Trump Praises India Amid Talks of Indo-Pacific Partnership

first_imgUnited States President Donald Trump praised India at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vietnam on Nov. 10, saying the country has achieved outstanding growth since it opened its economy.Ahead of his Asia trip, Trump used the phrase “Indo-Pacific” multiple times, indicating his pro-India leaning. On Nov. 6, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presented Trump a plan for a “free and open Indo-Pacific strategic partnership.” The move is being seen as an effort to bolster relations between Japan, United States, Australia and India, and a bid to counter the growing economic and military influence of China in Asia. “Maintenance and enhancement of maritime order that is free and open is critically important for peace and prosperity of this region,” Abe observed at a joint press conference with Trump.China, which is optimistic that the Indo-Pacific quadrilateral initiative will not be a damper on its economic and military progress, has been seen as an aggressor by India, when it made inroads into Balochistan, South Korea, Japan and other Asian nations. Abe’s strategy is believed to aimed at keeping China in check over its growing influence in the region with the One Belt One Road initiative. China had also asked India to come on board but India refused the offer.Speaking about India during APEC summit, Trump said: “Since India opened its economy it has achieved outstanding growth and a new world of opportunity for its expanding middle class. And Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi has been working to bring that vast country and all of its people together as one and he is working at it very, very successfully indeed.”Trump directly alluded to the Indo-Pacific strategy when he said, “But for this…Indo-Pacific dream…to be realized, we must ensure that all play by the rules, which they do not right now. Those who do will be our closest economic partners, those who do not can be certain that the U.S. will no longer turn a blind eye to violations, cheating or economic aggression.”India is not a member of APEC, which includes China among its 21 members, and United States is seen as being in favor of membership for the country.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the India-Asean and East Asia Summits in Philippines on Nov. 14. Trump is also going to attend the East Asia Summit. Related ItemsAPEC Trump Indiaasia pacific economic cooperationIndia US Chinaindo pacific partnershipIndo-Pacific quadrilateral initiativeone belt one roadTrump ModiUS India relationsUS Indo-Pacific strategylast_img read more

China to Allow Foreign Students to Take Part-Time Jobs

first_imgChina is going to allow international students to work on a part-time basis while they pursue their academic courses in the country’s universities. The move aims to make the country’s higher educational system more attractive, the Ministry of Education said in a statement provided to China Daily exclusively.The Chinese government has been introducing steps to allow foreign students in Beijing and Shanghai to take part-time jobs or internships off campus after getting permission from their academic institutions and the entry and exit administrative authorities, the report added.China will allow international students at Chinese universities nationwide to take part-time jobs during their studies to make the country’s higher educational system more attractive, according to China Daily citing a statement from the Ministry of Education— People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) August 7, 2018About 442,000 foreign students from 205 countries or regions studied in China’s schools and other education institutions in 2016, PTI reported, citing official figures. Over 11 percent of them received government scholarships.The number of Indian students in the country is also increasing. China is receiving more students from India than the United Kingdom, the Times of India reported earlier this year. As many as 18,171 Indian students were studying in China in 2016 while the corresponding number in UK institutions was 18,015, the publication said. The number of Indians studying in China rose from 765 a decade ago to 16,694 in 2015, it added.Most Indian students go to China to pursue courses in medicine, due to the lower costs involved as compared to private medical colleges in India, PTI reported.The maximum number of students in China come from South Korea, followed by the United States. Thailand is the next major source country, ahead of Pakistan and India, according to TOI. China is expected to host more than 500,000 international students by 2020, according to a Times Higher Education World University Rankings report issued in 2017. The country is bringing in various important changes into its education policy to attract more students from foreign countries. In 2015, a pilot policy implemented by Shanghai allowed international graduates of a Chinese university to accept internships or to launch their own business in the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone for up to two years after graduation, the China Daily report added. The city then expanded the policy in 2016 to allow foreign students to start a business at the zone during their studies.The Ministry of Public Security also introduced a policy in 2016, under which foreign students in Beijing who were recommended by their universities could take up part-time jobs with companies in the city’s Zhongguancun Science Park or get involved in entrepreneurship, following which they would get an annotation of “entrepreneurship” added to their student visa, according to the publication.“It makes sense for the country to more broadly expand such innovative policies since it serves the strategy of reinvigorating China’s workforce development,” the report quoted Wang Huiyao, Director of the Center for China and Globalisation, a Beijing-based independent think tank, as saying. “Foreign employees can give domestic enterprises an advantage as they expand overseas, plus it’s only logical that these graduates want to put into practice what they have learned,” he added. Related ItemsacademicsChinalast_img read more

A Slice Of Gujarat, Served With Nostalgia And Love

first_imgAs a child in Raleigh, N.C., Priti Chitnis Gress yearned for the all-American burgers and pizzas instead of the traditional food being cooked in her home. She recalls, “My parents preferred very spicy, or ‘hot’ Indian dishes and they didn’t make exceptions for the children. My mother would sprinkle sugar over dal and rice in an attempt to get me to eat it, but it hardly worked.”  Today Gress, who is an editor, is an accomplished home cook and the author of Flavorful India: Treasured Recipes from a Gujarati Family (Hippocrene Books) – a tribute to her mother Suvashini’s Gujarati cooking.The Chitins family often entertained American friends and neighbors with home cooked food and Gress recalls, “Often dressed in a sari, my mother attracted attention from Americans at work or at church, and she introduced many native Southerners to Gujarati cooking. Her friends loved coming over to watch her cook and even better, enjoy a meal with us afterwards. For guests, she would often prepare chicken curry, rice, rotlis (chappati), and a great variety of vegetables. Southerners love fried okra, for example, and they raved about my mom’s bhinda.The book is a glimpse of Gujarati home cooking, something most Indian restaurants don’t serve and few Americans know anything about. “Gujarat cuisine offers so many delicious vegetarian options, and readers should know there is much more to Indian cooking than naan and tandoori chicken,” she says. One normally assumes Gujarati cooking to be all vegetarian, but in her book she also celebrates the non-vegetarian cooking of the Muslim and Christian Gujarati communities.Gress, who lives with husband Jay in Hoboken, NJ, definitely doesn’t cook a full Indian dinner very night, but a couple of times a week: “My cooking is a little different than my mom’s as I’ve been influenced by several years of New York City’s Indian take-out offerings. I tend to like dishes a little richer and creamier.” She believes that even novices can cook the dishes and shows how easy it is to shop for ingredients and cook Gujarati food in the US, even with work pressures: “I wanted to find that balance between slaving in the kitchen over a good meal and spending time enjoying it with my family.” Coconut-Cashew-Raisin Potato PattiesMakes 15 to 20 pattiesHere is another variation of these patties. Serve them with Tamarind Chutney(adding in dates)   · 4 medium-size potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed       1 teaspoon sesame seeds       2 cups all-purpose flour        1 teaspoon sugar   · 1 tablespoon powdered coconut    · 6 to 9 cashew nuts, finely ground   · 1 1/2 teaspoons finely grated ginger    · 10 to 12 raisins, finely chopped   · 1/2 teaspoon finely minced green chili pepper    · 1 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro       1 teaspoon garam masala         1/2 cup oilDivide the mashed potatoes into 2 equal portions. Combine the first portion with 1 cup of the flour. Combine the second portion with the coconut, ginger,green chilli, garam masala, sesame seeds, sugar cashews, raisins, cilantro andlemon juice. Mix thoroughly.With the potato-flour mixture, make fifteen to twenty small balls. Flatten each ball with your hand or a rolling pin to make a patty. Place 1 tablespoon of the other potato mixture on each patty. Pull the edges of the patty around the“stuffing” to form a 1-to 2- inch ball. Oil your hands and flatten each ball into a2- to 3-inch patty with your palm.Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Coat each patty with the remainingFlour, shake off the excess, and pan-fry for 1 to 2 minutes on each side, or untilgolden brown.Tamarind ChutneyMakes 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chutneyTamarind Chutney is generally sweet but can be made spicier with the addition of more red pepper or minced green chili. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for one to two weeks.· 2 tablespoons tamarind paste * 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper * 1/4 teaspoon salt · 1 teaspoon brown sugar Optional ingredients:1 tablespoon finely chopped golden raisins1 date, finely chopped1/2 to 1 green chili, stemmed and minced2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantroCombine all the ingredients, including any desired optional ingredients with 1tablespoon water. Mix well. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons additional water for a more liquid chutney. Related Itemslast_img read more

