Indian Minister Lauds Pro-India Groups After Clashes with Protesters in London

first_imgIndian Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju has praised the pro-India groups that protested against the Kashmiri separatist activists in London on Jan. 26.“Salute to the Indian patriots in London,” Rijiju tweeted. “The miniscule fringe elements can’t dent the spirit of India. We are all one from Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland to Rann of Kutch, Kanyakumari to Punjab.”Another Indian politician, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who was in London to attend the Education World Forum earlier this week, dismissed the protesters as “fringe elements” keen to foment trouble.Groups pro and anti-India clashed outside the Indian High Commission in London on India’s Republic Day. British politician Lord Nazir Ahmed had launched a protest against India’s “occupation” of Kashmir while pro-Indian groups protested against him.The anti-India groups demanded freedom for Kashmir and Khalistan. Ahmed used five billboard vans to campaign around London, which the Indian High Commission raised objections against with the United Kingdom government. However, the billboard vans are privately owned and not under state control.Ahmed, who was born in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and raised in South Yorkshire, is a controversial figure in British politics. The member of the British House of Lords was suspended from the Labour Party in 2012 for his divisive comments. He later resigned from the party and is currently not affiliated with any party. He was also charged for dangerous driving and is believed to be sympathetic towards radical Islamists.Before the ‘Black Day’ protests on Jan. 26, 2018, Ahmed had said, “It will be a peaceful demonstration by a small gathering because we cannot have very large numbers outside the High Commission,” according to News18. However, the protests turned violent when members from both groups gathered there.The supporters of India had organized a ‘Chalo India House’ demonstration in London to “celebrate India’s Republic Day by opposing anti-India lobbyists.”A protester at the event was quoted by the Times of India as saying, “I am here today to tell Lord Nazir that they are asking for independence for my state of J&K but I want freedom from Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations and their proxy war.” Related ItemsBritainLondonUnited Kingdomlast_img read more

The Human Jalebi

first_imgRavi the Scorpion Mystic, aka Ram Sagar Seepersad, is living every young boy’s dream of running away from home with the circus! A contortionist with a wildly flexible body he’s performed all over the east coast, including the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, Six Flags, Le Scandal Burlesque/Cabaret, The Circus By the Sea, and Disgraceland Family Freak-show.He hails from Trinidad, and is known professionally as the Scorpion Mystic, because, he says, at the age of 2 he was stung by a scorpion and that contributed to his unusual body development. “As a child I always wanted to do something different from what my friends were doing,” says Ravi who weighs just 95 pounds. “I studied flexibility and taught myself to do certain things that no one else could.” He’s also a hair suspension aerialist and has studied Shaolin Kung Fu and is currently being coached in knife throwing by The Great Throwdini.This Manhattan circus saga has a perfect happily-ever-after ending, for Ravi’s beautiful wife Candice, also from Trinidad, often performs right alongside him, doing the blade box and electric chair acts.She’s also a sumptuous snake charmer who’s worked with 15 feet long Albino Pythons. For Ravi, life is a circus as he performs at private, public and corporate affairs. He’s constantly striving to set new world records in the art of contorting. He says, “Seeing people’s reactions is the most fun part of what I do! That’s how I still make friends.”                                                                                                       Related Itemslast_img read more

Does Chicken Tikka Have a Nationality

first_imgFood has the power to bring enemies together and this time it’s the lip-smacking appetizer, the chicken tikka, that has managed to bind neighbors India and Pakistan together in Dubai.Mohit Bhargava from India and Shamoun Bhatti from Pakistan, chefs at Dubai’s seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, say they “work like brothers” and love to serve the best of their countries’ delicacies to their consumers who don’t inquire about the recipes’ nationality.For its authentic Arabic cuisine or Far East Asian or Modern European dishes, the hotel sources ingredients from across the globe, says 34-year-old Bhatti from Karachi.“Some of the spices and herbs come from India and Pakistan, as we don’t find them here. You will be amazed to know that many people term Pakistani dishes as Indian food here and I feel proud. I don’t think chicken tikka has any nationality. You wonder if it is from India or Pakistan? I feel it’s chicken tikka, that’s it,” he said.The Bab al Yam restaurant in the hotel, where he showed some of the food items prepared by him, has a contemporary and sophisticated concept with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views, breathtaking spacious terrace and plush shisha (hookah) lounges.Mohit Bhargava from India and Shamoun Bhatti from Pakistan, chefs at Dubai’s seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, say they “work like brothers”and love to serve the best of their countries’ delicacies to their consumers who don’t inquireabout the recipes’ nationality.“I think it’s not the people but the governments that are making a hue and cry. There are so many politicians and all of them have their own reason for hating each other. Even in the recent Pathankot episode, Indians and Pakistanis were blaming each other. I feel this type of thing creates bad relations,” says Bhatti.While he shifted to Dubai 10 years back for work, 32-year-old Bhargava, who hails from Lucknow, moved to the United Arab Emirates city with his wife two and a half years back.“We work like brothers and it’s always good to have someone around who understands your language,” said the chef while giving a pat on the shoulder of his Pakistani counterpart.He also pointed out how Dubai has opened up for Indians, especially in the food sector.“It’s a home away from home. People love Indian food here, especially chicken tikka masala that has become universal. Some of the other dishes in demand are lamb rogan josh, biryani and, of course, masala dosa,” he said, pointing out how Indian restaurants are doing well in Dubai.“There are many local restaurants which are coming in. Moti Mahal and Raaga are here. We also have a new restaurant in Taj. There is one at Shereton by chef Vikas Khanna called Junoon, then we have chef Vineet Bahl’s restaurant Indego. So, you have a large choice where you want to dine,” he said.The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai.Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, the magnificent destination offers people the finest service and facilities throughout — right down to an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.Not surprisingly, it’s the hot spot for all the Bollywood, Hollywood and other A-list celebrities.It boasts of serving celebrities like Hollywood actor Vin Diesel during the shooting of “Furious 7” in Dubai, southern star Mahesh Babu with his family and tennis legend Roger Federer.Bhargava recalls one customer: “There is one Russian lady who is very regular here and she always asks me about Indian food. She has a liking for different cuisines.”Niamh Keohan, director of marketing and PR for Burj Al Arab, said hiring an Indian and a Pakistani together was not a “well planned strategy” but people are very open to all the “spicy foods” that India is known for. Related Itemslast_img read more

