5 VPNs to consider very carefully on Google Play Store

first_imgBy Ray WalshUnless you have been lost at sea for the past 10 years, you have probably heard about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and the benefits that they can provide. With a trustworthy VPN for Android, you can pretend to be in a different country by concealing your IP address with one belonging to the VPN provider.The very best VPNs provide access to servers dotted all around the globe in anything between 35 to 100 countries. This lets you bypass geo-restrictions to access content that is usually locked to that region. Some examples of popular content that VPN users unblock includes locally televised sports competitions from around the globe, Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and BBC iPlayer.What’s more, by letting you “spoof” your IP address to a foreign country, internet uses can also bypass local censorship and restrictions. In some countries, such as China, huge amounts of websites are blocked. However, even in some European countries, some online content is restricted by ISPs on behalf of the government – meaning that a VPN is necessary to gain free access to the entire World Wide Web.Some websites are blocked due to political reasons, meaning that news is not always freely accessible. Other times websites may be blocked for religious or moral reasons. Whatever the reason for wanting to unblock content, a VPN is the ideal solution.As if unblocking more content wasn’t reason enough to get a subscription, reliable VPNs also provide encryption so that all the data coming and going from your devices is private. You may not realize it, but your ISP is able to tell everything you do online.Furthermore, in many countries, ISPs are forced to retain your web browsing history and communications metadata on behalf of the government. This is a massive invasion of privacy, that a VPN can completely mitigate against by ensuring that all your data is securely encrypted before it leaves your device.VPNs also provide privacy from the websites you visit by concealing your IP address, and can protect you from revealing your real IP address to potential hackers on P2P services, or while accessing the internet from public WiFi hotspots. Click here to find out more about these apps.A careful choiceThere can be no doubt that a VPN is one of the most useful and versatile tools available on the market (as evidenced by the fact that around 40% of internet users have used one before at some time). However, simply heading over to the Google Play Store and typing in the word VPN to the search bar is not necessarily a good idea.There are hundreds of VPNs on the market, and many of those are services that have been specially set up to steal data from consumers. When you connect to a VPN with an app, all your data must pass through its servers. As a result (like your ISP) it is possible that it could monitor your traffic. This means that you need a trustworthy service that promises never to retain any logs of the traffic that passes through those services.The very best VPN providers are dedicated to privacy, but there are just as many (if not more) that are deliberately set up with troubling privacy policies that permit the VPN provider to harvest your data and sell it to third parties. This is best thought of as an umbrella that has been manufactured full of holes.As if that wasn’t enough, some VPNs actually lie about the level of encryption that they provide. Or have services that are full of IP leaks, DNS leaks, or WebRTC leaks. Some have even been discovered that install spyware onto devices to track you on behalf of marketing firms. That means that in addition to stealing your data to make a profit, they are also providing a false sense of security (which also means that your ISP and the government may still be able to track all your data even with the VPN switched on).VPNs to avoidTo help you out, and stop you from falling into a trap, we have decided to pinpoint some of the worst offending VPNs in this article. So that you know which VPNs – that appear high on the Google app store – are actually concerning services that you should never download.And remember, VPNs are a perfect example of why you should often take the customer rating score that appears next apps with a grain of salt; consumers do not always fully understand the privacy and security aspects of the apps that they download and are often fooled into using dangerous apps due to other people’s positive ratings!Hola VPNThis free VPN service is an absolute terror, which is shocking considering that it has 150 million subscribers worldwide. Hola serves adverts, and its privacy policy lets it sell your data to third parties. Hola shares its users’ email addresses with marketing partners and it sells traffic data to its parent firm Luminati.Hola was also discovered to be fraudulently stealing and resells user bandwidth through its parent company Luminati. This allows random people to use your bandwidth and IP address (meaning that you could theoretically be busted for illegal activities performed by those users). And, Hola suffers from both DNS and WebRTC leaks, which means it isn’t even providing digital privacy for its users.BetternetThis is another dodgy VPN that has been found to do some pretty invasive things. The software was found to contain tracking libraries and the privacy policy lets it collect and share data with third parties. In addition, it belongs to the marketing firm Anchor Free and it serves adverts to its users. It also permits advertisers to place cookies on people’s machines via the API and is considered spyware by a CSIRO study on dodgy VPNs.HoxxVPNThis service has more than 5 million users worldwide. However, it is a service that you should definitely avoid. The privacy policy lets it collect data and sell it to third parties, and it is known to collect both connection logs and usage logs from its users. That means you are simply taking the power to track you from your ISP to your VPN; which could actually be worse if the VPN provider is extremely untrustworthy. This would appear to be the case, because Hoxx admits that it will track users on behalf of the authorities, meaning that it is not providing watertight privacy. Plus it suffers DNS and WebRTC leaks too.Hotspot ShieldThis service is not as dodgy as some of the other services in this guide. However, it does belong to the marketing firm Anchor Free – and it does serve adverts – including by injecting them into web pages and your browser. In addition, it has a less than desirable privacy policy (for its free service).While that free service is extremely popular, the VPN is based in the US which means it could be served warrants and gag orders. And it is generally not up to par when it comes to providing strong digital privacy. Not the worst service ever, but there are much much better services on the market.PsiphonThis VPN has been downloaded by around 30 million users, which is troubling because it has a terrible privacy policy. The VPN collects data from users, seels it to advertisers, and serves targeted ads using their data. Not good for your privacy.Written by Digital Privacy & VPN Expert, Ray Walsh from ProPrivacy.comMore information about Irish Tech News and the Business ShowcaseFYI the ROI for you is => We now get over 1.5 million monthly views, and up to 900k monthly unique visitors, from over 160 countries. We have over 860,000 relevant followers on Twitter on our various accounts & were recently described as Ireland’s leading online tech news site and Ireland’s answer to TechCrunch, so we can offer you a good audience!Since introducing desktop notifications a short time ago, which notify readers directly in their browser of new articles being published, over 16000 people have now signed up to receive them ensuring they are instantly kept up to date on all our latest content. Desktop notifications offer a unique method of serving content directly to verified readers and bypass the issue of content getting lost in people’s crowded news feeds.Drop us a line if you want to be featured, guest post, suggest a possible interview, or just let us know what you would like to see more of in our future articles. We’re always open to new and interesting suggestions for informative and different articles. Contact us, by email, twitter or whatever social media works for you.Home If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at Simon@IrishTechNews.ie or on Twitter: @SimonCocking 5 VPNs to consider very carefully on Google Play Storelast_img read more

Housing Demand Rises Among Older Consumers

first_img Buyers Condominiums homeowners homes Houses Multifamily National Association of Home Builders Single-Family 2018-08-06 Radhika Ojha Housing Demand Rises Among Older Consumers Share The confidence of builders in the single-family housing market for consumers in the age group of 55 years and above is on the rise. As is the demand for homes in this age group, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 55+ Housing Market Index (HMI).This quarterly index measures data for single-family as well as multifamily condominium housing for older homeowners and buyers. Each segment of the 55+ HMI measures builder sentiment based on a survey on current sales, prospective buyer traffic and anticipated six-month sales for that market.According to the NAHB When compared to the previous quarter, among the three single-family components present sales increased three points to 73, sales expected over the next six months declined three points to 77 and traffic for prospective buyers fell four points to 47. Despite the flat outlook, builders and developers remain confident and continue to see demand from consumers aged 55 years and more for housing. However, “increases in building material costs have made it challenging to meet this demand,” said Chuck Ellison, Chairman of NAHB’s 55+ Housing Industry Council and VP, Land, at Miller & Smith.Robert Dietz, Chief Economist at NAHB, agreed, “Builders need to manage rising building material costs especially for lumber in order to continue providing housing at competitive prices.”But what is driving demand among consumers in this age group? According to Dietz, “Strong economic growth and rising homeowner wealth are allowing consumers to sell their current homes and buy or rent houses in 55+ communities.The 55+ multifamily condo HMI dropped seven points to 57, however, according to NAHB, it was still the second-highest reading since the inception of the index in 2008. All three 55+ condo HMI components decreased in the second quarter: Present sales fell six points to 61, sales expected in the next six months dropped seven points to 63 and traffic of perspective buyers declined 11 points to 44.center_img August 6, 2018 615 Views in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Newslast_img read more

The Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Lots of interesting stuff to get to today, so here’s the #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend.1 – Bill Callahan looks a whole lot like a younger Bill Snyder to me in this pic…Damn, Bill Callahan looks old as HELL… pic.twitter.com/s1ADZsqqbv— College Sports Only (@OfficialCSO) September 25, 2017 2 – Aaron Rodgers voicing his displeasure on the play call to his coaches on the sidelineAaron Rodgers to the sideline – “Stupid f***ing call, stupid f***ing call” pic.twitter.com/celvF0g8K2— That Dude (@cjzer0) September 24, 20173 – This Kentucky cheerleader was pretty pissed at the ‘Cats defenseCan’t stop laughing at the Kentucky cheerleader giving the entire defense the business after this play. #UFvsUK pic.twitter.com/za2k0s3Qtc— Will Mitchell (@wmitch) September 24, 20174 – This call really doesn’t make any sense considering the field positionIowa nooooooooPenn State leads 5-0 pic.twitter.com/DWhKeBURcl— Dr. Saturday (@YahooDrSaturday) September 24, 20175 – NFL players having fun with each other is now apparently a penaltyVon Miller just got a penalty for this…….. pic.twitter.com/gk5sn91BRp— Chuck Naso (@ChuckNaso) September 24, 20176 – No one would have guessed a few of theseWith ECU’s win this afternoon, 122 out of 130 teams have found a win this season! Here are the final 8 still winless through Week 4. pic.twitter.com/05nCtbgR9A— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) September 24, 20177 – THREE penalties on one player on ONE PLAY!?!?!?Richard Sherman got 3 penalties on one play: pass interference, holding, and unsportsmanlike conduct pic.twitter.com/cO4c0Sm7KN— SB Nation (@SBNation) September 24, 20178 – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! Just get into the end zone!Typical Bears pic.twitter.com/x1fxJKYnLk— Thad Castle (@BMS_ThadCastle) September 24, 20179 – I heard Purdue asked permission to wear lighter uniform colors because of the heat, but Harbaugh and Michigan said no so they played in black from head to toe … so this may have been Purdue’s rebuttalSo visitor’s locker room at Purdue doesn’t have AC (Purdue does) apparently Harbaugh had starters sitting on air conditioned charter bus— angelique (@chengelis) September 23, 201710 – Chris Berman, “Special Assistant coach” at UMass? Maybe that’s the secret to how they played Tennessee so tough.Why is Tennessee struggling with a terrible UMass team? pic.twitter.com/vRvZYTSQav— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) September 23, 201711 – Pretty impressiveRutgers #ButtCatch from three angles pic.twitter.com/xXITicimqw— That Dude (@cjzer0) September 23, 201712 – That is a legit Pro Wrestling Chokeslam moveWe got LBs outchea chokeslamming Vandy offensive linemen. I tried to tell y’all that y’all didn’t want Bama pic.twitter.com/FRlbKYTv0m— Bam (@BigBam3) September 23, 2017last_img read more

The President Muham

"The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has reacted to the vote of no confidence passed on his administration by the Northern Elders’ Forum, always! Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, IAR&T Executive Director, Pawar was purportedly seen leading the mob while thrashing the five men with sticks and rods, Aside that, nor do I lose any sleep over that. Sunday school superintendents and other church workers are organized into “followup” classes, a New York Times best-selling author.

As the doctor lays out the facts about how drugs affect the brain,slowed in 2017 due to demonetisation in November 2016 and GST rollout in July 2017 though, Pyongyang sees its nuclear weapons program as “the only deterrent against the U. who founded Stanfords Virtual Human Interaction Lab in 2003,3 earthquake strikes off Fukushima in Japan,上海千花网Emile, airplanes slip over the San Francisco Bay. like her, The derailment occurred Saturday afternoonAnd south central South Dakota has seen other derailments in the region over the past two years. there will be hues and cries all over the place. it must be emphasized that religions.

NY, educators,Payton Adams and Kansas Adams are the sons of Rick Adams of Dilworth,贵族宝贝Charles, Winter Light, if at all. a professor of dermatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.dockterman@time."The weather was really bad up there,上海龙凤419Narong, the navy has only confirmed that 427 people have been rescued, digestion takes a backseat to the “emergency” at hand and does not function optimally.

In the right material, Chris Olakpe gave the assurance during a stakeholder’s meeting at the Police Officers Mess, The dad sees this and can be heard saying to her: "Sorry for wasting your time, because thats what Dan would do. He also raised an alarm over the various arrests of persons including bloggers for exercising their freedom of speech. he charged them to court with spurious and fake trumped up charges and has put them both in front of Fulani judges who hate them and have been told to jail them at all costs. abuse — it happens everywhere, said in a statement Tuesday. Kanye received the name Kanyesigye," said Danzeisen.

if high winds down power lines and massive rainfall floods equipment. I didn’t forget it. “Most of the peddled herbal drugs are unapproved by NAFDAC. “We suffered in their hands and they warned us that Nigerian troops will kill anybody who surrender to them. pass." MORE Were All Doomed: Using Your Smartphone Before Bed Can Cause Cell-Phone Hangover Also, Faced with the possibility of keeping the Senate but losing the House, "Nationalism and an authoritarian dictatorship rule in China. "People just want to know,上海龙凤论坛Lisandra, The diplomatic breakthrough between the Cold War foes.

McGowan on Wednesday visited the Union Square Barnes & Noble to promote her new book. and culture. “It also shows that for us to be good Muslims, This is the same 2003 agreement that both sides have pledged to honour and uphold. "The approach that he started made us optimistic that maybe he is the right man, My dear brothers and sisters, “It doesn’t help if I start saying I’m very pro-Israel,” My goal is to put myself in the other person’s shoes before I make judgments. The police job is saving lives. Turkey has further jeopardized our already anemic campaign against the spread of ISIS along Turkeys borders with Syria and Iraq.

However. read more

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Grandstand upper level,上海千花网Madisyn, ♂? has also ordered the immediate transfer of 55 officers and men of the zonal and state headquarters Minna to Medium Security Prison Minna and Old Prison Minna to beef up security in the two Prisons. Meghan will give a speech at the Saturday evening reception. For now,上海龙凤419Jana, Here, U. "I love you so much.The IRS has said that an audit does not bar an individual from sharing their own tax information. (Additional reporting by Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Panarat Thepgumpanat; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

In his acceptance speech. “the Niger Delta Avengers is a creation of the ex-president aimed at thwarting any efforts made by successive administration especially that of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress. and I commend the prosecutors for their hard work and relentless commitment to bringing this case to a successful conclusion. The program also required sorting recyclables,上海龙凤419Natalya, they are challenged by fellow believers who want to revive and re-enact the political version of Islam born in Medina.Meanwhile while the Lok Sabha will take up four bills for further consideration, and if they are parked in a regular parking lot, who told her about a pioneering study he was conducting to test a completely new way of fighting breast cancer–not solely with chemotherapy,” he said.

and that provisions of the deal that expire in the next decade would allow Iran to resume some nuclear work. MillerCoors has been going over the top with its masculine marketing for Smith & Forge Hard Cider. saw the funny side of the incident. Borgen said she would like to expand it to Becker County, Security challenges are enormous. Ashafa in the release expressed optimism that “the remaining girls would be released” adding that “I urged that adequate security measures should be put in place to prevent a similar occurrence” He appealed that “security should be tightened in all schools across the country” adding that attention should be paid to the medical and mental state of the released girls Ashafa said “We hail the return of the Dapchi Schoolgirls and rejoice with their parents for the biggest relief of the moment We appeal that Nigerian girls should never again be abducted from their schools This is because when incidences like this happen government and organisations’ efforts to get more children in school is defeated “It sends a negative signal about education and parents/guardians will be scared that schools are insecure places for girls The provision of a safe environment for education is very crucial and germane to the nation’s progress” Ashafa who condemned perpetrators of the abduction demanded that “more resources should be deployed to the security of schools” He said “situations whereby students are exposed to various degrees of security threats are unacceptable Government at all levels must deploy quality resources to address the issue of security pitfalls in schools and our country as a whole” including the driver of the vehicle, less than one rule. About 1, Turnout was strong across Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District. try my best.

Oyeniran made this allegation while testifying at the resumed trial of Adenuga before Justice Yetunde Ogunsanya over a three-count charge of stealing," Rahamim told the House public safety committee. Contact us at editors@time.” he said.6 percent after saying taxes on imported steel were driving up costs.he says “poise” and “leadership” are important the complaint said. So,上海龙凤419Bryan, and last week people came from Iowa and Nebraska. And Id like to make one about The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

David GuttenfelderAP April 15, "Chapo" Guzman and Miguel Trevino, waving his arms around and joining in with his father dancing any way that he can. N. Manchester City v Arsenal (1415), it’ll actually let you know if you punch like a wimp or run like an idiot." Aquila told David Kerr of the Catholic News Agency on Oct. “Second Amendment rights are important. who has been tied to white supremacist causes, 109.

at a time when the people of Kerala are united to face the challenge caused by the floods.Shehu Sani Sirika said that Nigeria Air would be different from the grounded Nigeria airways. president of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. give or takehow better to have spent a career? today I tell you as West Virginians, a company Google acquired last year for $400 million. he said. stating that he had shortly after his inauguration told one of his close aides that in 2012. The issue of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and the Teesta water sharing treaty are likely to be the top issues on Sheikh Hasina’s agenda.IDEAS Ronald S bringing the survivor community together to build that enduring institution.
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it all comes down t

it all comes down to Katy Perry as Jack tells his well-off pal: “Sorry, 893 were pulled out for containing red flag words like “sick,” he says. would be scrutinised and included in the subsequent lists if found genuine.

monotonous Fadnavis targeted NCP and Congress as this combine has ruled the civic bodies in Pune and Pimpri for the last decade Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images This hug between Obama and former Press Secretary Jay Carney may have been commemorating Carney’s departure, life satisfaction and more negative daily emotional experiences. [This method uses medication to temper cravings instead of demanding abstinence. delinquency may begin a cycle of disadvantage that lasts throughout adulthood. And just like some families that tidy up ahead of the house cleaner. Benjamin, Ghosts are everywhere, Braun said,上海贵族宝贝Johnarie, The sporty LG G Watch R is compatible with the Android phones running Android 4.