Racists Among Us

first_imgPres Donald Trump’s vulgar and racist remarks about Haiti and African countries at a White House meeting on immigration in early January have sparked the latest public outrage over the Trump Freak Show in Washington, D.C. Trump reportedly questioned why the United States should accept immigrants from “shithole” countries like Haiti, El Salvador and African nations, and expressed preference instead for immigrants from Norway.The collective denunciation of Trump’s remarks has obscured and shielded the sanctimoniously outraged and appalled from their personal complicity in the revival of divisive and racially charged politics, which his movement is presently riding.After some humming and hawing, Trump denied making the remarks, which were publicly confirmed by Sen Dick Durbin, the sole Democrat at the meeting, who told reporters that Trump used the “hate-filled, vile and racist” words “not just once, but repeatedly.”One year into his presidency, Trump’s denials carry little credence, given his track record of dissembling and dishonesty, as well his well-publicized cravenly racist and vile statements about Mexicans and Muslims.There is little public doubt, even amongst his defenders, that he made the racially charged statements, which they are striving to rationalize as outward expressions of his America First inner passion.We are well past the point of a productive debate on Trump’s dishonest and vile rhetoric.Whether or not he believes the racist things he says, it is now well established that Trump plays a xenophobe on TV for his racist and bigoted base.The real challenge for good people in our times is how we respond to Trump’s bigotry, which in turn is inciting overt expressions of racism in both the public and private spheres. By all accounts, Sen Graham was the only person in the room to stand up to Trump when he made his incendiary remarks. In his only public statement on the controversy, Sen Graham said: “Following comments by the president, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The president and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people, but by its ideals.”But Graham opted not to confront Pres Trump in public, even as Trump denied making the statements that supposedly rankled Sen Graham at the private discussion. On the other hand, Sen. Durbin, who fulminated against Trump’s “hate-filled, vile and racist” remarks in angry public statements one day after the story broke in the media, has not suggested that he spoke up bravely at the time. Other Republican participants at the meeting have been largely silent or claimed they did not hear the offending comments.It is a pattern that should not be unfamiliar to most of us.What do we do when someone utters racist, sexist or bigoted remarks in our presence? Do we rebuke them? Pretend we did not hear? Ignore the statements? Step out of the room?Chances are the response of even the most upright and progressive amongst us is shaped in large measure by the power dynamics of our relationship with the bigot. The more powerful or close he is, the less likely or forcefully we are to speak up. The lower the person is on the totem pole — and behold especially if they are lower on the power scale than us — our outrage will be unmistakably direct and palpable. No nervous laughter. No distraction of the conversation or that pressing urge to make that all-important call or use the bathroom.With most of us, the conscience does not likely stall. But, unfortunately, we do not always — sometimes cannot — act on our better angels and impulses. Our reactions are shaped by a wide range of considerations — modulated for the severity of the infraction, our personal dynamic with the bigot, our comfort levels with verbal confrontation or even speaking up, etc.The racist genie that Trump has uncorked in the living rooms of America will, sooner or later, bring you in close quarters of a bigot on a couch or a dinner table or a water cooler. Will you speak up, or hide, distract, stall, dodge, delay, fidget, deny, lie, evade….The bigot is who he is and you have little difficulty recognizing him instantly.But what about you? Related Itemslast_img read more