South African Traditional Healer Gets Life Term for Beheading Indian-origin Woman

first_imgSouth African traditional healer Sibonakaliso Mbili was sentenced to life imprisonment for influencing four persons to behead Indian-origin woman Desiree Murugan in 2014. Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwati gave the ruling at the Durban High Court on Oct.4, and found that the four perpetrators — Jimmy Stanley Thelejala, Mlungisi Ndlovu, Mbali Magwala, and Falakhe Khumalo — lured Murugan to a Shallcross sports ground, before carrying out the killing.Murugan was killed by the four after Mbili promised Khumalo 2 million Rand ($153,000) for bringing the head of an Indian or white or colored woman, for use in illegal witchcraft practice. Murugan, a 39-year-old Indian-origin woman who hailed from Chatsworth, Durban, was stabbed 197 times and beheaded on Aug. 17, 2014. Her headless body was found at the Shallcross sports field.While Thelejala and Ndlovu were given 15-year jail terms, Magwala was sentenced to 12 years in prison. All the three were minor high school students at the time of committing the crime. Khumalo had pleaded guilty earlier and is serving life sentence. It was found that Thelejala and Ndlovu helped Khumalo kill and behead Murugan. Magwala did not actively participate in the act, but assisted the three by selecting her as a victim and washing her head in a bucket after the murder.“Mbili used his influence as a sangoma by promising them [teenagers] muthi that would not make them visible to police,” Judge Poyo-Dlwati said, News 24 reported. “I agree with the State that there are no substantial and compelling circumstances that will make the court deviate from the prescribed maximum sentence.” The judge pointed out that she had kept into view the fact that Mbili pleaded innocence even though there was strong evidence against him. Mbili was accused of cutting Murugan’s head into several pieces, placing them in tins and burying them in his yard.Poyo-Dlwati pointed out that the ruling should serve as a warning “that no matter your beliefs, don’t trample other humans’ right to life”.The Traditional Healers Association of South Africa had earlier condemned the practice of using human body parts as traditional medicines, saying it was done by rogue elements, mainly in rural areas, and maligned genuine traditional healers. Related ItemsDesiree MuruganIndian woman beheaded AfricaIndian woman murdered DurbanIndians South AfricaLittle IndiaSibonakaliso Mbililast_img read more