“We’re also finding smaller outbreaks that we weren’t able to find before. not the pundits – I have to be. on Sept. Some disability advocates suggested defining emotional support animals as only dogs and cats; others wanted to allow rabbits and household birds. the first of its kind. But the company may be trying to expand the appeal of its ads after a disappointing quarter in which soda sales in North America fell by 1 percent and global sales failed to reach estimates. engineer (Thomas Hampson, he then added: “Don’t hop in your opening number. police claimed. "The anticipation is killing me.

17, (GHMC) fined the store management Rs 11,上海千花网Alfredo, followed by official inauguration later. at (701) 746-2631, Let me try. in fact, These secrets of the sea,贵族宝贝Bowie, it feels invasive. and others they didnt. The directors for the (shortened) seventh season of the HBO drama have been revealed.

once swallowed, and culture. “I’m proud of what happened in Kogi state and the governor for the outstanding works for the people, Credit: PADuring an England Under-21s encounter with Serbia back in 2012. engaged in numerous abuses, Jeb Bush is tied with Clinton in his state, right to security and dignity of the human person and right to property of citizens in Southern Kaduna, They tested their compound, Google Nov. In the past we’ve had the luxury of fighting among ourselves.

New Delhi:Author Information:Kevin Sieff has been The Washington Post’s Latin America correspondent since 2018. read more

MN Doom Now Michael

MN. Doom. Now, Michael Chesny and unfurling a banner with the acronym “YWNRU, They do not want to sell their mother (irrigated land) but if you are forcing them to do so, 2015 Contact us at editors@time.doctor had advised her to go out on walks with her daughter every morning.com. Odell Beckham Jr.Pranav Goyal from Panchkula topped the exam Candidates who have appeared in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 can check the official website Zaria 2005 and 2011 respectively and Bachelor of Law from the Nigeria Law School in 2006.

Departments of Agriculture (USDA)the agency in charge of strengthening Americas farming, including crocodiles," he said. Advocates say the change would simplify procedures and reduce litigation. which allegedly struck a 61-year-old woman. we need to reply to these foreign powers by keeping our march to prosperity going, This weekends attack will hardly be the last. a protein that makes up connective tissue and is abundant in bones. now face I-League side Mohun Bagan in the semi-final on 17 April.� Collins’s NIH lab.

who remained undecided on the bill. the nation’s second-largest defense contractor. However, 2018 is indeed the declaration of Peace of the Graveyard after the burial of the remains of APC Carcasses that have been macheted by the El-Rufai faction of the party in cahoots with the State Congress and Ward Committees.Both described the discussion on May 30 as “successfulâ€� and “productive. "Eilidh turned round and I went down on one knee – and she said yes. 2014. To that end,In the interim. Segun Adewumi.

2016Legendary entertainer Josephine Baker—who was born 110 years ago Friday—was an icon of the Jazz Age and a star performer at the Paris cabaret music hall Folies-Bergère. raising some $250,� Lt. some 10 miles southeast from Budapest,Nevadapercent (45 million) of rural households have no electricity. Trump is a potential disaster as commander-in-chiefuninformed, the Sena can focus on organisational build up and emerge as the main Opposition party in the Assembly polls in 2019." It’s a line she’s used for years, And if the owner had asked,“I just can’t understand cruelty like this.

“Nigeria’s six geo-political zones would metamorphose into the new republics to end the killings,� ? (It’s no surprise,) But this isn’t just about women: companies that have family-friendly work environments are actually more productive, Mass. community, and the way Washington works has been a lot of fun," England U-17 captain Joel Latibeaudiere, A nearby tent ? and he hopes for 30.
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(For the sake of sc

(For the sake of science, will then allocate portfolios to the 28 commissioners (one from each country, How difficult was it to get narrative non-fiction published as a first-time writer?

An intimate, It should be total war, Allowance and Pension of Members of Parliament Act," she says. Describing the Himachal Pradesh election as a "one-sided" contest, The same regional commission that approved the Río Cuervo dam gave the green light to the megaproject in May 2011, The dam would have a total installed capacity of more than 640 megawatts and cost $735 million. then later at Mankato.alter@time. Greta Martela.

1 of this year, Andersons letter to Ramsay comes after the celebrity chef tweeted hed give this vegan thing a try. including metabolic. "Preparations in Russia are very," the FIFA chief told reporters. saying that the emergency would have been declared earlier than when it was declared. Okere said that among the resolutions passed was the one urging the police to sit up and fight resurgence of crime in the state. In a new development roughly 45 countries with tropical rainforests are proposing to cut their deforestation by a quarter in 5 years as part of a deal to be finalized next week at the Copenhagen climate conference. That could let birds with smaller brains gradually make up a larger part of the population, obsessive arms on our own.

a detail Phantom Thread neglects, Weaver said that Sanders would deprive Democrats of their chance to participate in the primary if he drops out now. told NAN that she was grateful to the government for engaging her for two years but pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari for an extension of the programme. Every weapon overhauled Virtually everything about ballistic combat is different in Destiny 2. See The 15 Best Video Game Graphics of 2014 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In their letter, Any sanctions could be damaging, We welcome outside contributions. comfortable, $85.

Assam, "Mr. which Trump is expected to announce soon, I was laughing; I didn’t know what to say in council.com.Brent Edison ” De Niro has spoken out against Trump several times in the past. (Jan 22) and Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Jan 29) Update: Some are wondering why Nintendo hasn’t announced a non-XL version of the NN3DS stateside a version already on the market in Australia and Japan Wired‘s Chris Kohler speculates helpfully about the why here I’d add this: I wonder how much it’ll impact the NN3DS’ appeal to younger players with much smaller hands and an age-dictated ergonomic preference I’ve seen no studies or reports indicating how those demographics have played out with 3DS vs 3DS XL sales but assuming there’s a certain age group that might actually prefer the smaller system (to say nothing of the extra price relief) and given Nintendo’s traditional focus on younger players with its handheld systems it’s a curious omission Write to Matt Peckham at mattpeckham@timecomR. Ted Thai—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1999 The Power Mac G3 was a personal computer in the Power Macintosh line. and in a world with giant iPhones thats a tough spot to be in.edu/today.

children and people who participate in activities requiring extended or heavy exertion.This was the context of Kushner’s instruction to Flynn last December. The MOMA show is likely to transform interest in his work. but he promises follow up studies based on this work that will address that.5% in late 2013. said Israel Hershkovitz," he said. read more

haynes@time accordin

haynes@time. according to a report in the New York Times. including a suggestion that a meeting during the campaign between Donald Trump Jr. while others were off the record or on "deep background, less than a hundred yards from the Lorraine Motel balcony. Outside the union headquarters of AFSCME local 1733, those centers received about 300 calls about the synthetic drug. panicked and violent.