Gold Earrings of Last Sikh Queen of Punjab to be Auctioned in UK

first_imgA pair of gold earrings from the collection of Maharani Jind Kaur, the last Sikh queen of Punjab, will be auctioned as part of the Islamic and Indian sale in London later this month, PTI reported.The pair of earrings is estimated to fetch between £20,000 (Rs 19 lakh) and £30,000 (Rs 28 lakh) when it goes up for sale at the Bonham auction house in London on April 24.Jind Kaur, the youngest wife of Ranjit Singh and the only one who did not commit sati on his funeral pyre in 1839, was the de facto ruler of Punjab. “She was remarkable in how she discarded sati and purdah, dominant at the time, and led the courts, had meetings with chief ministers and the armies. All of them were taking her counsel,” Professor Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh of Colby College, Maine, United States, told the Guardian.she was appointed Regent after her five-year-old son Duleep Singh was given the throne of Lahore, as the kingdom extended from Khyber Pass to Kashmir,  in 1843. As a result of armed opposition led by Jind Kaur — dubbed the Anglo-Sikh War — the East India Company invaded and annexed Punjab. The British, who saw Kaur as a threat who could lead another uprising among the Punjabi people, launched a smear campaign to discredit her, calling her the “Messalina of the Punjab” — a seductress too rebellious to be controlled, according to reports. To prevent her from influencing her son, she was separated from Duleep Singh and imprisoned at Chunar Fort in Uttar Pradesh in 1846.Her personal wealth was confiscated and state treasury was plundered, according to the Bonhams’ historians. The famous Kohinoor diamond and Timur ruby were sent to London as gifts for Queen Victoria. The then nine-year-old Duleep was also sent to the United Kingdom and lived as a godson of Queen Victoria.Kaur escaped from captivity disguised as a servant, and fled to Kathmandu, where she wrote a letter boasting that she escaped by “magic.” She was was given asylum by the king of Nepal, but the British Resident stationed there kept an eye on her, believing her to have enough power to revive the Sikh dynasty. She lived in Nepal for 11 years.It was only after she arrived in the United Kingdom that her jewelry, including the earrings that are going up on sale, were given back to her. Her joy was so great that “she forthwith decorated herself, and her attendants, with an assortment of the most wonderful necklaces and earrings, strings of lovely pearls and emeralds,” before Lady Login visited her, according to the book, Lady Login’s Recollections by Lady Lena Campbell Login.“These gold earrings are beautiful pieces of jewelry in their own right. They are also an important reminder of a courageous woman who endured the loss of her kingdom, and persecution and privation, with great dignity and fortitude,” Oliver White, Bonhams head of Islamic and Indian art, said in a statement.Duleep Singh, who converted to Christianity, met his mother 13 years later in 1861 in Calcutta, after the British Resident reported that she was “blind and lost much of the energy that characterized her.” She then moved to the United Kingdom with her son, who converted back to Sikhism after meeting her. She died in 1863 at the age of 46 in her sleep at Abingdon House in Kensington.Jind Kaur’s story was detailed in the film, The Rebel Queen, which premiered in 2010 at the New York International Sikh Film Festival.After her death, Duleep Singh’s attempts to return to the kingdom were thwarted by the British government. At the age of 55, Duleep died in Paris. His daughter, princess Sophia Duleep Singh, went on to become a prominent suffragette who fought for women’s right to vote in the United Kingdom. She was featured on a Royal Mail UK stamp on Feb. 6, 2018. Related ItemsDuldeep SinghMaharani Jind KaurPunjablast_img read more

At Least 12% Congress Members in U.S. Have Immigrant Roots: Report

first_imgAs the United States continues to debate over stricter immigration laws, a recent analysis by Pew Research Center has revealed that at least 12 percent of the country’s voting members of the Congress are either first generation immigrants or the children of immigrant parents. Of these 12 percent members, five persons are of Indian origin. At least 65 out of 529 voting Congress members have their roots in another country, according to the report. Either one or both of the parents of these members belongs to a foreign nation, the list showed. The analysis is based on biographical information from the Congressional Research Service, published news stories, and members’ official websites and genealogical records through Aug. 17. The list published with the analysis shows that five of these members have their ancestral roots in India. All the five politicians — Ami Bera, Kamala Harris, Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamoorthi — belong to the Democratic Party. While Jayapal and Krishnamoorthi are first generation immigrants, all the other three members are second generation immigrants. Krishnamoorthi moved to the United States with his parents when he was three months old, while Chennai-born Jayapal, who grew up in Singapore and Indonesia, arrived in the United States as a 16-year-old student.  The 115th Congress includes 12 members born outside the United States — 11 representatives and one senator, Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, who was born in Japan. At least 53 members were born in the country or its territories to at least one immigrant parent. Most of the first- and second-generation immigrants in the Congress belong to the Democratic Party. Only 13 out of 65 members are from the Republican Party while one person is an independent. “First- or second-generation immigrants in Congress represent 23 different states. California has by far the most: At least 19 of the state’s 53 House members – more than a third – are immigrants or the children of immigrants, as is Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris, whose mother emigrated to the U.S. from India and whose father emigrated from Jamaica. New York and Florida each have five first- or second-generation immigrants among their members of Congress; Maryland and Illinois each have four,” the report said. This analysis showed that seven of the 11 foreign-born House members emigrated from Latin American or Caribbean countries (three from Mexico, two from Cuba, one from the Dominican Republic and one from Guatemala), while the other four hailed from different Asian countries and territories (India, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam). Also, among the second-generation lawmakers, most of them (83%) have European lineage, followed by Caribbean, Latin American and Asian heritage. These families come from 30 countries and territories, including Mexico (10 lawmakers), Cuba (seven), Germany (six), and Canada, India and Jamaica (three each). In the current Congress, several second-generation legislators’ parents settled in the United States to evade oppressive regimes or religious violence. According to the U.S. Constitution, an immigrant is eligible to take office in the House provided he has been a U.S. citizen for seven years or more. He should be at least 25 years old and living in the state of his/her election. For serving in the Senate, the candidate requires nine years of citizenship and minimum age of 30 years. People born outside the United States can make their way to the House or Senate but they cannot become president. Related ItemsIndian AmericanUnited Stateslast_img read more

Indian Woman in UAE Seeks Help to Save Her Third Child After Losing the First Two

first_imgAn Indian woman, living in the United Arab Emirates, has reached out to seek help to save her third child, after losing the first two to ailments.Sana, from Kerala, has been living in UAE for more than a decade and her life has been nothing but an endless chain of tragic incidents, she told Khaleej Times.Sana lost her daughter to cancer and son to a brain defect. Adding to her misery, her husband, Shabaz is suffering from Colon cancer and the family has now gone bankrupt dealing with all medical issues.Sana told the newspaper that her third child has not been able to speak yet.According to the publication, Sana met her husband while working in a local hospital as technicians. “I converted to Islam from Christianity and changed my name from Reena Chacko to Sana. My family in Kerala didn’t accept my choice but in 2003 we got married at Shabaz’s native place of Hyderabad,” the paper quoted the Indian women as saying.The couple had their first daughter in 2008 and “those were the happiest years of my life until in 2012,” says Sana after which her life has never been the same again. “I saw a swollen blue color patch in her stomach. Zarqa was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), a rare childhood cancer. Her internal organs failed, and she left us in just two months. We were devastated. It still hurts by the very thought that we couldn’t save her. In 2013, my second child, Mohid was born with a brain defect. He was placed on home ventilator support and died this May,” she told the paper.Sana told the newspaper that her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2015.  “He underwent three surgeries. At one stage doctors told me Shabaz won’t survive but he recovered by 2016.”Meanwhile, the restaurant which the couple opened in 2013 also declined as she could not cope up with the tragedies and manage the business at the same time. “I couldn’t pay attention to (the restaurant) as I had to take care of Shabaz and Mohid. We had no revenue and debt rose. Finally, we shut that restaurant as we couldn’t recover even rent amount. We couldn’t leave this place as my son was on ventilator. This May, Mohid left us in his sleep. Non-payment of credit card dues and personal loans resulted in Shabaz being jailed last month. We have a settlement of under Dh40,000. We haven’t cheated anyone but just that we never had time to recover from tragedies.”Talking about her third child, she told the newspaper, “Amaan doesn’t speak and hasn’t called me ‘amma’ yet. I have lost two. Maybe we don’t have God’s blessing to raise children. I have lasted this far by selling my ornaments but now got no money to feed my child. We haven’t paid room rent for four months and will soon end up in the streets. I don’t know how long I can keep fighting like this. We have no relatives or even friends to support.”Last month, an Indian family which had been staying illegally in the UAE for 30 years without valid identification, received passports for four of their five adult children, after the family approached the Indian embassy. Related Itemslast_img read more