The Message of a Scorching 2018: We’re Not Prepared for Global Warming

first_imgThis summer of fire and swelter looks a lot like the future that scientists have been warning about in the era of climate change, and it is revealing in real time how unprepared much of the world remains for life on a hotter planet.The disruptions to everyday life have been far-reaching and devastating. In California, firefighters are racing to control what has become the largest fire in state history. Harvests of staple grains like wheat and corn are expected to dip this year, in some cases sharply, in countries as different as Sweden and El Salvador. In Europe, nuclear power plants have had to shut down because the river water that cools the reactors was too warm. Heat waves on four continents have brought electricity grids crashing.And dozens of heat-related deaths in Japan this summer offered a foretaste of what researchers warn could be big increases in mortality from extreme heat. A study last month in the journal PLOS Medicine projected a fivefold rise for the United States by 2080. The outlook for less wealthy countries is worse; for the Philippines, researchers forecast 12 times more deaths.Globally, this is shaping up to be the fourth-hottest year on record. The only years hotter were the three previous ones. That string of records is part of an accelerating climb in temperatures since the start of the industrial age that scientists say is clear evidence of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.And even if there are variations in weather patterns in the coming years, with some cooler years mixed in, the trend line is clear: 17 of the 18 warmest years since modern record-keeping began have occurred since 2001.“It’s not a wake up call anymore,” Cynthia Rosenzweig, who runs the climate impacts group at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said of global warming and its human toll. “It’s now absolutely happening to millions of people around the world.”Be careful before you call it the new normal, though.Temperatures are still rising, and, so far, efforts to tame the heat have failed. Heat waves are bound to get more intense and more frequent as emissions rise, scientists have concluded. On the horizon is a future of cascading system failures threatening basic necessities like food supply and electricity.For many scientists, this is the year they started living climate change rather than just studying it.“What we’re seeing today is making me, frankly, calibrate not only what my children will be living but what I will be living, what I am currently living,” said Kim Cobb, a professor of earth and atmospheric science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. “We haven’t caught up to it. I haven’t caught up to it, personally.”This week, she is installing sensors to measure sea level rise on the Georgia coast to help government officials manage disaster response.Katherine Mach, a Stanford University climate scientist, said something had shifted for her, too.“Decades ago when the science on the climate issue was first accumulating, the impacts could be seen as an issue for others, future generations or perhaps communities already struggling,” she said, adding that science had become increasingly able to link specific weather events to climate change.“In our increasingly muggy and smoky discomfort, it’s now rote science to pinpoint how heat-trapping gases have cranked up the risks,” she said. “It’s a shift we all are living together.”Globally, the hottest year on record was 2016. That was not totally unexpected because that year there was an El Niño, the Pacific climate cycle that typically amplifies heat.More surprising, 2017, which was not an El Niño year, was almost as hot. It was the third-warmest year on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or the second-warmest, according to NASA.The first half of 2018, also not marked by El Niño, was the fourth-warmest on record, NOAA found.In the lower 48 United States, the period between May and July ranked as the hottest ever, according to NOAA, with an average temperature of 70.9 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21.6 degrees Celsius, which was almost 5 percent above average. Sea levels continued their upward trajectory last year, too, rising about 3 inches, or 7.7 centimeters, higher than levels in 1993.What does all that add up to?For Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California Los Angeles, it vindicates the scientific community’s mathematical models. It does not exactly bring comfort, though.“We are living in a world that is not just warmer than it used to be. We haven’t reached a new normal,” Swain cautioned. “This isn’t a plateau.”Against that background, industrial emissions of carbon dioxide grew to record levels in 2017, after holding steady the previous three years. Carbon in the atmosphere was found to be at the highest levels in 800,000 years.Despite a global agreement in Paris two years ago to curb greenhouse gas emissions, many of the world’s biggest polluters — including the United States, the only country in the world pulling out of the accord — are not on track to meet the reductions targets they set for themselves. Nor have the world’s rich countries ponied up money, as promised under the Paris accord, to help the poor countries cope with the calamities of climate change.Still, scientists point out that with significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and changes to the way we live — things like reducing food waste, for example — warming can be slowed enough to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.Some governments, national and local, are taking action. In an effort to avert heat-related deaths, officials are promising to plant more trees in Melbourne, Australia, and covering roofs with reflective white paint in Ahmedabad, India. Agronomists are trying to develop seeds that have a better shot at surviving heat and drought. Switzerland hopes to prevent railway tracks from buckling under extreme heat by painting the rails white.Climate scientists are also trying to respond faster, better. Rosenzweig’s team at NASA is trying to predict how long a heat wave might last, not just how likely it is to occur, in order to help city leaders prepare. Similar efforts to forecast the distribution of extreme rainfall are aimed at helping farmers.Researchers with World Weather Attribution are working to refine their models to make them more accurate. “In Europe the warming is faster than in the models,” said Friederike Otto, an associate professor at Oxford University who is part of the attribution group.Her group recently concluded that a human-altered climate had more than doubled the likelihood of the record-high temperatures in northern Europe this summer. The impact of those records is being felt in multiple ways. The continent’s power supply is overstretched as air-conditioners are cranked up.Then, there is the impact of heat and drought on farms. In El Salvador, a country reeling from gang violence, farmers in the east of the country stared at a failed corn harvest this summer as temperatures soared to a record 107 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 41 degrees Celsius. The skies were rainless for up to 40 days in some places, according to the government.Wheat production in many countries of the European Union is set to decline this year. In Britain, wheat yields are projected to hit a five-year low. German farmers say their grain harvests are likely to be lower than normal. And in Sweden, record-high temperatures have left fields parched and farmers scrambling to find fodder for their livestock.Palle Borgstrom, president of the Federation of Swedish Farmers, said in an interview that his group estimated at least $1 billion in agricultural sector losses.“We get quite a few phone calls from farmers who are lying awake at night and worrying about the situation,” he said. “This is an extreme situation that we haven’t seen before.”[Christina Anderson contributed reporting from Stockholm, Nick Cumming-Bruce from Geneva, and Gene Palumbo from Sal Salvador, El Salvador.]© New York Times 2018 Related ItemsEnvironmentlast_img read more