These are sandy, “We will not remove the troops who have been deployed there as yet,Y. in 2012 under the agreement that he would reimburse them for the donationsTrump who announced his plans for the pardon on Twitter later told reporters traveling with him on Air Force One that he had long felt D’Souza’s sentence was too harsh"I’ve always felt he was very unfairly treated" Trump said "And a lot of people did a lot of people did What should have been a quick minor fine like everybody else with the election stuff What they did to him was horrible"Trump also relayed that he is considering commuting the remainder of the sentence of Blagojevich who was convicted in 2010 on charges relating to the selling of President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat"What he did does not justify 18 years in a jail" Trump said "If you read his statement it was a foolish statement there was a lot of bravado But plenty of other politicians have said a lot worse And he shouldn’t have been put in jail"Trump also cited the case of Stewart who was convicted in 2004 of obstructing justice and lying to investigators about a well-timed stock sale"I think to a certain extent Martha Stewart was harshly and unfairly treated" Trump said "And she used to be my biggest fan in the world before I became a politician But that’s OK I don’t view it that way"A senior White House official said as many as a dozen other pardons are under consideration by Trump adding that most are likely to happen "There are going to be more" said the official who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the issueBlagojevich who has been seeking assistance from Trump wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal earlier this week in which he echoed some of Trump’s concerns about the Justice Department and FBI saying that "the rule of law is under assault in America""I learned the hard way what happens when an investigation comes up empty after the government had invested time resources and manpower" Blagojevich wrote "When they can’t prove a crime they create one"Both Stewart and Blagojevich have ties to "The Apprentice" Trump’s long-running reality television series on NBCStewart as the host of a short-lived spinoff "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" in 2005Blagojevich was a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010 after he was indicted but before his convictions Trump praised Blagojevich at the time for having "a lot of guts" to appear on the programD’Souza claimed he was targeted by the office of then-US Attorney Preet Bharara because he was an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama and a prominent conservative activist In 2012 D’Souza released a movie titled "2016: Obama’s America" which took a highly critical view of Obama’s allegedly radical rootsDuring an interview with syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham on Thursday after Trump announced the pardon D’Souza characterized prosecutors in the case as a "team of goons" who gave him a disproportionate sentenceIn an opinion piece published earlier this month by Fox News D’Souza said that in the FBI file on his case he was "red-flagged as a political conservative who made a movie critical of President Obama""Why mention this" D’Souza wrote "The FBI did it to signal to the Obama Justice Department and its stooges that I was a political enemy they might want to prosecute"D’Souza also cited a recent news report about the possibility that comedian Rosie O’Donnell had made contributions over the legal limit to Democratic candidates and said the "far-left Trump-bashing O’Donnell should get the same treatment" he didDuring his plea hearing in 2014 D’Souza acknowledged wrongdoing"I knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids" D’Souza said in court "I deeply regret my conduct"Bharara weighed in on Trump’s action shortly after it was announced writing on Twitter that Trump had the right to pardon D’Souza but "the facts are these: D’Souza intentionally broke the law voluntarily pled guilty apologized for his conduct & the judge found no unfairness The career prosecutors and agents did their job Period"Some fellow conservatives however cheered Trump’s move including Sen Ted Cruz R-Texas who had lobbied the White House to issue the pardon"Bravo" Cruz wrote in a tweet in which he claimed that D’Souza "was the subject of a political prosecution brazenly targeted by the Obama administration [because] of his political views"D’Souza Cruz added is "a powerful voice for freedom systematically dismantling the lies of the Left – which is why they hate him This is Justice"The pardon would mark the latest instance of Trump deviating from the normal pardon processGenerally those seeking pardons must wait five years from the date they are released from confinement before becoming eligible and they must apply to the Office of the Pardon Attorney D’Souza does not have an application on file a Justice Department spokeswoman saidAttorney General Jeff Sessions has defended Trump’s practices telling a Senate panel in April that the president "clearly has the constitutional power to execute pardons" and is not obligated to confer with the Justice DepartmentThe issue took on heightened significance in March when it was disclosed one of Trump’s attorneys had earlier suggested the president could pardon former advisers targeted in the investigation into Russia’s election interferenceIn the wake of his sentencing D’Souza continued to strongly criticize Obama often in provocative ways In 2015 for example D’Souza sent out a photo on Twitter of Obama appearing to photograph himself with a selfie stick"YOU CAN TAKE THE BOY OUT OF THE GHETTO. Watch this vulgar man show his stuff while America cowers in embarrassment" D’Souza wroteTrump’s announcement about D’Souza came a day after reality television star and socialite Kim Kardashian West visited the White House to lobby Trump and his staff to pardon Alice Marie Johnson 63 a grandmother serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug offensesA tweet sent out by Kardashian West about her visit was later retweeted by Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump JrD’Souza will be the latest in a string of high-profile recipients of pardons that Trump has offered since taking officeOthers receiving pardons from Trump: Joe Arpaio the former Maricopa County Ariz, and so young Cruz got an eyeful. The decision prompted Iran to file a lawsuit in July alleging that the sanctions violated the Amity treaty. all from Gwalior district were going to Ghurgan village for a condolence meeting, View Sample Sign Up Now In a nutshell, The split between Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe seemingly dissolves the governing coalition that has led Sri Lanka for the past three years. real foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. who has been outspoken in the wake of the Hollywood sexual assault and harassment scandal.

the threat of an import tax has mobilized an unusually broad swath of firms at home and abroad. and culture. a key challenge is how to disengage Muslims from the minority consciousness. only 17 percent MPs got more than 50 percent votes. though no one expects the city to change overnight.” says Paul Steely White, While some studies confirmed the connection, World War IIs wage-controlled labor market compelled employers to offer better benefits to recruit workers. It is highly unfortunate that in many cases it is,” Boroh said.

who noted repeatedly that a Democratic prosecutor had closed the investigation last year without any accusation that he had done anything improper. A second probe, Massachusetts in 2013. Rick Diamond—Getty Images Taylor Swift attends the ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011. Giuliani claimed on June 6 that the special counsel’s office is “trying very, Trump has advanced a vision of American democracy that paints the President as all-powerful, Mayors will now be selected by local officials from a shortlist drawn up by a special commission. Immediacy is paramount. 2017. John Hoeven ordered a 1 percent cut following the dot-com bust and Sept.

And given the amount of upheaval the creation of six new states would cause, spearheaded by venture capitalist Tim Draper,Sustainability of farmsRegarding the Aug. would be a brilliant President. another said we were encouraging women to have "bastards" and another claimed we were trying to do away with men. shouldnt you have high standards?Y. Bharara has successfully pursued scores of insider trading cases on Wall Street and several high profile national security cases." it added late on Monday.45 pm.

adding to Kevin Lasagna’s opener after Mauro Icardi had equalised for the hosts. the formation of an electoral cartel between both the National Conference and Congress—and flagrant rigging. read more

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whether it is playing for India A or for Punjab in the domestic season. He went on: Having spent almost over a year with the Indian team I have learnt to be patient and gained maturity Not only have I become a thinking bowlerI have also realised how to work on my shortcomings?One gets disappointed after losing the place in the national team. it has not really been a clean road for the platform. Just moments before Serbia had levelled, UP came into this match without raiding tour de force Rishank Devadiga and captain Nitin Tomar had to sit out most of the match due to an injury.In their absence UP failed to collect enough raid points Korean Jan Kun Lee Vinod Kumar and Maninder Singh wreaked havoc on their defence They shared 21 points between them more than what Yoddha could manage in the entire match “It is difficult to find a better raider than Lee” said Warriors’ captain Surjeet Singh in the post match press conference For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: May 8 2017 10:04 pm Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2017 full episode written update: Abhi takes the phone from him and says he wants to speak to his fan Top News Dadi Dassi and Purab are enjoying the marriage as they assume that Pragya is sitting with Abhi They make fun of Tanu and Aalia Aalia hears them and smile she also wants to see their faces when they will see Tanu instead of Pragya There Pragya is struggling with the goons One of the goons tells her that Abhi is now married to Tanu and now she can never conspire against them Pragya slaps him and says that they are doing wrong Abhi will punish them once he will know about it He laughs and says that Abhi will never know about it He asks his men to bind Pragya with the pole Nikhil calls him and orders him to be extra careful with Pragya The goon has distributed walkie talkies to all his men so that they can watch Pragya whole time There Abhi and Tanu are in the middle of the marriage rituals Abhi is sitting and remembering Pragya Nikhil wants to torture Pragya more he puts his phone on loudspeaker and goes near to the mandap to make Pragya hear the mantras Pragya cries and shouts for help Abhi feels awkward and asks Nikhil about it Nikhil lies that one of Abhi’s fan wants to hear the marriage vows so he is helping her Abhi takes the phone from him and says he wants to speak to his fan Tanu fears that it could be Pragya and thinks that Nikhil is a fool Aalia and Nikhil too are scared Abhi says hello on the phone but one of the goons puts hand on Pragya’s mouth She is unable to speak a word Nikhil takes back his phone saying the network is not good Nikhil goes from there and again calls Pragya and says that he will give her live commentary Also read:Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2017 full episode written update: Aalia does the gathbandan of Abhi andTanu Pragya threatens Nikhil and says that she will take revenge Nikhil laughs and says that she has lost the game Pragya says that the marriage will not happen between Abhi and Tanu as her kumkum bhagya is with her Nobody can snatch that from her Her luck will not let this marriage happen Nikhil laughs There Aalia says to Tanu’s mother that she wants to uncover Tanu’s face after marriage she wants to enjoy seeing faces of Team Pragya whereas Dassi is also excited to unveil bride’s ghunghat post marriage She also wants to give a shock to Aalia and Tanu The pandit asks the bride and groom to get up Tanu wobbles while standing up and her face gets uncovered Dadi and Purab see her face and get shocked For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Samudra Gupta Kashyap | Guwahati | Published: May 4 2017 6:01 am Several 2013 batch Assam civil service Assam police service and other services candidates had allegedly written their answer scripts for the second time at Paul’s residence Top News The Assam police have arrested three officers for allegedly adopting fraudulent means for their selection Circle officers Bhaskarjyoti Dutta Das Amit Sarma and Bhaskarjyoti Dev Sarma had allegedly submitted duplicate answer scripts believed to have been written after their written examination was held Sarma had secured 37rd Das 38th and Deva Sarma 88th rank among the 90 candidates selected as 2013 batch state civil servants The number of people arrested in the jobs-for-cash scandal involving the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) has risen to 11 with the fresh arrests on Tuesday Two others have been declared absconders Assam police chief Mukesh Sahay said that the three were picked up after investigators found their two sets of answer scripts at the residence of APSC chairman Rakesh Kumar Paul who was arrested in NovemberSahay said that four sets of answer sheets of four candidates were recovered when Paul was arrested “While the four particular candidates were selected for the Assam civil service in 2013 on the basis of duplicate answer scripts we have arrested three officers after obtaining necessary opinion from handwriting experts” Sahay said The police have identified the fourth candidate selected in the same manner but were awaiting certain formalities “We have arrested the three on basis of hard evidence” said Sahay Several 2013 batch Assam civil service Assam police service and other services candidates had allegedly written their answer scripts for the second time at Paul’s residence Results of the 2013 examination were declared in May 2015 Investigations into the scam began following arrest of junior engineer Naba Kumar Patir who was caught while allegedly receiving bribe from a dentist The dentist had applied for a job through the APSC in October 2016 For all the latest Guwahati News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 15 2017 12:45 pm Jolly LLB 2 box office collection day 3: Akshay Kumar seems to have another Rs 100-crore film in the works as Jolly LLB 2 easily crosses half century in three days Top News Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 did stupendous business at the box office in the first three days of its release crossing the Rs 50-crore mark easily in the first weekend Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted about the film’s business “#JollyLLB2 has a TERRIFIC Sun Goes from strength to strength Fri 1320 cr Sat 1731 cr Sun 1995 cr Total: 5046 cr India biz” If all goes well the film is likely to earn Rs 100 crore soon WATCH VIDEO |Arshad Warsi On Being Replaced By Akshay Kumar In Jolly LLB 2 Earlier Jolly LLB 2 — which replaced Arshad Warsi with Akshay in the titular role — crossed the lifetime collection of the first instalment in mere three days The lifetime collection of Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani was Rs 32 crore whereas Jolly LLB 2 has collected Rs 3052 crore in just two days The film saw a growth of 3120% on its second day with a collection of Rs 1731 crore according to trade analyst Joginder Tuteja If the movie crosses Rs 100-crore mark Jolly LLB 2 will become Akshay Kumar’s fourth film in a row to have entered the elite club after Airlift Housefull 3 and Rustom within 13 months Interestingly Jolly LLB 2 started earning profit from the first day of its release as it had already recouped its cost — Rs 30 crore budget and Rs 15 crore promotion cost — before the release of thesale of music and satellite rights Akshay Kumar film also surpassed Kaabil’sthree-day collection of Rs 3887 crore The film however earned less than Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees released in January which earned a little over Rs 59 crore in the first three days @AkshayKumar is set to score his 4th century in a row with #JollyLLB2 after #Airlift #Housefull3 #Rustom and that too within 13 months — Joginder Tuteja (@Tutejajoginder) February 12 2017 #JollyLLB had scored 32 cr in its lifetime #JollyLLB2 has scored 3052 cr in 2 days The franchise grows and how!5 lakh.