Vijender wins 75 kg boxing gold

first_imgIndia’s Vijender Singh on Friday beat Uzbekistan’s Abbos Atoev to win the gold medal in the 75 kg boxing event at the Asian Games in Guangzhou. Vijender won the bout 7-0. Vijender’s feat got India its second gold medal in boxing and 14th overall at Guangzhou.last_img

People are Stupid: Cristiano Ronaldo on Theories of What his Hand Gesture to Atletico Fans Meant

first_img atletico madridcristiano ronaldofansHand Gesture First Published: September 22, 2019, 11:39 AM IST Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. Cristiano Ronaldo made a hand gesture towards the Atletico Madrid fans after his shot went just wide during their UEFA Champions League match against Juventus.Ronaldo, who was jeered by the rowdy Atletico crowd nearly every time he touched the ball, had led Juventus past Atletico with a hat-trick in the round of 16 last season after the Spanish club had won the first leg 2-0 in Madrid. Ronaldo, after the game, was asked about the gesture, as many felt he was insulting them.”Learn, you have to learn,” Ronaldo explained according to The Mirror.Again on Saturday, Ronaldo asked about the gesture again, after he scored the winning goal from the spot as Juventus beat Hellas Verona 2-1 win at home.”People like to talk too much. That’s all. People are stupid and talk too much,” Ronaldo told Sky Sport Italia.Aaron Ramsey and Cristiano Ronaldo helped Juventus to come from behind to beat Hellas Verona. Juventus fell behind early on as Miguel Veloso found the top corner in the 20th minute after the visitors had missed an earlier penalty.However, Ramsey, on his first start for his new club, equalised 11 minutes later, before Ronaldo scored what proved to be the winner from the penalty spot four minutes into the second half, with Marash Kumbulla sent off late on for the visitors.(With inputs from Agencies) last_img read more

31 private members bills introduced in Lok Sabha

first_imgNew Delhi, Apr 29 (PTI) As many as 31 private members bills including the Tea Garden Workers (Timely Payment of Dues) Bill 2016 were introduced in the Lok Sabha today.Saugata Roy (Trinamool Congress) introduced the Tea Garden Workers (Timely Payment of Dues) Bill 2016, while A Sampath (CPI-M) moved Life Insurance Agent Welfare Bill 2016 to provide for the constitution of a life insurance agents fund for the welfare of life insurance agents.Anurag Singh Thakur (BJP) introduced a bill for the constitution of a National Sports Ethics Commission to ensure ethical practices and fair play in sports including elimination of doping practices, match fixing, fraud of age, sexual harassment of women in sports.Ranjeet Ranjan (Congress) introduced a bill to provide financial protection and security to girl child born to parents below living below poverty line.Dushyant Chautala (INLD) introduced separate bills for amending the Electricity Act 2003, Competition Act 2002 Consumer Protection Act 1986 and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act 1997.Rajeev Satav (Congress) introduced a bill to prevent adverse photography with a view to ensure that advancement in photography and drone technology does not lead violation of privacy of individuals or serviceman on the line of duty or pose threat to the places of national or strategic importance.Another bill was introduced for protection of identity of threatened witnesses in criminal cases involving serious offences and prevent throwing of non-biodegradable garbage in public drains and roads to protect environment.Further a bill was introduced for setting up of a permanent bench of the High Court at Allahabad at Merrut.PTI RR AKKadvertisementlast_img read more

Gasol Completes Historic Double, Spain Wins World Cup (Video)

first_imgBEIJING (AP) — Spain has captured its second World Cup championship, defeating Argentina 95-75 on Sunday to give Marc Gasol a rare double-title year.Tournament MVP Ricky Rubio scored 20 points and Sergio Llull added 15 for Spain (8-0), the ninth team to make it through a World Cup or world championship unbeaten. Gasol scored 14 for the winners, who never trailed.For Gasol, it was historic.The Toronto Raptors center becomes the second player to win an NBA title and a FIBA world gold medal in the same year, joining Lamar Odom — who did it for the Los Angeles Lakers and USA Basketball in 2010.Gasol is also the 19th to win either an NBA or WNBA crown along with a gold medal, either of the Olympic or World Cup variety, in the same year. And he’s the first to accomplish that feat while representing a nation other than the U.S.When Spain won its first title in 2006, it was Pau Gasol — Marc’s older brother — leading the way. This time, it was the not-so-little brother who led his nation to gold, hoisting the World Cup trophy three months after getting his hands on the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time.Spanish fans cheers during their FIBA Basketball World Cup Finalmatch against Argentina, at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)Gabriel Deck scored 24 points for Argentina (8-1), which got off to a slow start and played uphill the rest of the way. Luis Scola was held to eight points, shooting 1 for 10 from the floor.Spain led 43-31 at the half, riding the strength of two big runs.Spain ran out to a quick 14-2 lead, only to have Argentina answer with an 11-0 spurt. But when that ended, Spain came back with a 17-1 run and took what was then its biggest lead at 31-14.Scola, even at 39 years old still Argentina’s best player throughout the tournament, didn’t get on the scoresheet until he made a pair of free throws with 2:57 left in the third. But they only cut the Spain lead to 19, and by then the Argentinian fans — who stood in the stands a few rows from their team’s bench, singing and chanting for much of the game — were relatively quiet.They probably had a good idea what was coming.There was one last gasp from Argentina, an 11-4 run to open the fourth quarter and cut Spain’s lead to 12 with 6:30 left. But Llull’s three-point play on the next Spain possession pushed the lead back to 15.TIP-INSPatricio Garino of Argentina is tackled by Ricky Rubio of Spain during their FIBA Basketball World Cup Final, at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)Argentina: This was the third FIBA World Cup medal for Argentina, making it the fifth nation with that many after the United States (12), Yugoslavia (10), the Soviet Union (eight) and Brazil (six). Another four nations have two medals, including Spain. … Argentina fell to 2-8 all-time against Spain in World Cup or Olympic competition.Spain: It was the fourth consecutive FIBA title game to be decided by double digits. … It was also a double-title year for Spain coach Sergio Scariolo; he’s an assistant on Nick Nurse’s staff in Toronto. … Everything went Spain’s way early — even air balls. Rudy Fernandez took a corner 3 that sailed long by about two feet, landing in the hands of Juancho Hernangomez. He laid in the miss to start a three-point play, part of Spain’s 14-2 game-opening run.ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAMJoining Rubio on the all-tournament team were Gasol, Scola, France’s Evan Fournier and Serbia’s Bogdan Bogdanovic.DIGNITARIESAmong the big names in attendance on the final day of the World Cup: Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, FIBA ambassador and five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili — both four-time NBA champions with San Antonio.5 WITH 2Spain is the fifth nation to win the World Cup (or its predecessor, the world championship) at least twice. The U.S. and Yugoslavia are five-time champions, the Soviet Union won three titles and Brazil has won two.UP NEXTArgentina: Qualified for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.Spain: Qualified for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.___By TIM REYNOLDS AP Basketball WriterJuancho Hernangomez of Spain dunks the ball against Argentina during their FIBA Basketball World Cup Final, at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri undecided if Kepa Arrizabalaga will face Tottenham