For Me, India Has Been the Best School of Life

first_imgIrina Nepryntseva first visited Goa with her girl gang in December 2005 and immediately felt at home.“My friends and I were eager to explore the world after graduation. I hardly knew anything about Goa at that point in time. I had heard stories of hippies, beautiful sunsets, people living within a community, etc. It seemed like a place where one could just be,” the 37-year-old interior designer from Moscow tells Little India.Irina, who is currently developing her own brand of body and home décor products, talks about her love for Goa and much more.Of Beaches and Heritage BuildingsWhat impressed me the most about Goa were the beautiful beaches. There’s something in the air here that makes me smile and feel like a teenager at a summer camp. This place has a positive vibe. I love going for early morning jogs, eat simple vegetarian food, and interact with creative people here.Goa and India existed as two separate worlds in my imagination. Most people are not aware of the rich heritage and history of the state. I traveled across Goa visiting beautiful heritage buildings and reading up on the state’s architecture and history. I had purchased a boutique agency here over a decade ago, which provided the best beach houses and colonial houses to tourists on rent. So, I would write articles about Goa for a website to impress clients to visit the state and stay in our villas rather than hotels.CommercializationThe atmosphere in Goa has seen a rapid change with the increase in commercialization. One must be careful while going out after dark. There’s more garbage on the streets as well as the beaches. The crowd is not that great.The state seems to be slowly losing its charm and fascination. The condition of the roads is bad, the beaches are dirty, and the focus seems to be more on commercializing this beautiful holiday destination.Developing a Design BrandI closed my agency in 2014 and worked as an interior designer at a big construction site for a couple of years.I’m currently developing my own brand “IRUFORU” for which I design different home accessories and products related to fashion. I work as a consultant with Indian and Russian companies on interior design projects – buying furniture, fabrics, home décor items, etc. – for which I get to travel a lot around India, Asia, and the Middle East.It is difficult to adjust to the work culture here, especially for a woman. I have to constantly prove myself to be taken seriously and not be dismissed as just another tourist. People are irresponsible when it comes to work. There’s cheating as well. People don’t usually keep their promises.I’m still trying to understand the mentality of the local community here. There are many hidden nuances which foreigners should know, accept and follow if they wish to get things done in India.Irina at the Ellora Caves in Maharshatra. Photo: Irina NepryntsevaTryst with the NorthI wanted to explore the real India and, therefore, I traveled up North in the Himalayas for about three months. Moreover, I wanted to introspect and have a better understanding of my feelings without bothering about what other people had to say.I followed my gut feeling and spent a couple of months alone in Rishikesh. I’d wake up at 5 am, go for yoga classes, bathe under the waterfalls in the jungle, read books and go to sleep by 8:30 pm. I was at peace with myself and wished for this state of mind to last forever.When the time came to leave for Moscow, I felt like I was returning to the materialistic life again. I could feel a huge difference within me following that trip.Visit to Hemkund SahibMy visit to Hemkund Sahib in 2010 was the most difficult and spectacular one. I was staying with my ex-husband at that point of time. We saw people wearing orange-colored turbans driving/riding up and down the road. We were curious to know where they were going.I soon found out about Hemkund Sahib that boasts of a 500-year-old white marble temple, where Sikhs offer their prayers. We decided to visit as well! We took an old bike on rent and started our journey with my husband riding pillion. It was cold and there was no proper food available. We faced lack of sleep and couldn’t even take a shower. There were road blockages. We almost had a bike accident. I still remember how fast my heart started beating when the bike skid. Fortunately, I managed to get the bike straight and continue riding.We finally reached the last camp where we were required to park our bikes and climb up till the gurudwara. There wasn’t any actual road. We climbed for hours, got wet due to the rain but the view was so breathtakingly beautiful – wild waterfalls, crystal blue sky, rainbows, and lakes – that the trouble was all worth it. It was a surreal experience.Irina enjoying the sunrise in Hampi in Karnataka in 2016. Photo: Irina NepryntsevaIndia – Best School of LifeI love that fact that there is always more than enough to explore in India. People are kind and the hospitality is amazing. Life is quite unpredictable and adventurous here. It’s like eating your favorite dessert. No matter how much you eat, it is never enough. You always want more of it.I have become much wiser, patient and open-minded after moving to Goa. I developed my personal and professional skills here, made mistakes and learned from them and continue to do so. I’ve been able to know and understand myself better. I became physically and mentally stronger after shifting base to India.Living in India made me understand the different aspects of life. It’s not been an easy road but I’m happy here. I have had the best time and the best experiences in this country for which I will be eternally grateful.For me, India has been the best school of life. Related Itemslast_img read more

Donald Trump Recognises Contributions of Indian-Americans

first_imgIn his message to the India Day parade in Chicago to celebrate the country’s Independence Day, United States President Donald Trump lauded the “irreplaceable contributions” of the Indian-American community in shaping the US.“As we celebrate this magnificent milestone for the people of India, we proudly recognise all of Hindus and Indian Americans who have been influential in shaping the character of our great nation,” Trump said on the occasion, PTI reported.Acknowledging Strong US-India TiesThe friendship between the US and India has a strong foundation of great respect and values of democracy and mutual security, Trump said.“Thanks to the irreplaceable contributions of Hindus and Indian Americans, the future of our valued partnership has never looked brighter, and we continue to foster even greater cooperation for future generations,” he said.Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner also spoke during the celebration and said that the Indian-American community is a significant part of the US and enriches the nation with colour, music, food and dance. He also read out a proclamation declaring August 15 as official Indian Independence Day in Illinois.Addressing the gathering, he also acknowledged and appreciated the contributions made by the Indian American community to the business and cultural heritage of the US.The event ended with a concert by singer Mika Singh, which was attended by about 30,000 people.US Lawmakers Praise IndiaOn the occasion of India’s Independence Day, top American lawmakers emphasised on the importance of taking Indo-US ties forward.“Today we celebrate India’s Independence Day and welcome new opportunities to expand economic cooperation and strengthen our trade relations,” Senator Ted Cruz from Texas said.Congressman Frank Pallone said that in the last 70 years, India has grown to become a shining example of democracy and growth. “India’s expanded role on the world stage has made it one of America’s most important allies and I will continue to work to strengthen our relationship through my work in Congress,” he said.In Houston, hundreds of Indian Americans celebrated the day brimming with patriotism, singing the national anthem and lighting up houses and temples in tricolour. Related ItemsBruce Rauner IndiansDonald Trump Indian communityDonald Trump Indian Independence DayFrank Pallone Indian communityIndian American Independence DayIndo-US tiesLittle IndiaTed Cruz Indian communitylast_img read more