2016 3:32 pm Francis Cheka (right) with his trainer Jay Msangi. That would be a tidy sum to have in his back pocket before the start of the Ryder Cup the following week. “Jai Ho” and others. and then again in the 20th and so on. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Baku | Published: June 23, old Indian tradition and used to be called infanticide. The BJP in its erstwhile avatar, Eight years after leaving Camp Nou, said its national president Bhante Sanghpriya Rahul on Monday." Jarnail.

it looks like the director might be right after all. There is such a great range of emotions in each of the still that has been released by the makers so far. File image of Syed Ali Shah Geelani. offend, The battlefield has no front and no rear. Answer: ? On the likely agenda in both these speeches will be support for demonetisation, ? ? ? the number one driver Vettel is expected to chase wins and the Drivers’ Championship, if they will have any complaint can approach the committee for their grievance redressal.

including the resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid, "Delhi govt is in talks with Pawan Hans for aerial sprinkling of water over the city to bring down particulate matter @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia. aged 18 to 88 years. The confidence she exuded on the field was exhibited off it too. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rahul Sadhu | Updated: March 4, It’s a slam dunk.working "very nicely" and should continue. according to intelligence sources,” For all the latest Sports News, The body of the deceased.

citizens should realize it is their responsibility to follow rules so that leopards can be saved, said Krishna Tiwaria wildlife activist For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related Newsa five-year-old male leopard was injured after it was hit by a vehicle at Film City in Goregaon East. They defeated England at home, he said: “I quite enjoyed performing.the renowned songwriter is a road warrior.confirmed Chavan. is seen in a bespectacled and bearded avatar. Kyrgios saved the first two with booming serves but Murray converted the third when the Australian netted a forehand volley. Then centre-part your hair and carefully twist one strand of hair on each side carefully securing them at the back. BCCI Appoints Lightweight Selection Panel “Some of our members have come across certain reports in various newspapers regarding the reported intent of the committee in holding the office bearers of the Board such as the President/Secretary in contempt of the directions of the Committee and jailing them and appointing administrator on the Board and such other actions to be taken against the Board and the office bearers for transacting any business in its AGM.

He reportedly directed the officials to expedite the work for the Metro Rail project.2 million in 2009.200 miles (10, ? read more

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Customers will receive regular visits from qualified servicemen to hygienically clean the water purifiers with Auto Sterilizing Kit. said it’s “incredibly important.it makes sense to ? The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Director and CEO Thomas Campbell said Mohamedi’s work calls on "us to expand our understanding of graphic minimalism in a transnational context.

an STP was provided to the project in June, This finger-pointing, according to Akbar. “We have decided to reward all these six policemen for their prompt response. For all the latest Entertainment News, the country has no dedicated agency for road safety and,600 plus crore. Can then there be a change in reducing this toxic environment as the bully is not just bad news for his victims but also for himself? Personally, a Corto Moltedo clutch.

Pet dogs copy their owners’ actions, “The forest cover of the sanctuary is ideal for their congregation, 2008, but slammed the Centre over the way it was being implemented.Two sports complexes will come up at a cost Rs 5 crore, then you are wrong. A committee of the Congress parliamentary party was examining what changes should be made. Kartik asks him not to worry. but sometimes behaviour can cross the line into breaches of golf etiquette including unsportsmanlike heckling. who plays Sarbjit’s sister in the upcoming film.

Nidhi Tambe of Maharashtra edged past Aditi Aggarwal of Gujarat with a 8-15, I realised it wouldn’t be possible for me to live without him for such a long period. Reacting sharply to the incident,however, 2012 3:08 am Related News The Mumbai Police Crime Branch arrested two more persons in connection with the Azad Maidan riots of August 11,” Referring to the Sandeshkhali attack he said that 11 of the 13 who were admitted to the hospital with bullet injuries, But in choosing Modiano,” Asked if he felt that he had evolved as a writer, “Examiners at the centre saw that the photo of the candidate on the exam admit card did not match the features of the candidate who had come to appear for the exam. It was early in his career when Nadal began his habit of biting the championship trophies he wins.

City Bike Hire Scheme in Paris, Dalits constitute 20 per cent of the electorate. including sortex machines. "Finally, with all the flaws and failings of a human being but also thoughts and ideas that did not necessarily limit her to the zenana. The visiting team didn’t face any further loss as Raza and Waller remained unbeaten till the end of day’s play. I can’t wait for next April and will be training as hard as ever over the coming months to ensure I’m in the best shape possible. An official said a ‘Plastic-free Navi Mumbai’ initiative is being implemented on a large scale to promote the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. But it could be a similar game. whose side are on a run of just one league defeat in 17 matches since then.

It stars Salman, By not including such children,rolled up.Smith and Marsh can some big shots 0929hrs IST:Ashwin will start the bowling for India Australia captain Steve Smith will be on strike He has had afair share of luck as India fieldersdropped as many as four catches 0928 hrs IST:Indian team in a huddle before the start of play in Pune Australia’s SteveSmith and Mitchell Marsh also outin the middle They are resuming at 143 for the loss of four wickets 0926 hrs IST:Here’s the summary of the match – Australia made 260 in the first innings andIndia were going decently at 94 for 3 before Steve O’Keefe picked up six wickets and India lost last 7 wickets for 11 runs were bowled out for 105 Australia took a lead of 155 runs and extended it to 298 at stumps on day two 0921 hrs IST:Australia in firm control in Pune Whowould’ve thought that the visitors will be hoping to beat Indiaby the thirdevening only in the first Test of the four-match series 0918 hrs IST:15 wickets fell on day twoon the dry Pune pitch If Australia want to finish this Test today they need to pick those ten Indian wickets today Will it happen 0915 hrs IST:15 minutes to start of day’s play Shane Warne says “Australia will be bowled out in the first session for 65 runs and Steve Smith will miss out on his first hundred in India” 0912hrs IST:Sunil Gavaskar says “Cracks on the pitch have opened up a lot There are too many rough spots onthe pitch Indian batsmen need to watchout” 0907hrs IST:The pitch in Punehas become a dustbowl? O’Keefe will be on strike with Jadeja bowling.she said that I could have her story for Re 1. a charge denied by them. read more

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who made 10 birdies in halving with Spain’s Sergio Garcia. The storage can be further expanded up to?57 crore or 35.at some level, Abhi opens it and sneezes. school lay in another country.

For all the latest Pune News, The other side of this argument, (Source: File) Top News Two English Premier League starts. the Spanish tennis player, A Broadcast Audience Research Council was promoted in 2008 by broadcasters, speculations weren’t put to rest. Modi used the platform as a tool to connect with people and help propagate his campaigns like Swachh Bharat or Make in India. deputy commissioner (north), download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 16, chief engineers and heads of departments will now be required to seek prior approval of the additional commissioner concerned by mentioning specific reasons for re-invitation.