first_imgChelsea manager Maurizio Sarri is uncertain if Kepa Arrizabalaga will start Wednesday’s Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur after the goalkeeper’s refusal to be substituted in their League Cup final defeat by Manchester City.Chelsea fined Arrizabalaga a week’s pay and he apologised. Sarri said the Spanish goalkeeper would be mentally ready if he is in the starting line-up for the clash at Stamford Bridge.But “I need to send a message to my group, whether Kepa is on the pitch or off it. I have to decide what’s better for my group,” the Italian coach told a news conference.”I don’t know, I have to decide yes or no … it’ll be the decision of the group, of all the players. He made a mistake, there are some consequences. If it is to play he has to be ready, if it is on the bench then he has to be ready.”Arrizabalaga appeared injured in the closing moments of extra time on Sunday and Sarri ordered his substitution only for the world’s most expensive goalkeeper to infuriate his manager by insisting he was fit to continue.Sarri described the situation as a “misunderstanding” and added his players were “shocked” by the scenes at Wembley.”It was a very unusual situation so the players were very shocked. It was impossible to react immediately,” Sarri said.”I spoke to Kepa, I spoke to everyone. He said sorry to the technical staff, but it wasn’t enough. He said sorry to the players and the club. We don’t want to kill him.”advertisementDefeat by City in the title clash and Chelsea’s poor league form, with three losses in the last four matches, has heaped pressure on Sarri but the former Napoli boss is not worried about his future.”I’m not under pressure, you have to ask the club. I don’t know why you ask me. I want to win every match.”Chelsea are sixth in the table with 50 points from 26 games.Also Read | UAE, Oman, and Kuwait may co-host expanded Qatar 2022 World Cuplast_img read more


first_imgThe Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup begins today with all Australian teams in action.In the Opens division, both the Mens and Womens teams begin their title defence with two matches today, against Wales and Scotland while the Mixed team will face Switzerland. The Mens 30s will also take on Wales, and the Mixed 30s Scotland. In the Mens 35/40 division Australia’s 40s will face the host nation South Africa, followed by the 35s taking on France.Check the website regularly for results which will be updated daily.Day 1 Wednesday 17 January Note Stellenbosch is 9 hours behind Australian East Coast.9:00PM AEDST (12:00 PM)  Men              Australia vs Wales9:00PM AEDST (12:00 PM)  Women          Australia vs Wales10:50PM AEDST (1:50 PM)    Mixed           Australia vs Switzerland10:50PM AEDST (1:50 PM)    Men 35/40     Australia 40 vs South Africa11:45PM AEDST (2:45 PM)    Mens 30        Australia vs Wales11:45PM AEDST (2:45 PM)    Men 35/40     Australia 35 vs France12:40AM AEDST (3:40 PM)    Men              Australia vs Scotland1:35AM AEDST (4:35 PM)    Mixed 30        Australia vs Scotland2:30AM AEDST (5:30 PM)    Women          Australia vs Scotlandlast_img read more

Index PDX is Portland’s Premier Sneaker Spot

first_img 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts Sneakers are a hot fashion commodity right now, and if you’re not in line the night before, don’t plan on getting your hands on a pair of retro Jordans. The classic silhouettes that athletes wore on the court for years are driving interest in a big way, and collectors still need a way to put that hard-to-find pair on their feet.Enter Index PDX, a consignment shop that puts sneakers on the wall for customers to buy, even the pairs that never made it to shelves before they sold out. Besides buying and selling sneakers out of their brick-and-mortar location, they also have extensive internet sales, and community events to help build support and get to know their customers. For them, it’s not just about making money, it’s about building a central location for sneakerheads to gather around.Owners Terrance Ricketts and Mike Nguyen carefully authenticate every pair of shoes consumers buy, applying an expertise honed through more than 15 years of wearing and collecting. If you’re looking for a great pair of kicks you can’t find anywhere else, look no further than Index, located in downtown Portland.The Manual recently sat down with co-owner Nguyen to get the full scoop on how Index PDX came to be, the store’s hallmarks, and what drives the business.How did you guys get started doing this?Terrance and I have been best friends since second grade. We actually met while I was shooting hoops on the court wearing some Jordan Playoff 8s my mom bought me and we’ve been hanging out ever since. We grew up collecting Jordans — whenever our parents would buy us some — and once we got our first job working at a gas station together in the late ’90s, we had our own money. That’s when we really started getting involved with buying sneakers. Then in 2005 or 2006, we realized we needed to find another way to get shoes, since all of our money was going toward them. We started an eBay account and did that successfully for a little bit, and our friends caught on and asked, “Hey, could you sell my sneakers? You guys have a successful name.”Two years ago we decided to open up a shop and bring it to Portland. Terrance lived in California with his girlfriend at the time, and [consignment stores] are pretty big down there with shops like Flight Club and Rif LA. Portland is the mecca of shoes, it’s home to Nike and Adidas, and we thought that was pretty cool. We wanted to bring something dope to our city, so we decided to open up a brick-and-mortar store to bring out all the sneakerheads. There was nothing like it in Portland. We took some trips down to San Francisco, I visited Terrance a lot, and we even went to New York to check out Flight Club and other shops back east. We wanted to see how they did it, what we liked and didn’t like about it, and incorporate those ideas into our own.Has the sneaker community responded well?They have–we’ve actually had a great community response. When we had our grand opening party, it was packed shoulder to shoulder. Social media has been a huge help for us, especially Instagram and Facebook. We’ve received a great outpouring of support after we joined a local sneaker community group on Facebook called “Sneakerheads of Portland.” We’ve enjoyed getting to know people and becoming a part of the community. It’s not just people coming in to buy and sell their sneakers.[The shop] has definitely been really big here and outside of Portland as well, which is awesome for our community. We get a lot of visitors from Canada, from Europe, from New York, and we’re really humbled when they tell us they want to make sure to stop by when they’re in town.  There’s a big sneakerhead community in Portland and I think a lot of people don’t know about it outside the city. They think Los Angeles and New York are big-timers — which they are — but we have a lot of sneakerheads here, too.Can you talk a little bit about how your business model works?We give our customers options. The first option is to consign their shoes.  They set the price, but we help them set a value if they have no idea. We then take a commission, usually about 15 or 20 percent. They can do that route, or we can do the buyback route, where we’ll buy the shoes outright from them. We give customers the option of either, although we’re particular about what we buy back and take for consignment because we have limited space. It just depends on what they bring in. The biggest difference is, if they need money immediately, we can give them cash. Or they can wait and yield a higher return on their investment, but they have to consign them and wait for them to sell to get paid.Is there a big difference between the two? How do you set prices?The buyback price is usually cheaper than what we consign them at. There’s no price guide or anything we base it off of, other than how hot a shoe is and how fast we think it will move. We’ve been around shoes and pricing them for around 15 years, so we have a good sense of how to price stuff and how high we think the market value would be. We try to keep [prices] reasonable, as opposed to bigger consignment shops like Flight Club. They can yield that return for a reason, mostly because Flight Club are the originators of consignment shoe sales and they’re located right on Broadway in New York City. We try to give our customers low-to-medium market value.How do you make sure everything on the shelves is authentic?We do a lot of our homework on fake shoes and early release shoes. There’s been a jump in how high the quality of unauthentic shoes are in the past couple years — they now look pretty close to the real deal. We need to know what hot shoe is coming out that we should pay special attention to. We take detailed pictures of sneakers we know are super authentic and we compare every little detail against the pairs that people bring in. Every time someone brings in their shoes, it’s a bit of work to process them, but we want to be thorough with our customer and ensure they what they get from us is 100-percent authentic. We put a lot of time and effort into the process, and we’ll spend hours and hours just researching the new fakes to look out for those little details when they come in.Sometimes shoes come in that are unauthentic, and we have to break the bad news to the customer that the shoes are fake and we won’t take them. Matching them up and making sure everything checks out takes a lot of work, especially with fake quality getting better and so many early-release pairs on the market. They’ll come out a couple months before the initial release, and some places will have full size runs. We don’t accept any early release shoes, we don’t even look at them. We’ll check them out if you want to bring them in after the release date, but that’s just how we do it.I know it’s a tough question, but do you have any personal favorite sneakers?The Jordan 11s, especially the Concords. The patent leather on those shoes is iconic and they’re an instant classic. I love the 12s as well, and the 3s are a classic model that I can wear every day.Any advice for people who are just getting into sneakers?Just wear what you like. Enjoy them for whatever color or feature you like, and not because everybody else likes them or they’re hyped. Don’t feel like you have to have the rarest shoes, either. If you come in wearing a pair of shoes you like and they’re your favorite, that’s awesome.Index PDX is open every day of the week in downtown Portland. Additionally, you can check out what’s currently for sale on the Index PDX website. Dirtbag Style Guide: 5 Lessons That Apply to Everyone Editors’ Recommendations You Won’t Believe the Price Tags on 10 of the Most Expensive Shoes For Men NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski on Crashing, Winning, and Creating a Legacy The Best CBD Oil and Skincare Creams for Managing Pain last_img read more