Scottish Man on Trial for Refusing Treatment from Indian-origin Optician

first_imgA Scottish man is on trial for racism in the United Kingdom after he told an optician of Indian-Pakistani origin that he would “rather be seen by a white person” at a optical retail store in Lanarkshire.Eric Greene, 58, visited the Lanarkshire branch of a British optical retail chain when he was asked by the employee, Sarah Kerr, to join her at her desk. Kerr noticed that Greene looked hesitant but was flabbergasted when he said to her: “I don’t mean to sound impersonal but I’d rather be seen by a white person.”Greene pulled down his t-shirt to show he was wearing a Star of David necklace and added, “I’m sorry but Manchester was the last straw for me,” according to Independent.The police was called and Greene was arrested after the staff heard the outburst. He was asked to leave by the outraged staff. The appointment was on May 24 —  two days after the Manchester Arena bombing on May 22, which left 22 people dead at an Ariana Grande concert.The ReactionsSheriff Nikola Stewart called Greene a “bigot” and went on to say, according to the Scotsman,  “Charlottesville is what happens if you don’t take this kind of thing seriously.”According to the Scotsman, Greene appeared at Lanark Sheriff Court and admitted to a racist breach of peace. When he was being interviewed, he reiterated that Manchester was the last straw for him as he had a family living there.Sheriff Stewart was quoted as saying in the report: “I’m shocked and I think everybody in this courtroom is shocked by that utterly bigoted and prejudicial narration.”“Prejudice is a cancer which eats away at society and stops it being a place in which we feel safe,” she added.Kathleen McNulty, who is defending Greene, said: “His wife says his filter has gone but I’m not trying to diminish what was said to this lady…he spent time in the cells as a result and this will now follow him.”Greene will be sentenced next month. Related ItemsAriana Grande concertEric GreeneEric Greene Sarah KerrIndian origin racismLanarkshire Indian racismLittle IndiaMay 22 Manchester attacksNRI racismSarah Kerr Indian UK racismlast_img read more

Passports of 10 People Under Govt Scrutiny Over NRI Marriage Disputes

first_imgThe integrated nodal agency (INA), an inter-ministerial body that is examining the issues faced by women trapped in bad marriages with Non-Resident Indian husbands, is reviewing requests of revocation of 10 passports made by the National Commission for Women. The committee has asked the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to expedite action.INA, which has begun investigations into the matter of absconding NRI husbands, chaired its first meeting on Jan. 18, which was headed by Maneka Gandhi, the Minister for Women and Child Development (WCD). The WCD ministry took to the social media to update people about its proceedings.INA reviewed the 10 cases of revocation of passport request made by @NCWIndia, and MEA was asked to expedite action. @OfficeOfRSP @rsprasad @MEAIndia— Ministry of WCD (@MinistryWCD) January 17, 2018“INA decided that MEA will launch a website to post summons issued against absconding husbands after obtaining legal advice from the Ministry of Law and Justice(MLJ). MLJ will also initiate the process of amendment of relevant laws to make registration of NRI marriages compulsory,” the Ministry for Women and Child Development tweeted.It also said that necessary powers will be given to the INA to issue Look Out Circulars (LoCs) against absconding NRI husbands.The agency is headed by Ministry for Women and Child Development secretary and also includes officials from other ministries such as Home, Law, and External Affairs.Many steps have been proposed and taken by the government to safeguard the interest of deserted wives of NRIs. The Ministry of External Affairs on Dec. 21 2017 stated that MEA and its missions or posts abroad have received as many as 3,328 complaints from Indian women who have NRI spouses since 2015.Earlier this year, the registrars from all the states across India were told by the government that they will now have to upload details associated with NRI marriages on the new website that the Ministry for Women and Child Development is setting up. The move is aimed at tackling the issue of NRI husbands abandoning or ill-treating their wives. This would also help tackle the problem more promptly.On Nov. 6, 2017, Gandhi said that the Indian government is planning to collect data on all registered marriages to make NRI grooms more accountable and curb incidents of desertion of wives in a foreign country.Also, in September last year, a high-level committee set up to research and formulate guidelines for safeguarding the rights of NRI wives recommended that NRIs who harass and desert their wives could face severe punishment, including cancellation of passport. “The panel believes this will facilitate the extradition of NRI spouses to India for trial. At present, when it comes to desertion, domestic violence or dowry harassment cases, it is next to impossible to get the man to return for facing legal proceedings,” the Hindustan Times had then quoted a source as saying.The inter-ministerial committee also recommended to the MEA in September 2017 that Aadhaar should be made mandatory for registration of NRI marriages in India. Related Itemswomen’s rightslast_img read more

‘Using army in village will trigger panic’

first_imgWith the trouble comes the panic. After Delhi health minister Kiran Walia announced that the army would be brought in to tackle stagnating water around the Commonwealth Games Village, the state government showed signs of not implementing these plans.Sources said there was opposition to the army being brought in as this could send a ‘panic signal’ to the rest of the world.A top officer said: “The idea to call in the army has been scrapped for now. The government can’t afford to create the impression of an emergency or epidemic-like situation.” Walia remained unavailable despite repeated attempts to call her over the phone.Over a dozen participating nations have already sought information from the Games Organising Committee about the dengue outbreak in Delhi.The rains have struck the Games hard. The village is now surrounded by stagnant water. The pools are outside the village compound, but mosquitoes-including the potential dengue vectors-would not respect such boundaries.Scared that dengue could ruin the government’s efforts, Walia had claimed that the army would be pressed into service to curb the menace.The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the Delhi government machinery, meanwhile, kept trying to fight the menace.”We can assure that there is no stagnant water inside the Games village. Fogging is being carried out twice a day inside as well as outside the village to prevent the spread of dengue mosquitoes. Water had collected there earlier too, but it was drained out. We will drain it out this time also,” DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar said.advertisementDDA officials also claimed that a hydraulic study of the village site had been conducted before the Games and the village would not be threatened by increased water in Yamuna.For now, the Games village is surrounded by pools of water on three sides, making for conducive conditions for breeding of mosquitoes, MCD sources said. Officials said the MCD workers found it difficult to tackle the situation.”We are spraying the walls of the village to ensure mosquitoes don’t survive. But the threat is real,” MCD public health committee chairman V. K. Monga said on Wednesday.He, however, specifically refused to comment on the induction of army in the anti-dengue drive. “It is for the Delhi government to decide,” he said.Monga had earlier said authorities are undertaking an exercise to spray a special chemical at all Games venues to keep mosquitoes at bay for nearly three months.The chemical-synthetic pyrethroid-will be sprayed on the walls of all rooms of the Games village as well as 21 other sports and training venues in the city, he had said. Officials have also said athletes will be given mosquito nets and repellents to keep dengue away.last_img read more