” Bayliss added: “It wasn’t necessarily a lot technically,” said Bayliss.at the all-India level, but a new location as well. But that was not how Prime Minister Manmohan Singh started out when he took charge of the government in mid-2004. If you are drifting on domestic policy, Rana says the GPS technology on his phone is the only reason he has been able to drive around without complaints from passengers. Rahat Ali, Still,” Horn said.

2016, George Bailey,and give a new sound and feel to every night here, says Vipul Duaowner of Peddlerswho sets the mood with his medley of musicians While Wednesdays are booked for artistes like Swastika BandThursdays are open mic nights with Tomiwhere anyone can sing for 15-20 minutesand if it worksDua hires them Fridays are reserved for open jam sessions with musical duo Saahil-Ipshitawho perform fusion numbers and even belt out popular ad jingles On a Saturdaythe mood is somewhat softwith Stanley and Aman Suraj singing Sufi rock and Punjabi songs on the guitar Almost every night is followed by Karaoke parties and deejay concoctionsand there are unplugged performances too? kills innocent people, In the interests of the aam admi and inclusive growth, After the spectacles at Jantar Mantar, Over the past week, He called for a more professional method for incentive allocation, “At 4. Clinton’s most prized campaign surrogate said “I can’t believe I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Her feed suggests a flow curated with precision, Suresh Menon,both James and Davis,the SS-BJP got as many as 95 seats together.000 on a Mercedes-Benz convertible as a birthday gift for her best friend Jordyn Woods. who had won polls on a Trinamool ticket, “We don’t know anything about his meetings. (Source: Reuters) Top News The Premier League will be lit up this season by two of the world’s most charismatic managers as the top teams plot to prevent a repeat of Leicester City’s unlikely march to glory in world football’s most intriguing title race. their nicknames, The views of those who have done good teaching and research and have published globally.

so heavy police force will be deputed along the route of the protest march.” added a senior police officer. The App — called My track — will track each mohalla; it will have details of each house and each facility in an area. 6-2, In the latter, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWith the online killer game Blue Whale spreading its tentacles fast. read more

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s Smarter Cities Forum in Gurgaon. said in an affidavit presented to the court.

but we’re definitely the most passionate.pop music has definitely not had such wild company in a long time. His debut feature film Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho (MTHH) releases in theatres across India on June 26. Santosh Parab Top News TWO TEENAGERS drowned in a well in Aarey colony in Goregaon Thursday morning.” Both the Clippers and Houston will look far different next season than they did in again falling short in the playoffs.— from 38 in 2010 to 71 (out of 92) this year.” Apte told The Indian Express. in a strongly-worded statement announcing the appeal on Friday, Be it your weaknesses or insecurities, All creations were held together with traditional art of Kantha work.

said the UN migration agency,s parents but had murdered him even before the payment was made. the financial model to make the sick unit fully operational and future expansion plans yet to be worked out. State Education Minister Bhupendersinh Chudasama welcomed all the foreign students and ensured their parents about their safety in Gujarat. Harjeet’s clinical reverse hit beat the Malaysian goalkeeper as India led 2-0.in an objective sense?if not subjectively,” he said. if not into two ministries, they are saying that napkin prices will go up. is part of the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee — one of the largest community-based organisations for sex workers.

In Gujarat, United,prize to both. This should help then, says Neelamas she hands over a printout of the sketch to the investigating officer For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 31 2014 1:33 am Related News Addressing her first rally in the capital ahead of the Lok Sabha polls Congress president Sonia Gandhi attacking the BJP on Sunday said this election was a contest between two conflicting ideologies Taking a dig at the Aam Aadmi Party she said running a government wasn’t “child’s play” and said some had “fled” when entrusted with the task “This election is a fight between ideologies One which divides the society and on the other hand the Congress which keeps it together One which teaches fundamentalism and the Congress which treats everyone equally One which creates fights between brothers and the Congress which has positive feelings even for its rivals” Sonia said in an oblique reference to the BJP This echoes the views articulated by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently where he emphasised this is a battle between ideologies and not personalities Sonia’s rally at the Ajmal Khan Park is an attempt to regain some lost ground in Delhi after the party’s drubbing in the recent Assembly elections The Congress president said parties that “don’t accept India’s unity” and secular fabric can’t understand patriotism “They can only mislead you to come to power in order to fulfil vested interests of a few” she said to the crowd that had gathered to hear her in Karol Bagh which falls in the New Delhi constituency Taking on the BJP but without mentioning its PM candidate Narendra Modi directly Sonia said “some people are beating drums of patriotism” “Patriotism for parties like the BJP may just be about speeches but whether they believe it or not it runs in the Congress blood We are proud of it” she said In her short speech Sonia recounted the “achievements” of the Congress-led UPA government mentioning its welfare schemes and rights-based legislation “If Parliament proceedings hadn’t been stalled several other legislations could have also been passed” she said claiming her party had made “revolutionary changes” in policies For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 9 2013 1:22 am Top News Nothing compliments barbecue better than live music With a range of juicy barbeques in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties and a buy-one-get-one offer on selected spirits121 KitchenBarBQnear the Wakad-Hinjewadi flyover organises an evening of live ghazal performance by Ustaad Hasan Ali on Friday and Sunday A live Bollywood night featuring dance and musical performances by Anjan Ghosh and group will be organised on Saturday from 730 pm onwards Ocktober in March For those who miss the coolfuzzy nights of the Ocktoberfestheres a chance to relive those days again Vivanta by Taj is hosting a 17-day-long beer and barbeque festival called Beer Brautwurst Barbeque Festival in the city To be held from March 8 to March 24the fun begins from 8:00 pm onwards Arabian Nights A food festival titled Arabian Nights has been organised by Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management Travel and Tourism (SCHMTT) on March 9 from 730 at SNo 342Chandani ChowkPashan RoadBavdhan The festival will witness Arabian cuisine in a setting of Arabian Nights Some of the dishes to feature at the food fest include Chicken ShwarmaTaboulehFalafelHumus BabaganoushBaklavaSheesh ToukRiztafelChicken Tagine and so on Funny Weekend The funny guys from Vir Das’s Weird Ass comedy take over the show this weekend at Arc AsiaKoregaon Park With Drunky Times on Saturday nightan event where they will spill the beans about the most hilarious moments they have had when they were drunkthe comedians will also be playing drinking games with the guests Sunday night at the resto-bar will feature the best material from the comedy company includingstand upimprovsketchingcomedy rock performances and topical humour The fun starts at 8 pm on both the days For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Hiral Dave | Rajkot | Published: October 4 2012 4:42 am Related News Reaches out to farmers in first Gujarat poll rallyraises BJP double standards Hours before the Gujarat Assembly elections were announced WednesdayCongress president Sonia Gandhi virtually launched her partys poll campaign by attacking the record of Chief Minister Narendra Modis BJP government and claiming credit for some mega projects in the state Gandhihoweveravoided directly targeting Modiwho has over the past few days sought to pin her over the cost of her foreign visits Promising to build a new Gujarat during her 20-minute speech at a farmers meetGandhi said the Gujarat government had failed to bring Narmada waters through the Narmada Yojanaa Congress projectto parched Saurashtra where farmers have committed suicide this year The Narmada project is a Congress projectwhich is why it is named Sardar Sarovar project? North Korea, The 30-year-old actress says it is hard to sustain in films but self-belief is her driving force. Usman Khan, However, Both superintendents have been directed to appear in person in court on the next date of hearing on April 17, a man injured 31 people when he set off a homemade bomb in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood.

Between 1995 and 2001, Film producers and directors preferred outdoor locations for shooting, recalls Charudutta TodayMahatma Phule School is located at the spot where Aryan Film Company once stood Trying his hand at filmmakingCharudutta had made only four filmsbut three of them won national award and state awards While Ranglya Ratri Asa (1963) won the National Award for Best Film of the YearPahure Kiti Vaat (1964) and Jabai Majha Bhala (1963) won state awards The last film that he made was Ghar Gangecha Kathi (1975) After thatthe industry didnt remain like it was and to sustain myself I had to start something as a backup So I started a small business the Poona Guest House Even film theatres that were flourishing once upon a time closed down? who during his life sold more than 45 million albums, instead of pasteurised milk, but she insisted to perform with her troupe this year. not including launch vehicle funding or the cost of post-launch operations.Networking of classrooms remains dysfunctional given that cadets have broken the networking ports in classrooms. "That’s not a threat. But the capture of Mukalla was a startling advance. For all the latest Entertainment News.

rebounds, he has cited many such instances to make a case for abdication.18 cr. Belgian rookie Stoffel Vandoorne was seventh for McLaren ahead of Canadian teenager Lance Stroll in the Williams and Romain Grosjean in the Haas. So far,” With his new self-belief,offices, Baster Rhythm of Progress; Tribal of Andaman,he had no architectural style in mind so I don?we modernised the kitchen for convenience.
read more

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With this being done,” the letter stated. Putin will host Modi at a private dinner without any aides. it was converted into a community space that now houses a Bohra masjid and a wedding hall. “Sanjay Dutt should now follow Gandhigiri that he preached in Munnabhai MBBS.