HAJ to Deliver 19,000 Titles

first_img Chairman of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ), Norman Brown, says the entity has some 19,000 land titles in its possession, which it will be handing over in short order.“In our vault in Kingston, we have about 19,000 titles. Instructions are that we are to embark on a programme to get the titles into the hands of the landowners…a title is a game changer,” he noted.He said the documents will be presented before the two-year tenure of the current HAJ board expires next year.Mr. Brown was addressing a function in Norwood, St. James, on July 9, where more than 100 land titles were presented to residents for property that they occupy.He informed that of the 19,000 titles to be delivered, 60 per cent are for residents of the parish.“When we leave, we want to take out that 60 per cent. (Those) who do not receive their title, are those who do not want it,” he said.Meanwhile, Mr. Brown urged the residents to appreciate the value of the titles, noting that some of them have been waiting for the document for more than 20 years.“Today is a big deal. It is the first time that the Housing Agency of Jamaica, on one occasion, is presenting more than 100 titles to the owners of properties anywhere in Jamaica. You are now the owner of a piece of Jamaica; that is significant… for you, your children and your family,” he said.Managing Director of the HAJ, Gary Howell, in his remarks, said the ceremony marks the start of a “ramped up” effort by the agency to increase the number of legal landowners in Jamaica.“The agency has made it a part of its mandate to regularise a number of brownfield settlements across Jamaica. Here in Norwood, the company has in excess of 1,500 titles to deliver, once persons have paid the requisite price for their lots,” he informed. Story Highlights He said the documents will be presented before the two-year tenure of the current HAJ board expires next year. Chairman of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ), Norman Brown, says the entity has some 19,000 land titles in its possession, which it will be handing over in short order. Mr. Brown was addressing a function in Norwood, St. James, on July 9, where more than 100 land titles were presented to residents for property that they occupy.last_img read more

Adani Group submits nonbinding bid to buy ailing Jaypee Infratech

first_imgNew Delhi: Business conglomerate Adani group has made an unsolicited and non-binding bid to acquire Jaypee Infratech and is ready to infuse up to Rs 1,700 crore to expedite the construction of stuck housing projects of the debt-laden realty firm and deliver flats to home buyers, sources said. Adani has promised to infuse another Rs 1,000 crore in two equal tranches of Rs 500 crore each to settle claims of workmen as well as secured and unsecured financial creditors, besides meeting cost for insolvency proceedings. Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documentsIt will also transfer 1,000 acre land to bankers to swap debt with assets. Adani group had participated in the first round of insolvency process but did not bid in the current round within the fixed timeframe. However, the group later expressed interest to bid for Jaypee Infratech, the subsidiary of Jaypee group’s flagship firm Jaiprakash Associates. Now, Adani Infrastructure and Developers Pvt Ltd has submitted an “unsolicited” and “non-binding” resolution plan to Jaypee Infratech’s Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) Anuj Jain, sources said. Also Read – World suffering ‘synchronized slowdown’, says new IMF chiefThe IRP has called a meeting of the Committee of Creditors (CoC) Thursday for further discussion on the resolution plan submitted by state-owned NBCC. The consideration of Adani’s bid is not on the agenda of the CoC meet, sources said, but added that lenders and home buyers could decide to take up discussion on the offer during the meeting. In its bid, Adani group has offered to “infuse an amount of up to Rs 1,700 crore for the purpose of expediting the construction of the real estate projects of the company and delivery of the possession of the same to the home buyers”. On penalty/interest for possession delay, Adani has offered to pay 25 per cent of such amount to buyers, as mutually agreed, in respect of penalties/ interest payable to home buyers as accrued on August 9, 2017, the date when Jaypee Infratech went bankrupt. If the Supreme Court and National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) permit, the amount of Rs 750 crore deposited by Jaiprakash Associates Ltd for protection of home buyers could also be utilised for payment of balance penalties/interest, Adani said in its offer. However, Adani said that its proposals are subject to confirmatory due diligence review by the company. After the due diligence, it will specify timelines for the delivery of possession as well as seek reliefs and waivers. In August 2017, Jaypee Infratech went into insolvency process after the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) admitted an application by an IDBI Bank-led consortium seeking revival of the realty firm. In the first round of insolvency proceedings conducted last year, the Rs 7,350-crore bid of Lakshdeep, part of Suraksha Group, was rejected by lenders. Later in October 2018, the IRP started the second round of the bidding process to revive Jaypee Infratech on the NCLT’s direction. NBCC and Mumbai-based Suraksha Realty submitted their bids to acquire Jaypee Infratech. Earlier this month, the CoC rejected the bid by Suraksha Realty through a voting process. The panel then decided to put on vote NBCC’s offer even as bankers were opposed to this move citing certain conditions imposed by the public sector firm in its bid. On the bankers’ plea, the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) had on May 17, annulled voting by home buyers and lenders on NBCC’s bid and allowed renegotiation on the offer by May 30. The voting process on NBCC’s bid could start from May 31.last_img read more