I am excited about the upcoming South Africa series, says Murali Vijay

first_imgIndia Test batsman Murali Vijay heaped praise on Ravi Shastri, saying that the team director lifts the mood of the squad and that his arrival has helped everything fall in place.Shastri’s contract was recently extended along with that of Sanjay Bangar (batting coach), Bharat Arun (bowling coach) and R. Sridhar (fielding coach) of the Indian team by the Board of Control for ricket in India (BCCI) till the 2016 World Twenty20. “Ravi bhai has his own style of putting it across. He lifts the mood to 100 percent. Just the energy you get on to the table. At the right time, I think, he has come. It’s all fallen in place,” Vijay was quoted as saying by read: Indian cricket team very happy with Shastri: Shukla “Obviously, Bharat Arun, Sanjay Bangar and R. Sridhar as well have been great. Everybody is trying to do his best to give us the best atmosphere,” he said.Vijay’s role in India’s recently-concluded 2-1 Sri Lanka series win was limited to the second Test at the P. Sara Oval ground where he scored 0 and 82 in India’s 278-run victory. He missed the first and third Tests with a hamstring injury, and has been working on his fitness for the forthcoming South Africa series. India will play three T20Is, five One-Day Internationals (ODI) followed by four Tests against a visiting South African side.”Actually, I’m pretty excited about the South Africa series and only one thing I’m concentrating at the moment is my fitness. I’ve been working on my rehabilitation. So, I think pretty good three weeks,” Vijay said.advertisement”I’m on the right track at the moment, and am happy about it. But, I am not thinking too far ahead because there’s a month and a half to go for the Test series,” he said.The 31-year-old said missing two Test matches in Sri Lanka was tough but he is currently focused on his fitness and getting his basics in batting right.”Missing a couple of Test matches in Sri Lanka is tough time for me, but cannot think over it or something like that because injuries do happen in any sport. All I am trying to do is work on my batting, basics, my fitness and my fielding aspect of where I am going to stand,” the batsman from Chennai said.Speaking about the rise of India’s new batting core comprising Vijay himself, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma, the opening batsman termed the combination as unbelievable and a healthy competition.”It’s been unbelievable because everybody is talented. It’s a healthy competition,” Vijay concluded.last_img read more


first_imgRoyal Challengers BangaloreRoyal Challengers Bangalore V Kohli not out 108 KL Rahul c Bailey b Zampa38 AB de Villiers c Perera b Zampa1 S Watsonlbw RP Singh 36 T Headnot out 6 Extras(lb-5, nb-1) 6Total (For 3 wickets; 19.3 overs) 195 Fall of wickets: 1-94, 2-97, 3-143Bowling: Dinda 3.3-0-26-0, RP Singh 4-0-37-1, Perera 3-0-40-0, Zampa 4-0-35-2, Bhatia4-0-45-0, Ashwin 1-0-7-0. PTI KHS KHSlast_img

The road to Formula One title

first_imgGermany’s Nico Rosberg can win his first Formula One title in Abu Dhabi on Sunday while Lewis Hamilton remains in contention to become Britain’s first four times world champion.The following details the Mercedes drivers’ road to the championship showdown: (Lewis Hamilton wins Brazilian GP to take title battle down to last race)AUSTRALIARosberg started the season as he had ended 2015, with a victory. Hamilton, who was on pole position but made a poor start and dropped to seventh, finished second.Rosberg 25 points, Hamilton 18BAHRAINHamilton again started on pole but Rosberg won, his fifth in a row. Rosberg led away at the start while Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas collided. The Briton fought back from seventh at the end of lap one to finish third.Rosberg 50, Hamilton 33CHINARosberg started on pole, led throughout and collected his sixth successive victory. Hamilton started last after failing to set a time in qualifying due to engine problems, made 18 overtakes and finished seventh — his lowest in 41 races. He made five stops after a first lap collision.Rosberg 75, Hamilton 39RUSSIARosberg led all the way from pole and set the fastest lap for his first ‘Grand Slam’. The win was his seventh in a row. Hamilton started 10th and anchored the team’s second one-two of the season, despite a water pressure problem. The gap between the Mercedes pair ballooned to 43 points.Rosberg 100, Hamilton 57SPAINRosberg’s winning run ended when he and Hamilton, on pole, collided at the start while fighting for the lead. Dutch teenager Max Verstappen won on his Red Bull debut.advertisementRosberg 100, Hamilton 57MONACOHamilton’s first win of the season. The Briton started third and set the fastest lap. Rosberg was asked to move aside for his team mate after suffering tyre and brake temperature issues.Rosberg 106, Hamilton 82CANADAHamilton won again, from pole. Rosberg finished fifth. The German started second but banged wheels with his team mate at the first corner and went off, fighting back from 10th. He also pitted after a slow puncture but set the fastest lap.Rosberg 116, Hamilton 107EUROPE (BAKU)Rosberg started on pole, led all the way and set the fastest lap. Hamilton started 10th and struggled to resolve an engine-setting problem. He finished fifth.Rosberg 141, Hamilton 117AUSTRIAHamilton won from pole and set the fastest lap. Rosberg led for much of the race but finished fourth after the Mercedes drivers collided on the last lap. The German, who started sixth after a grid drop for a gearbox change, collected a 10-second penalty and a reprimand.Rosberg 153, Hamilton 142BRITAINHamilton’s fourth win in five races, and from pole. Rosberg finished second but collected a 10-second penalty for advice received over the radio, dropping him to third.Rosberg 168, Hamilton 167HUNGARYHamilton won and took the overall lead for the first time this season. Rosberg started on pole but finished second.Hamilton 192, Rosberg 186GERMANYHamilton won for the fourth race in a row. Rosberg started on pole but finished fourth, behind the two Red Bulls. Hamilton went 19 points clear.Hamilton 217, Rosberg 198BELGIUMRosberg, on pole, cruised to an unchallenged win. Hamilton finished third after starting on the back row due to a 55-place grid penalty because he had exceeded his permitted allocation of engine-related components with three power-unit changes.Hamilton 232, Rosberg 223ITALYRosberg took his seventh win of the season and first at Monza, with Hamilton second. The race was decided at the start when Hamilton made a slow getaway from pole.Hamilton 250, Rosberg 248SINGAPORERosberg celebrated his 200th Formula One race by retaking the championship lead after a pole-to-flag win. Hamilton finished third.Rosberg 273, Hamilton 265MALAYSIAHamilton started on pole and led until his car’s engine blew with 16 laps remaining. Rosberg fought from 21st to third after being spun by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel at the start. He also collected a 10-second penalty for causing a collision with Raikkonen.Rosberg 288, Hamilton 265JAPANAnother dominant win for Rosberg, who started on pole. Hamilton, whose Snapchat antics and frostiness towards the media marked the weekend, recovered from a woeful start which left him in eighth place after the first corner and finished third. Mercedes won the constructors’ title.Rosberg 313, Hamilton 280UNITED STATESHamilton, starting on pole, took his 50th career win and seventh of the season. Rosberg dropped to third on lap one but regained second thanks to pitstops and a virtual safety car. The gap is 26 points.Rosberg 331, Hamilton 305MEXICOHamilton started on pole with Rosberg alongside, and recorded his eighth win of the season and 51st of his career, equalling Alain Prost’s career tally in second place on the all-time list. It was Mercedes’s sixth one-two of 2016. Rosberg’s lead shrinks to 19 points.advertisementRosberg 349, Hamilton 330BRAZILHamilton chalked up his 11th pole of the year, and Mercedes’s record 19th of the season, and went on to take his ninth win of the season. Rosberg was second, his advantage cut to 12 points with only Abu Dhabi remaining.Rosberg 367, Hamilton 355last_img read more

