first_imgTwo years, more than 25 complaints, lives of family members and a fatal accident is what cost the Unnao rape victim in her bold pursuit for justice, abiding by the system and its so-called norms, and still no sign of justice. The recent accident which landed the rape victim and her lawyer on a ventilator stirred the national conscience impinging a unanimous cry for justice. It was not that a new rape case had been brought to light but an old one which had never reached its conclusion but taken adverse steps on victim’s part as her enduring faith in the system was rewarded with incessant hiccups of inconsistency amounting to only injustice. Her plight while striving for justice is evident by losses she had to withstand, as an unmoved system watched. So when the state police could not live up to the victim’s confidence, the only alternative knocking doors of the highest court in the land. While the UP BJP clarified that the accused, MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar has been suspended by the party, there has been no concrete step taken to bring him to justice. As the victim’s uncle alleged in the FIR filed by UP Police, there stands a possibility of Sengar engineering the accident to eliminate the victim based on the information about the victim’s travel plan to Rae Bareilly jail to see her uncle. In fact, the grease on the number plate and the trajectory of the truck which hit the victim’s car on the wrong side at high speed points at conspiracy. However, the Uttar Pradesh Police “prima facie” found the unfortunate incident as nothing more than an accident. Not just this but when the UP Police filed an FIR in this accident matter, the truck driver and owner were not named in the accused list which remains inexplicable. Also Read – A compounding difficultyThe strange revelation of an unread letter written to the Chief Justice of India by the victim’s mother on July 12 stirred matters even further. The CJI clarified how the letter was not placed before him and demanded an immediate report on why the letter reached the court but not him. The letter largely stressed on the threats and danger to the victim and her family’s lives allegedly by the accused persons in the case. There was a transfer petition also filed to this length by the victim’s mother before the Supreme Court in January as she had lost the confidence of a fair trial in UP. Mishaps due to which the letter did not reach CJI in time nearly cost the victim her life, though she lost her two aunts with her lawyer on the ventilator. There is a clear understanding that had the top court taken cognisance of the letter, the near-fatal accident near Rae Bareilly could have been averted. This calls for a thorough investigation in the failure to produce the letter in front of CJI while a petition on the mishandling of Unnao case stands scheduled in the top court today. While the court must take stern action in the matter, the mishandling of the Unnao case opens up darker realities of the state administration and justice machinery. Another very surprising factor that has been revealed is the absence of CBI court no. 4 in Lucknow where the Unnao case was to be heard. It has been reported that the judge presiding over the case–in which the CBI had filed the charge sheet against Senger back in July 2018–was transferred in April 2019. The fact that trial is yet to start gives a shocking blow to the reputation and sanctity of the justice machinery which had taken cognisance of the case. In the light of these developments, the letter written to CJI becomes all the more important as it was the penultimate cry for justice and also a cautionary note that worse could happen–which eventually did–if status quo was held. Also Read – An askew democracyNow that the matter has reached the corridors of the highest court, the nation anticipates firm directives from the Supreme Court to both the state as well as CBI in fast-tracking the probe so that concrete steps to justice can be taken. Such failure of the system only highlights the misery of commoners for whom courts are the sole source of justice. But here, even the judiciary took a back step as no hearing was initiated despite the CBI charge sheet being filed in July last year. In fact, CBI special court number 4 does not even exist much to everyone’s surprise. Questions surface as to where is this court and why has the trial not begun? If there is no court, why isn’t the case assigned to another special court? The delay has only resulted in a much-complicated picture where now the victim battles for her life as the accused remains in judicial custody with no action taken by the party except a mere suspension which the party claims was pronounced last year. CBI has filed an FIR in the matter and investigation is on to probe abetment and conspiracies in the accident. Since the matter now rests in front of the Supreme Court, CBI’s investigation should lead to some form of conclusion because the last time when its investigation was called upon, no conclusive outcome was to be seen as the case was severely mishandled on the judicial front. Today’s proceedings will throw light on future steps as it will bring the glaring errors in the case till now to the surface. It is important for the Supreme Court to come down heavily upon the state judiciary for such negligence. Taking a suo motu cognisance of the letter which sought protection from the threats and intimidation by the accused person through his henchmen is only the first of many steps that the SC at this need of hour is required to take. The letter also states that a video-recording which outlines criminal intimidation has been annexed with the letter that will be of aid in the judicial proceeding hereafter. Unnao rape case brings spine-chilling realities to the forefront. If the threats received by the victim and her family are to be brought into consideration, UP draws a dismal picture of power misuse. Threats from the circle of the accused legislator and his cronies only point towards the atrocities that common people have to endure against those in powerful shoes. Should they be proven true, it will bear a mark on the state government as well as the party that failed to act upon such injustice. SC’s intervention remains the sole way to restore public confidence in the system that has allegedly failed the victim, impinging severe misery. Right from the judicial proceeding that never began in the special court in Lucknow to the letter written by the victim’s mother that never reached the CJI, despite reaching the SC a fortnight ago, there seems to be a chain of events not in favour of the rape victim much to her misery. What the court will now have to find out is whether this chain of events was the work of those who stand accused in the case besides uncovering inconsistencies that have till now marred it and in the process, prevented the victim from getting justice. It should be kept in mind that while pursuing justice for the victim, SC will be plying to restore the dwindling public faith in the system and the judiciary.last_img read more

Jason Collins Honored At 2014 Vision Awards

first_imgOn Thursday, June 19, 2014 the Museum of the City of New York hosted the 2014 Vision Awards presented by the Stonewall Community Foundation.Jason Collins with Marita Bagley, Jarrett Marcus, Janet Mock, Bevy Smith, Lee Daniels, Isaac Mizrahi, Emil WilberkinHonorees of the evening included famed Oscar nominated film director Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler), Brooklyn Nets’ Jason Collins, icon Isaac Mizrahi, transgender rights activist and best-selling author Janet Mock, and director of the LGBAC Marching Band Marita Begley.The 2014 Vision Awards helped raise funds needed to support a wide range of New York City’s diverse LGBTQ community organizations. The Vision Awards is one of many fundraising events to help raise money for various non-profits throughout the metropolitan area. Stonewall Community Foundation has invested more than $17 million in over 600 organizations. One of fifteen LGBTQ public foundations in the country, Stonewall works to strengthen the LGBTQ community by engaging and mobilizing donors as well as investing in dynamic organizations.While co-host Bevy Smith and Emil Wilbekin honored those who inspire social change, guests included Damon Peruzzi, Chef Roble, Bravo’s Fashion Queens Derek J and Lawrence and a special performance by British singer-songwriter Daley.last_img read more

Morocco to Receive First Cars of High Speed Train TangierCasablanca

Rabat- The first rake of coaches of the high-speed train between Tangier and Casablanca is expected to arrive in Morocco next week.According to ONCF, Morocco’s national railway operator, the manufacturing of the coaches of the high-speed train has now reached an advanced stage, adding that the coaches will undergo a series of static and dynamic tests, audits and updates.The company said in a communiqué carried by news website H24info that the high-speed train would initially run on the existing conventional rail network. The train would be rolled out on the high-speed line starting from the last quarter of the current year. ONCF said it will acquire 12 high-speed coaches, adding that construction work is progressing at a fast pace after solving all constraints and technical problems.The high-speed train project has reached 70 per cent in completion while the rest will be delivered progressively until the end of 2016, the statement added.Working on the railway equipment (tracks, catenary wires, signaling system) will be initiated by the end of 2015 with the delivery of the first platforms of the line.The entire high speed line will be delivered in 2017 to undergo a series of systems integration and testing before commercial operations. read more