Stars Help Feed The Homeless For Thanksgiving 2014

first_imgThose who have run out of chances were offered a rare opportunity to enjoy a special gourmet holiday meal on the day before Thanksgiving.The annual event was sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and the Los Angeles Mission on 5th Street in front of the Mission. This epicurean effort comes from a selfless group of LA’s top chefs (led by Chef Michael Voltaggio, chef/owner of ink.) working on site along with the Mission’s own kitchen staff.A number of stars attended the event, including Kylie Jenner, Patricia Heaton, George Lopez, Brandon Molale, Ben Feldman, Joanna Going, Brian Tee, Sara Rue, Mircea Monroe and more.At the sit-down midday meal, thousands enjoyed a unique dining experience of newly created recipes served up by celebrities and political leaders.The Los Angeles Mission welcomed its Skid Row neighbors to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mission friends and supporters who have a heart for helping people in need. The volunteers made a real difference by helping to foster a welcoming atmosphere of love and family.“We serve more than half a million nutritious meals all during the year, none more important than this special Thanksgiving meal,” says Herb Smith, President of the Los Angeles Mission. “We are touched that Chef Voltaggio works so tirelessly with his handpicked team of top chefs to create this unique meal. The Mission’s own kitchen staff works around the clock to help implement every aspect of our amazing meal. Every person on our staff throws themselves into making this work. The message to our guests is this: we care for you like family.”“This day represents more than a meal to the Mission,” says Smith. “As we serve this feast, we want this experience to open up closed hearts. We are knocking on the doors of closed hearts today. We want people who are hurting to come in and share this meal with us.“The real reason we do this? We want to help these people completely turn their lives around. We need them to understand the opportunity we offer. To fix their broken lives. The relationships we begin at events like this can be the crucial first step towards a new life. We want people who have no hope to see the hope we offer. We challenge them to move forward and decide to join our life-changing program to completely renew their lives.”The Mission also offers services and a residential rehabilitation program for women through the Anne Douglas Center, the brainchild and endowment of Anne Douglas, wife of actor Kirk Douglas. Members of all their programs, both men and women, have the benefit of extensive professional mental health counseling through the L.A. campus of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, with additional supportive funding this year from the Goldwin Foundation.“This is our third year working with the Los Angeles Mission. I am so inspired by the will of the community here, to come together, cook and serve those in need,” said Chef Voltaggio. “Working alongside the Los Angeles Mission staff, a great group of LA chefs and volunteers is a really fulfilling experience.”The Mission was thrilled and excited to welcome back Wells Fargo Bank as the generous corporate sponsor of this event for the eighth year. Wells Fargo’s $50,000 donation to the Mission helps to support year round services to the homeless beyond holiday meals.“Wells Fargo is honored to continue its support of the Los Angeles Mission’s efforts to provide food, shelter and services to those in need,” said Lisa Stevens, Wells Fargo Executive Vice President. “As an organization, we are thankful to have dedicated team members, who, each year volunteer to serve and support the many vulnerable residents of the Skid Row community. It’s important today and every day that we join together and show our appreciation and gratitude by lending a helping hand however we can, whether through financial support, in-kind donations or volunteerism. It is our hope that we can encourage other corporate leaders to join together in this effort.”Many of the Wells Fargo executives and volunteers arrive via the company’s iconic stagecoaches to make their delivery to the Mission. The Wells Fargo stagecoach, pulled by a team of horses, drives up to the front of the Mission to unload donations of toys and goodies for the upcoming Christmas event at the Mission.Each year, the Los Angeles Mission’s Thanksgiving event is an enormous undertaking with more than 500 staff and volunteers working for months to get everything planned, set up and ready to go. Chef Voltaggio labors for weeks with six of LA’s best chefs to create a top chef version of the ultimate comfort food for the Skid Row community.Those talented chefs include: Suzanne Goin of A.O.C., Josiah Citrin of Melisse, Steve Samson of Sotto, Ray Garcia, formerly of FIG, and King of Cakes Duff Goldman.This means brining and roasting more than a ton and a half of turkey breast. The menu includes: 700 pounds of a chestnut, sage and mushroom stuffing (by Steve Samson), 80 gallons of country-style turkey sausage gravy (by Michael Voltaggio), hundreds of pounds of long-cooked green beans with sage and onions (by Suzanne Goin), pecan crusted yams (by Josiah Citrin), 3500 servings of cranberry sauce (by Ray Garcia) 4000 dinner rolls (donated by King Hawaiian) and 600 pumpkin pies, topped with cinnamon pecan whipped cream (by Duff Goldman).The meal was served on 5th Street in front of the Mission in downtown Los Angeles, the heart of Skid Row. In the closed off portion of the street, separate tents were set up for food service, foot washing and giveaways. Holiday decorations give each table in the open air dining area a happy atmosphere of Thanksgiving. Every year, well-known entertainment industry stalwarts, Hollywood celebrities and local political leaders add immeasurably to the festivities. Everyone gives their all to create a warm family atmosphere.The Los Angeles Christian Health Centers provides foot washing and foot health examinations to nearly 400 of the day’s guests. In addition to getting their feet washed, physicians, nurses and other medical staff do minor procedures to relieve foot problems. Those with more serious health issues are referred to the clinic for appointments. The clinic partners with the Mission to provide medical services for area residents. The Los Angeles County Department of Health is also on hand to provide free flu shots and TB tests.Key business partners and and benevolent organizations contribute much-needed elements to the event: Orora provides the cutlery, plates and napkins, Tarps Plus distributes 2,000 tarps, Kimberly Vodang, Ms. America International 2011, hands out 1200 blankets, Foundation for Kids and Mark Chow provide hands-on crafts, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians supplies turkeys while King’s Hawaiian donates dinner rolls and Bonert’s Slice of Pie donates pies.And for the 17th year, students at Suzanne Middle School provide bags of candy that are distributed to the guests. The students collect candy on Halloween, bag it into individual servings and Mission volunteers hand it out at the event.“We are clear-eyed about what it takes to pull off an event like this. It requires the unfailingly dependable generosity of the people of the Los Angeles area. The loyal and steady bigheartedness of area companies, individuals and groups who step up to fund the work we do. They make all the difference,” said Smith. “The need is constantly expanding. We make the most of every dollar donated by Wells Fargo. We appreciate the loyal work of many other magnanimous companies and individuals. Their efforts enable us to do more.“We are most appreciative of in-kind gifts like food, cutlery, tarps, blankets, even flu shots, and thousands of other items. We greatly delight in the talents brought to our table by people like Michael Voltaggio and his top chefs.“The kindness of strangers blesses our endeavors every day. This ministry’s work would not be possible without the tremendous help we receive from our city. We want to thank everyone who gives and serves to make today possible.”The Mission was started as a soup kitchen for depression era men in 1936 ­ 78 years ago. The men who frequented the Mission back then would be genuinely surprised by the quality of the gourmet meals being served this Thanksgiving. The Mission still serves three separate meals each and every day, and provides emergency shelter, but the primary work of the Mission in 2014 is helping men and women to restore their lives and get back to the business of life.Over the years, thousands have graduated from the program and have gone on to live productive lives off the streets. Each and every year, many Mission program alumni are among the volunteers on hand to serve and help others.last_img read more