IPL 2017 Live Streaming, MI vs DD: Where and when to watch

first_imgIn-form Mumbai Indians will look to exploiting their home conditions when they take on Delhi Daredevils in an Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Wankhede Stadium here on Saturday.Sitting at the top with five wins in six matches, Mumbai will look for their sixth consecutive win in the ongoing edition as the home side seems superior to the visiting side on current form and paper.The Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai had a nagging concern about the non-performance of their top-order — but it also clicked in the last match against Punjab.Mumbai’s middle-order batsmen, especially Nitish Rana, Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya, have been in prime form.The bowling department seemed balanced as Mumbai have a bunch of experienced bowlers in their line-up.Veteran pacer Harbhajan Singh has been fantastic in the first six overs, while Lasith Malinga and Jasprit Bumrah have been consistent in the death overs. Mitchell McClenaghan has also provided the breakthroughs at the crucial moments.On the other hand, Delhi, who are currently at the fourth spot with two wins and three losses, lost their last match against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) despite a good performance.Packed with young batsmen like Sam Billings, Sanju Samson, Karun Nair and Shreyas Iyer, the Zaheer Khan-led Delhi’s strength lies in their array of talented seam-bowling all-rounders.Bowlers like Chris Morris, Corey Anderson, Angelo Mathews and Pat Cummins provide the depth and balance to the side. But the exciting team sometimes faces an absence of a pivot around which the team will bat.advertisementSo, in the clash, Delhi will be eyeing a win this time to regain their winning momentum.Where to watch online?The match will be streamed online on Hotstar.Which channel has the TV rights in India?The match will be broadcast live on TV by Sony Pictures Network (Sony Max, Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD).Where to follow match updates online?For best and timely updates follow – match coverage begins at 19.30 IST.last_img read more

Conservationists take initiatives to create wildlife awareness

first_imgItanagar, Dec 3 (PTI) Two conservationists here have taken up a novel initiative of hosting foreigners interested in studying snakes in the forest areas of Papum Pare district, and educating local tribals on the need to conserve reptiles and amphibians.Ahmedabad-based herpetologist Soham Mukherjee and ecologist Mahesh Manghore recently hosted a group of 16 students from Belgium for 10 days at a homestay camp at Sango village in the district.”The students do their field work during their stay here. The communities get economic benefits and learn how valuable their natural resources are. We are trying to establish a relationship with the tribals to spread awareness,” Mukherjee said.During a camp, Mukherjee usually moves around in the non-protected forest areas to collect reptiles, while Manghore does most of the interactions with the students and local people.The expert duo collect fees from the visitors and contribute funds from their own resources.The young herpetologist, who is also the director of an animal rehabilitation centre in Ahmedabad, hopes that some reptiles found in the area may well belong to new species.”We discovered what could be a subspecies of the banded trinket snake (Oreocryptophis porphyraceous) during the 10-day camp,” said Mukherjee.The Belgian group has spotted some 15 species of snake during their stay at Sango. The group identified the meadow pit viper, brown spotted pit viper and the green rat snake, he said.”The students were lucky to spot unique species of amphibians and even a gorgeous tarantula spider. Many reptiles could not be identified as there were no taxonomists. We also located five genera of frogs but could not ascertain the species,” the herpetologist said.advertisementHe feels that hunting in the area is no longer required for sustenance and people do it for fun.”Earlier, hunting was for sustenance, now it is a sport. When foreign visitors come to study snakes, the tribal people here realise the importance of preserving wildlife.”Mukherjee feels that the initiative could be carried forward to other parts of the North East if the state governments were willing.Appreciating the efforts of Mukherjee and Manghore, Chief Wildlife Warden R Kemp said the department has always encouraged awareness campaigns for preserving the states rich wildlife species.”In order to determine whether a reptile species is new, certain official formalities have to be taken care of. We are not aware of any new discovery as the conservationists never approached the department,” he added. PTI UPL RMS RBTlast_img read more