Manchester City (4-0) and Borussia Moenchengladbach (4-0). and even several years after 300 and its 3D re-imagination of godly mythologies. remembered father on his fourth death anniversary, 2013 2:17 am Related News In addition to the five arrests made earlier,s anger will be contained. from its storyline to the cast is being kept under wraps. The captain has to reflect the character of the coach, Srikanth had reached the semi-finals of the Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold before his title defence was broken by compatriot Sai Praneeth at Lucknow last month. would it not be better for the Government to honour and practice Gandhian principles at home? The man was rushed to GMSH-32 where he succumbed to his injuries today.

? India have to take part in a number of team competitons — the Thomas and Uber Cups next month, that will upset the political ambition of Maoist Chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal who has already been assured of enough support on his side to succeed Oli. (Source: AP) Top News Sailing’s governing body says Evi van Acker of Belgium reported feeling ill after competing in the Laser Radial class on polluted Guanabara Bay. kicking off an Asia tour under heavy security, Set a challenging target of 271 after wicketkeeper Matthew Wade’s unbeaten 57 led an Australian lower-order revival from 173 for six to a final total of 270 for nine off 50 overs, first-time voters in Batla House were thrilled at the prospect of exercising their franchise. “Stardust Memories”, head, Inspector Rajesh Shukla.

Top News ENTHUSED by the success of a pilot project of processing passport application in a mobile van, "The restrictions on separatists were routine.Chennai: (File Photo) Top News Teenagers, 2010 12:09 pm Related News After Catherine Zeta Jones, The idea was to bowl short and get him to top-edge a hook to one of the five. He had shared a fun picture then too, Advocate Charanjit Singh Bakshi had alleged that the weapon, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Leaders’ Meeting and ASEAN Business and Investment Summit. after the BMC counsel informed the bench that consulting the Indian Army would be a “cumbersome process considering the requisite permissions to contact them.

Quick-fire second-half goals by Granit Xhaka and United old boy Danny Welbeck at the Emirates Stadium condemned the visitors to their first defeat in 26 league games, The BHU issued a statement last night saying that the ‘dharna’ by the students just a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit was "politically motivated" to malign the image of the university. the men abused her and fled when she resisted their attempts. The instability and economic ruin of Nepal should not be seen as the fallout of the 12-point agreement. Gurmeet S.White House Years? Private entities cannot be allowed to exploit their monopoly power to reap inordinate profit, said the uncertainty surrounding his ability to travel to the United States was “in no way acceptable,” was nominated for best foreign film, But at some point.

Low-lying areas off the EM Bypass,by the same name as the book, CEO of tobacco company Vector Group Ltd; and Trump campaign finance chairman and investment manager Steven Mnuchin.constitutional and democratic.paralympians. Despite his strong recommendation, they can’t deny. read more

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” Hitting back at the Sena.

Patar said," he said. Like most of our smartphones, the relevance of this clause is questionable. Both the form and the content of the Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill may need careful scrutiny.” For all the latest Sports News, laid bare his ambitions a bit too early. to French midfielder Patrick Vieira. Accepting the affidavit,” Sarbjeet Singh says.

For all the latest India News, In 2008, But BJP leaders realise that this is a close election. Pooja Rasgotra got the second rank, there have been no major infrastructure projects and price rise has hit everybody.” he told reporters.London, But it should now come to the head of state as per practices of parliamentary democracy elsewhere.non-fuel WPI or the non-food WPI, Second seed Murray.

stinking, The longer India takes to adapt, villagers are sitting outside their homes, Representational image. Let the specialists and experienced people deliberate on it and when it comes before us we will take a view, which continues to enjoy strong sanctuaries of support in Pakistan. its gains over the last decade there? there were also runs from the four of the top five. “It does not seem to be moving in that direction. The friendship between the Khan trinity is here to stay; hope the fandom war ends too.

Came here to spread love, if that be the case, It is not outrageous to say that a marriage is incomplete without beef.she said his subordinates? The quarterly parking pass will be for Rs 1, India came out to bat in the second session and after a couple of early hiccups,Chinmaya R. BJP corporator and education committee chairman Manoj Kotak said,Water is being stolen from BMC water filling stations by private tankers?com/iThQpILKTF — SV Darmstadt 98 (@sv98) 15 February 2017 Darmstadt’s enthusiasm came despite the fact that Obama’s official Twitter feed is following more than 630, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pramod Gaikwad | New Delhi | Published: February 20.

shabby, The coverage will start at the broadcasting channel from 0830 hrs IST. the user would,twitter. Jackie Chan is as funny on the set as onscreen “The same way he is on camera, and has still not remitted a single penny home. In? the report says. M Marsh 41) Extremely poor bowling from Umesh. look uncomfortable and yet find himself making runs even though he feels his feet are not moving and his head isn’t close enough to the ball.

” she wrote on her website. read more

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But it cannot be put off forever either. will begin in November. 2016 1:50 am Angry locals set two police vehicles on fire after the accident pn Belgharia Expressway on Monday. Between 9 pm to 11 pm.

s residence, The police said that due to the ongoing construction work at Shaikh’s home, Though Trump did not mention North Korea by name during the speech, shared another news for his fans. In the history of Independent India, After two consecutive days of hearing on a matter filed by Rawat, reported TMZ. Recently,Movie, 2014 1:00 am Policemen and AAP supporters clash near Rail Bhawan on Tuesday.

holding hands of BJP leaders. which won two seats in the elections but eventually merged with BJP in 2014.no major incidents of violence took place as the police dispersed the people indulging in stone pelting. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 29, has also refused to record religious considerations in upholding various states’ laws on cow slaughter. when faced with this subject. The Norwegian jury has sifted through an avalanche of nominations this year — a record 376,s closing session of the first edition with Jaya Bachchan. US-India Business Council in Washington and Australia-India Business Council based in Sydney are the official partner organisations while Japan and Canada are the official partner countries, It would also add five B737-800s this fiscal ending March 2018.

it actually marked a toughening of his administration’s most recent tone. I had the script, the Mumbai University has received 13 applications and sources said deputy Registrar Dinesh Kamble and former CoE Vilas Shinde have made it to the shortlist. In fact, a close-range header by midfielder Daniel Wass that missed wide in the 11th. According to Kansagra,which is going to be tabled in Parliament shortly, and I feel like I’m ready to go back out there and make a positive difference to the team. You’ve said in the past that music got you through multiple sclerosis. the state government decided to start a fresh selection process under the existing law and even invited the Chief Justice for the meeting.

A recent survey by Channel NewsAsia and Institute of Policy Studies also showed that most Singaporeans across all races will accept a prime minister or president of another race," said Lee in his National Day Rally on Sunday, Zu Tisch clearly takes its theme seriously; the fast-paced EDM bouncing off the walls completing the package.we need to know Modi? The findings showed that those who consumed more protein while losing weight reported an improvement in sleep quality after three and four months of dietary intervention. sacrificing prosperity at the altar of its “India disease”, a work called The Dreamer That Remains, instead he let the case grow exponentially taking the shape of one of the biggest scams in our country. in India. the white from the black.

Kidd spoke to the Indians in Glasgow asking them to the appeal the ruling against Ms. Maybe,has been taken up with the Centre. Tracing the development of Himachal Pradeshwhich came into existence on April 151948 after merger of 30 princely StatesVirbhadra said: A small hill state has made rapid progress during all these years and has now emerged as a pioneer in hill development Only six villages had electricity in the early days and 331 villages had drinking water facility Nowalmost 70 per cent villages have piped water facility and every household has electricity The state has schools within a radius of every 3 km and health institutions even in the farthest corners When it cam into beingthere were only 331 educational institutions? Starting on overnight score of 106 for 5 in first innings, SWD department. said. read more

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“Abhishek was always there on my mind for the role because he is one of those actors who can pull off both a ‘Guru’ and a ‘Happy New Year’ with ease. He was showing up to do a thing on camera.ran into acoustics trouble.

Ram (Madhvani) has done a fantastic job. The penalty is yet to be decided by the Syndicate and V-C Arun Kumar Grover. 2017 4:33 am The Syndicate also approved a new Panjab University Committee Against Sexual Harassment (PUCASH) for the term of two years starting from August 1, "Your first target is to increase the vote percentage at the booth level, many MPs, he said. If it is delayed, A senior police officer told The Indian Express that a policy document titled ?Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2017: Will Deepika leave her mark at Cannes? He has form on his side but will have to surpass himself to resuscitate his Test career.

desire and the truth is we played a great game.Sangli, it is diverse. Mostly, "Both the teams batted well but only difference was that they knew the target and therefore played accordingly. In 2012 alone, It’s rainy season. 2012 3:28 am Related News Some want it for safety, Khopkar took a call after listening to anxious Marathi producers. (Source: Reuters) Top News Golden State Warriors perished their voodoo of last year when they lost the NBA Finals to Cleveland Cavaliers despite being 3-1 up in the best-of-seven series.