Act now to end violence Zeid urges Nicaraguan authorities

Noting in a statement that “approximately 250 people, many of them young persons”, had been killed since mid-April in demonstrations against President Daniel Ortega’s Government, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein highlighted a “climate of intimidation and insecurity” on the streets.Thousands of people had also been injured in the violence and 12 police officers had also been killed, according to official sources, the High Commissioner said.Although the “excessive use of force” by police officers against demonstrators had decreased, violence by “pro-Government elements has continued to escalate”, he insisted.Those targeted include communities that have erected barricades or roadblocks, with “signs of selective repression” against demonstrators and their families, human rights defenders and members of the church.I now urge the authorities to take real steps to recognize the seriousness of the situation — High Commissioner ZeidMore than 700 people are also reported to have been arbitrarily detained and some have been allegedly subjected to ill-treatment, while cases of disappearances have also been reported, according to Zeid’s statement.Amid an atmosphere of “widespread fear”, the UN official urged the State to “recognize the seriousness of the situation” and adopt “appropriate measures to protect the population and prevent further deaths”.The High Commissioner’s comments follow a visit to Nicaragua by a team from the UN Human Rights Office, OHCHR, from 26 June to 3 July.Their mission was to carry out human rights monitoring and support the work of a State commission tasked with disarming “pro-Government elements” and encourage the dismantling of barricades.“While I am grateful to the Nicaraguan Government for inviting the UN Human Rights Office to the country, I now urge the authorities to take real steps to recognize the seriousness of the situation,” Zeid said.In addition, Zeid called for “meaningful steps” to address impunity and guarantee justice for victims, noting that the “violence and repression” in Nicaragua were products of the “systematic erosion of human rights over the years”.“I call on the Government to cease State violence and to dismantle the pro-Government armed elements that have been increasingly responsible for repression and attacks,” he said. “Those who have instigated or permitted such armed elements to act must also be held to account.”After urging the authorities to preserve any “evidence” that might be used in future investigations, the High Commissioner indicated that his office will stay in Nicaragua and coordinate its activities with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. read more

LeBron James to be on Ohio State sidelines for Virginia Tech game

2013 NBA Champion for the Miami Heat and Akron, Ohio native LeBron James stands on the sidelines at the Wisconsin football game Sept. 28 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 31-24. Credit: Lantern file photoThe King is set to make another return, this time to the Ohio State sidelines.Cavaliers forward LeBron James is expected to be on the sidelines for OSU’s matchup with Virginia Tech on Saturday night, and is set to address the Buckeyes prior to kickoff, OSU athletic director Gene Smith confirmed in an email to The Lantern on Friday.“He is planning to come and we have made arrangements for him,” Smith said in the email.It’s unclear whether or not this is becoming an annual tradition for No. 23, but James has been seen in the Buckeyes’ locker room and on the sidelines of Ohio Stadium at an OSU night game before.On Sept. 28, 2013, just as he is scheduled to on Saturday, James addressed the Buckeyes before they kicked off against Wisconsin and was seen roaming the sidelines in a scarlet shirt. OSU defeated the Badgers by a final score of 31-24 in that game.While James is the only one of his Cavaliers teammates that is scheduled be in attendance on Saturday night, the rest of the team is set to follow the superstar to Columbus as the Cavaliers are scheduled to play an exhibition game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Oct. 20 at the Schottenstein Center.Tickets for that game are set to go on sale on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m., according to the Schottenstein Center box office.The Buckeyes are set to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday at 8 p.m. read more

Kalamazoo acquires major Victorian gold project

first_imgKalamazoo Resources Ltd has been granted Exploration Licence EL006679 covering the Wattle Gully gold project, near the town of Castlemaine, in Victoria, Australia. In addition, Kalamazoo has made a further exploration licence application EL006752, to the east and south of the granted tenement, covering regional geological structures known to be associated with gold potential.Granted Exploration Licence 006679 (Wattle Gully) lies immediately east and south of the town of Castlemaine and covers almost the entire historic Castlemaine Goldfield with a total area of 70 km2. An application for a second Exploration Licence 006752 (Wattle Gully South), covers an area of 218 km2, thus taking the total tenement holding (once granted) to 288km2.Both tenements overlie major sub-parallel faults:Rare opportunity to secure an advanced regional gold asset, extensive exploration database and substantial drill core farm at minimal costThe Castlemaine Goldfield produced 5.6 Moz of gold across its life and is one of the richest gold fields in Australia, only minor exploration activity has occurred over the past decade with limited effective drilling below 400 mThere is significant potential to apply modern exploration techniques as successfully applied at Kirkland Lake Gold’s Fosterville gold mine and Catalyst Metals Tandarra gold project north of CastlemaineDatabase reconciliation is being completed ahead of comprehensive exploration review, development of exploration targets and major drilling program: database reconciliation expected to be completed Q3, 2018 and exploration review and development of drill targets Q4, 2018Baillieu Holst, one of Australia’s leading financial advisory firms has been appointed to assist with fund raising ahead of a major exploration program.last_img read more