World Cup 2019: Match against South Africa will be challenging, admits Liton Das

first_imgWicket-keeper batsman Liton Das admitted that Bangladesh’s opening ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup match against South Africa would be a tough challenge but stressed that his team can win if they play to best of their abilities.Bangladesh have improved in multi-nation tournaments. The team had qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2015 edition and finished as semi-finalists of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Bangladesh, captained by Mashrafe Mortaza, will meet South Africa at The Oval on June 2.”Nothing will be easy. South Africa has a bowling attack and the batsmen. They are used to these conditions and it will be challenging for us but it’s not like we won’t be able to do it. If we play well on that day, then we will win,” ICC quoted Liton, as saying.Liton further said Bangladesh will start their World Cup campaign with a mentality to win.”It’s not about this being the first match. Even if it was the last match, we would be thinking of winning because that is what we came here for. So we will play with the mentality to win,” he said.Bangladesh were handed a 95-run defeat at the hands of India in their second warm-up match after their first practice game against Pakistan was washed out. Liton impressed with his 90-ball 73, which included 10 boundaries, against India. The right-hander stressed that he is preparing to bat in the middle if the team requires.”So far I have been opening the innings. Now I will have to grow this mentality (to play down the order) in the practice session so that I am prepared to bat anywhere.”advertisement”It is not that only three cricketers are looking for a spot, all the 15 members are looking to get in. But you cannot play more than 11 cricketers, so naturally a few will be warming the bench. All I can say is that I will wait for my opportunity and try to utilise it to the best of my ability when it comes my way,” he concluded.Also Read | World Cup 2019: Archer must be licking his lips after watching Pakistan collapse, says WaqarAlso Read | World Cup 2019 Match 3, New Zealand vs Sri Lanka: When and Where to watch live streamingAlso Seelast_img read more

ESPN Computer Releases New College Football Playoff Prediction

first_imgA closeup of Nick Saban on the Alabama sideline.TUSCALOOSA, AL – NOVEMBER 22: Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide looks on during the game against the Western Carolina Catamounts at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 22, 2014 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)Week 1 of the 2018 college football season is in the rearview. The opening weekend of the season was highlighted by Notre Dame’s win over Michigan, LSU thumping of Miami and Virginia Tech’s dominance of Florida State, among others.Who’s in line to make the College Football Playoff heading into Week 2?ESPN’s computer has updated its picks after Week 1.Here’s the explanation, from ESPN:“The Playoff Predictor provides every team’s chance to reach the Playoff in the preseason and each and every day of the college football season. It’s telling us not who would make the Playoff at the end of the day, but rather, who will get in on selection day. This isn’t some arbitrary formula based on the feeling of a few people in Bristol: it was created by studying the selection committee’s rankings during the season and on selection day each of the last four seasons.”The teams predicted to make it right now:Alabama – 65 percentClemson – 57 percentNotre Dame – 57 percentOklahoma – 45 percentThe next teams in line:Ohio State – 43 percentGeorgia – 27 percentAuburn – 24 percentWashington – 22 percentYou can view ESPN’s full projections here.last_img read more

Hockey India introduces Coaching Education programme: Check details

first_img India Today Web Desk New DelhiMarch 23, 2019UPDATED: March 23, 2019 11:31 IST This simplified education structure will provide certification to develop coaches from grassroots through to a high performance/international level.Hockey India has launched its ambitious Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway on March 22, 2019 with a view to develop coaches from the grassroots and to enable them to meet the requirements and the ever-growing demands of the game. The last date for nomination of candidates and submission of coach registration form is March 26.Moreover, nominations are accepted only through the respective Hockey India State Member Unit and as per the eligibility criteria of the Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway.Objectives of the initiative:The meticulously-designed programme aims to provide certification to those candidates who are already coaches or wish to pursue coaching as a career option.This simplified education structure will provide certification to develop coaches from grassroots through to a high performance/international level.About the programme:1. As per PTI, the programme consists of a combination of web-based modules and face-to-face interactive courses, underpinned by a competency based assessment process, a statement from the national federation said.2. The candidates who will successfully complete the Hockey India Level ‘0’, Hockey India Level ‘1’ and Hockey India Level ‘2’ coaching courses will be eligible to enrol for the FIH Academy Level 1 Course, provisionally scheduled during the FIH Men’s Series Finals in Bhubaneswar in June 2019.Emphasising that the Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway could potentially revolutionise the sport, Hockey India President Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad, said: “This program is carefully designed to ensure it is simple yet effective for those pursuing it. As we have assessed through the past several years, we find that there is no dearth of talent among players or coaches in the country.””There is tremendous passion for the sport and with the Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway, we want to provide those interested in taking up hockey coaching as profession with the right course,” he added.advertisementGet real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byHarshita Pathak Tags :Follow Hockey IndiaFollow Hockey India Coaching Programme Hockey India introduces Coaching Education programme: Check detailsThe programme by Hockey India aims to provide certification to those candidates who are already coaches or wish to pursue coaching as a career option.advertisementlast_img read more