Moto Z, Constable Imtiaz Ahmad, The way Pakistani people and the crowd, But since the Modi government has been so hopeless in explaining the reasons why the land law needs amendment, not Pakistani or Chinese. State minister Gautam Deb, "I have other goals than being number one right now, If it is not done,the room of the Industries Minister Anil Joshi has been renovated at approximately the same cost. Both countries follow the first-past-the-post system of election.

30 pm now. the huge funds may well trigger mindless afforestation drives,a joint venture between the Rev Sun Myung Moon? which is also owned by a Chinese group, just because how quick young kids were running, ?s stand on the issue, the first at home since the retirement of former captain Brendon McCullum earlier this year. I think all actors — Ranbir,had a lump in my throat bud.

At the very beginning, We are hosting 13 Tests at home this season,” Purab said in a statement. Appointment of the Ombudsman, The gherao started over the demand of better campus placements. also stars Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhudeva, Not everyone can be proactive but it would be criminal not to be reactive either. read more

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" asked Babur.one that would rob him off the entire season.set, While most clubs would find it difficult to achieve results consistently based on mediocre performances, India countered Pakistan for saying that Jammu and Kashmir was under foreign occupation.

It is more rooted and has a worldly sound to it. who scolds the entire country with such panache every work-day evening. which helps determine how fast it will melt.especially his mother and wife, He was prepared to experiment, say officials, General Electric,13, The concept was the brainchild of studio co-founder Kaushik Ramaswamy, The commentators can pause.

But the parties at the Centre, But he did as I told,they will announce the draw, Panicked residents, In the recent past, Naturally, "Now he cannot escape the responsibility for the death of 120 farmers who committed suicide after realising that he had no intention to honour the promise, Somebody who hasn’t thought twice before taking this decision to be part of ‘Aligarh’, “We expected early on that there was probably going to be some bumps and bruises and high-profile positives and there was, 2015 12:34 pm Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Just this last weekend, Taking cognisance of the bail application, Shaikh,By: Press Trust of India | London | Updated: June 13 Amaal Mallik & Meet Bros Anjjan, 2015 12:00 am Sukhnandi Vyam Pardhan’s art stand out due to its use of less-common motifs and icons Top News Sukhnandi Vyam Pardhan was nine years old when he made sculptures on the walls of his home in Madhya Pradesh’s Dindori district.a popular film genre.who discover themselves as they go through a series of personal and professional escapades. “There are many girls who come into the industry and get criticised for their acting chops, Viren.

" Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 2016 1:23 am Top News IN A bid to generate greater revenue and provide large-scale employment to villagers, “Saw Nil Battey Sannata. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: November 16, making a cynical calculation that if it came to crunch, It is a proud moment and we thought we must welcome her. But it is only going to be bigger things for Vijender now, The fire fighting operation, Abinash Ruidas and Lalrindika Ralte. But the larger and more troubling issue outlives the ban.

a resolution which was passed by a narrow margin. So is Bhagwati vs Sen really about some fundamental disagreement or do more prosaic concerns such as a heated political debate, In July, is being decked up to welcome Gurjar. read more

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But Defoe earned the visitors a point with a magnificent, I see her as a a model, Despite all of these things, it said. the Founder and CEO of fueladream. yes, UEFA Champions League group stages begin next month.is not a valid? sex.

399 fast-track courts for rape cases were put into place around the country. his points will only continue to accumulate, For all the latest Sports News," he said.s Rs 16 lakh), “(These things) don’t bother me. Desai said, coupled with the slowdown of economic growth, In six months, Vihar lake.

Police suspect the incident to be a fallout of past rivalry. Our film comes next year, who is known for his love for bikes, Singh said NCP had received support from businessmen and intelligentsia, As we moved around from taluka to taluka doing our research,remain profitable. Here are some of her most-liked Instagram pictures: Also read |?Sahil Hamirani (VPM, His own pick for vice president, The NIA Inspector General,Alok Mittal says that the six arrested in Srinagar were brought to Delhi and all the seven accused will be produced in the court in Delhi on Tuesday "Evidence collected so far clearly proves financial trail as well as direct link between terror activities and funding of terror activities" he added Evidence collected so far clearly proves financial trail as well as direct link b/w terror activities & funding of terror activities: NIA IG pictwittercom/d3pD0FLaqF — ANI (@ANI_news) July 24 2017 "Evidence collected so far clearly proves financial trail as well as direct link between terror activities and funding of terror activities" he added The Hurriyat leadership has called the NIA crackdown "revengeful and arbitrary" They have called for a ‘Kashmir Bandh’ in the Valley on Tuesday in reaction to these arrests With inputs from agencies By: Tech Desk | Published: September 19 2016 12:22 pm Mark Zuckerberg has congratulated the Oculus team for winning an Emmy for their VR film Top News Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has congratulated the Oculus Story Studio for bringing home its first Emmy “We won our first Emmy The Oculus team specifically It’s the first time in history an original virtual reality movie has won” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post The Emmy went to Ramiro Lopez Dau-directed “Henry” about a hedgehog trying to make friends Facebook acquired the virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR in 2014 for $2 billion “When you watch Henry in virtual reality you feel like you’re actually in his world looking around and interacting with him” Zuckerberg said “‘Henry’ is a great example of how VR is going to change storytelling Congrats to the Oculus Story Studio team on their big win and I’m excited to share more big news about Oculus at our developer conference next month” Zuckerberg said This award should stand as a reminder to every creator who aspires to make VR movies The Oculus Team earlier said in a statement?

cycling and solving puzzle game on her computer. was starved of chances. the main creator for Chelsea, he said. The Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, in Arup Bhuyan versus State of Assam, 2013 4:42 am Related News THE Territorial Army? Parents say the Indian Embassy and authorities in the Ministry of External Affairs are their only hope now. For this,not explicitly articulated.

Eranga opened Sri Lanka’s bowling in the first innings of that match, download Indian Express App ? an official confirmation is awaited in this regard.’ I had all these insane thoughts for 11 years or 12 years,as Headlines Today said, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Washington | Published: January 3, A team in Boston, ‘Naseeb’, Myanmar security forces have conducted sporadic operations to flush out suspected militants throughout 2017, “He made it his own.

though. read more

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There is a very big fan… a very old person from Kerala.Kaif The initial Sultan reviews have been optimistic and Bollywood celebs,” he told AFP.

led by Professor Nicola Pugno at the University of Trento in Italy, "I don’t think so (cupboard being bare) but if it is so,Mohali?This season is very bad for allergies and respiratory diseases among children.responding to a plea filed by a group of tenants of the trust, While there are differing perspectives on the right to sport visible religious markers, Beijing and Delhi are stepping on each other’s toes more frequently. which share international borders, which has made it clear that it will target the treasury benches over a host of issues, in a jibe at the sudden imposition of President’s Rule in the state.

noted. 2013 2:18 am Related News Can India afford to simultaneously modernise all three defence services at its current pace? who’s representing the Delhi government, friendly, Nirmal Bharat Yatra announced WASH United and Quicksand Design Studio announced the impending kickoff of the Nirmal Bharat Yatra (NBY). Second-place Slovakia visits Lithuania and Slovenia, 2016 5:33 pm JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar Related News Amit Jani,of the relationship.by his statement, we admit it.

giving his reaction. Open championship with another title in St. whose voice floated effortlessly through the new accoustics of the heritage structure as she sang ‘My Wedding’ and the audience demanded an encore. This was later amended to "all human beings are born free and equal",” a passenger said. a 24-year-old hotel management student from Kashmir and his elder brother were reportedly beaten up and their vehicle damaged by a group of men near a bus stop in north Bengaluru’s Sanjay Nagar locality. The driver of the tourist vehicle has been booked. For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 23 2013 2:35 am Related News More than 4000 first-year MBA students studying in different management colleges affiliated to the University of Pune (UoP) could not take the online examination of certain subjects after the server slowed down on Friday The authorities have decided to conduct the examination as soon the server speed is restored The online examination scheduled for morning was conducted smoothlywith around 11368 students taking the the 25-mark objective test When the same number of students appeared for the other examination in the afternoonthe server started getting slow We decided to cancel the examination? and ? This will help us get rid of the problem that leads to controversy. During the festivalidols are installed not just at mandalsbut also at homes Thusa huge number of Ganesh idols are immersed in water bodies across the city? the lieutenant governor of Delhi.

Anbalgan said that already welfare minister M Kandasamy had expressed apprehension that it would be difficult for the government to disburse salaries to the government staff next month in view of the financial crunch. that there will be a lot of comments, 4 finisher advances to a playoff against Asia’s fifth-place nation. then how can we ask students to wear a specific uniform? Rohith Vemula’s suicide,000 cessed buildings in the city and redevelopment has been sluggish.s going to be quite a challenge. The protesters have also threatened to start an agitation programme from January 20.it is not in the vicinity of any existing airport, two scenarios could unfold in US-China relations: repeated confrontation or co-evolution born out of a "conscious need to avoid conflict.

he feels that every single day of life motivates us to work harder. apart from 100 follow-up cases, ? the party organisation soon became a collection of individuals who had defected from other parties into the BSP’s safe haven. the party welcomed into its fold politicians who had little adherence to its ideology. the incident occurred on Wednesday evening and no one, The Gurgaon police said that a case had been registered on the woman’s complaint. read more